How to Live a Successful Fitness Lifestyle

Dear Deborah

Question From Ann, NewYork City: Every time I begin a fitness program, life gets in the way, I start stalling and before I know it I’ve fallen off the wagon and gained 5lbs. I can’t really afford a personal trainer but I can see how they can help you stay on track. I’ve tried DVD’s and classes with no success. Is there anything out there that can help me?

Answer : Thank you Ann for your honesty, I know many women have similar frustrations while pursuing their fitness  lifestyle . There’s a lot of new research out there in the Fitness world and from that dearth of research is a new hybrid of personal trainers. They’re called Fitness  Lifestyle  Coaches, they can provide both exercise and behavioral guidance and they are a cheaper alternative to a Personal Fitness Trainer. I will address your question in the mindset of a Fitness  Lifestyle  Coach so you will catch a glimpse of how the  lifestyle  fitness coaching process can work.

So, lets get down to basics and define fitness, which includes three elements. First you need a cardio challenge where the heart and breathing rate are significantly raised. The second ingredient is strength training where the muscles are challenged with resistance work. Thirdly is Flexibility, muscles need to stretch to maintain mobility. Remember, you get stiff then you get old. Trying to take on all 3 elements in the beginning may feel daunting, so don’t.

Pick one element you enjoy; all three are equally important so choosing one can be the key to starting a  lifestyle  in which you can consistently participate. Once one element becomes a habit, because you enjoy it, which usually takes 28 days, you can add another. Add each element gradually and in small doses so as not to overwhelm your self. Of course, if you enjoy two or even all three fitness elements, dedicate a small amount of time to each so you experience success with the designated time for each element. Be realistic in your time allotment, if you can’t live up to it you’ll feel like a failure, so choose smaller time frames and experience success. Think ‘do a little less and emphasize success’ and it builds self-confidence.

You need to find what motivates or turns you on, so to get motivated you need a Fitness Vision. This vision entails using your imagination to project into your future. Ask yourself what it would look like to see yourself living your fitness  lifestyle  successfully after a year or two? Visualize how you’ll look, act, eat, sleep etc. until you can feel it, see it, smell it, breathe it. By making it as real as possible to yourself you’ll start to feel the excitement bubble up in you. Now that’s getting your mojo working for you.

Now set goals for you to make that vision happen. Where am I now? How can I get closer to that vision in 3months/ 6months? On a weekly basis, what do I do? Start with small weekly goals, so you can feel a sense of accomplishment every time you meet your goals. Then every week, add a little more challenge and because you are living up to your goals successfully, your self-confidence grows.

We all know how life gets in the way, that progress is never linear. So get creative and for see possible problems. In your mind play out how these obstacles can stop you and how you can find ways to work around them. This way when the problems come up your not caught off guard and you’ll be better prepared to deal with the situation and stay on track with your fitness  lifestyle .

Yes, hiring a trainer makes it easier to stay on track with your fitness, but doing it yourself can be satisfying, rewarding, and even more empowering because you have thoughtfully come up with your own solutions instead of just following orders.

A Personal Trainer shows up with exercise programs that challenge you and keep you progressing to higher levels of fitness. Where as a  Lifestyle  Fitness Coach challenges you to get creative, problem solve, know yourself better and break through barriers, helping you break old habits, building confidence to develop healthier new ones so you can maintain a fitness  lifestyle  independently.

A  Lifestyle  Fitness Coach will also give a training session once a week and address specific exercise needs. You can find a fitness coach by going to or just Google  Lifestyle  Fitness Coaches.

I would love to hear from you, questions, comments, problems, accomplishments email Now go out there and get your mojo working!

Deborah Caruana RN, MES, CPT, FLCoach. web:

Recession Proof Lifestyle

Network marketing is the most innovative income opportunity of the 21st century. The market place is well and truly ready for it and when done correctly, it is a win-win answer for all concerned and will provide a recession proof  lifestyle .

Many people have the wrong idea about what network marketing involves. The truth is that in the last 20 years it has evolved significantly and the smart people who are getting involved are reaping huge rewards for their efforts.

Think about this. Each time there is a down turn in the economy, the world panics. Interest rates increase, unemployment increases, everyday living costs rise, and yet the average income stays the same. In fact you can no longer use the words job and security in the same sentence.

When the economy hits shaky ground you have to tighten the belt and readjust your spending just to get by. But, while we can not control the economy, we can control our reaction to it. Network marketing businesses stay alive and well during an economic downturn. In fact, there is no excuse to allow a bad economy to determine your income or failure to have one.

If you want a recession proof  lifestyle , then a home business in network marketing will get you there. So what’s so exciting about network marketing? Well it is a low risk high income potential business for a start. It offers equal opportunity to everyone. And what most people in network marketing have discovered. It’s not just about the money.

There is a huge sense of personal achievement and self improvement that comes with it. People in a network marketing business genuinely want to help others. That’s what is so special about this business. It’s not just about you, but what you can do for others. Networking is potentially the greatest economic opportunity that exists today. Worked correctly, it is a recession proof business that will provide you with a recession proof  lifestyle .

One of the best things about a network business is that you don’t have to learn everything about the business to get started. It has a learn as you earn approach, which means you get started immediately, get your income started, and learn the ropes as you go. Remember though, it does take time. You can’t expect to be earning a million dollars in your fist year. You can however expect to head in the right direction towards that million dollars, provided you work at it and don’t stop.

If you want a recession proof  lifestyle , you have to work at it like any other income venture, and it doesn’t happen overnight. The beautiful thing about network marketing though is it follows the very best income earning strategy, which over time allows you to leverage your time for other things in your life. An effective network marketing business will allow you to leave behind your cares about what state the economy may be in. You can take a holiday when the stock market is crashing!

Want a recession proof  lifestyle … get started on your network marketing home business today.

Having A Healthy Living Lifestyle Cuts Risk of Death

Yet another reason to make a healthy living  lifestyle  a habit. A healthy  lifestyle  of eating right and exercising, keeping your weight in the normal range and not smoking benefits our health, and our hearts according to a new study. The work demonstrates a dramatic drop in sudden cardiac death for those who embrace four healthy living habits.

Sudden cardiac death isn’t a heart attack, though many think the two mean the same thing, rather it is the result of a sudden cardiac arrest – an abrupt, unexpected loss of function because of problems in the heart’s electrical impulses. If not treated with a defibrillator within minutes, the result is death.

Sudden cardiac death can happen in those who know they have heart disease, and in those who have no sign or symptom beforehand. It often comes without warning, striking down somewhere between 250,000 and 310,000 patients in the United States each year.

The most recent research involved analyzing data on the  lifestyle  of over 81,700 women (aged 38 to 63 years) who were taking part in the Nurses’ Health Study.

The participants filled out a questionnaire asking about their medical history and  lifestyle  factors every two years; details on diet habits were collected every four years during the study period. 321 incidents of sudden cardiac death occurred among the subjects during the 26-year follow up,

The good news was that it appears each healthy habit confers a reduced risk of disease, but when all four options are combined, the risk dropped dramatically. The study found that women who…

– Don’t smoke

– Had a healthy BMI (under 25.0).

– Exercise for at least 30 minutes each day on most days of the week.

– Ate a Mediterranean type diet that includes lots of fruits, veggies, whole grains, healthy fats, nuts and fish with moderate alcohol intake.

…were over 90% less likely to suffer sudden cardiac death in comparison to those who didn’t follow a healthy, low risk  lifestyle .

The findings aren’t a surprise, but they do show an impressive association between  lifestyle  factors within our control and disease risk.

What’s more, the team estimates that if all the participants in the study practiced all four healthy habits, 81% of the sudden cardiac deaths might have been avoided.

By following all four healthy  lifestyle  choices, you not only do good things for your heart, but you also reduce your risk of diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol… all trouble on their own.

No one says that making behavior changes is an easy thing… it takes patience and planning. Experts recommend that you shy away from vowing to drop 60 pounds and make smaller, easier to manage changes instead.

Don’t trash your whole diet, but do make a conscious effort to choose healthier foods, to be a bit more active… just five minutes daily to start with on most days. Work up from there. As you see the results of your efforts to follow a healthy living  lifestyle , you’ll start to feel better… look better… and it won’t be very hard to keep on going.

Stress, Lifestyle and the Bank Balance

Money can’t buy happiness is the old saying that we fall back on when times are tough and the bank account isn’t looking too good. This saying does give a measure of comfort, but it is only fleeting, because once the thought of happiness has come up, then we start asking ourselves, Are we really are happy?

It is true you can’t actually go out and buy happiness. There is not a ratio of happiness to money, the more money you have will not make you that much happier, but with little money there is worry and stress. There is a strong ratio between stress and health

Financial stress is probably the number one concern for most people. It is hard to enjoy life when you are always worried about the next cent. Major stress has a trickle down effect on your health.

If you are not sleeping well because you are worried about unpaid bills, this will gradually take its toll on your body. Adequate rest is essential for good health.

If you are juggling two jobs and not eating properly your body won’t be able to cope. When you need a paycheck, you need to be fit enough to earn it.

The amount of choices you are free to make is directly related to how much money you have. Wealth can help you to achieve  lifestyle  that improves your health, because you are under less stress, have the time and money to eat the right diet, and live in a healthy environment. We all want  lifestyle  and not necessarily the million dollar kind. Some folks dreams are very ordinary. There is nothing ordinary though, about getting the extra money to achieve them.

Our dream was to be able to live aboard a sailing boat and we did manage it for a few short periods. No matter what we tried, we were never able to amass enough money to do it permanently.

We tried everything; sales jobs that were supposed to earn us fabulous commissions; being self employed that was to give us the ability to expand and the tax breaks that come with it; network marketing had all the potentials but none of the rewards. We even tried gambling systems and get rich quick schemes. At one time we were doing five jobs, as in physical jobs between us and still we were going nowhere.

The crunch came when I was diagnosed with breast cancer. During my recovery, I had a lot of time to think and I decided I wasn’t happy with our  lifestyle , or rather our way of life, as there was no “style” to it! We had sold our last yacht and moved ashore to give our two children a chance at going to university. Now they had left home, (they were both traveling the world, not going to university) we decided to buy another boat and have another shot at the dream.

In the beginning the cash flow had to come from conventional jobs. But that was okay because at the end of the day, when we sat on the deck having our sundowner we were living part of the dream.

We decided what we needed was a “portable income”. That is an income that we could earn while we were on the move, an income that would allow us to stay on our yacht and cruise when we felt like it. We could have moved to the mountains or a beach. We didn’t have to consider commuting to work or being in a populated area to give us an income.

Technological advances have made it easier to do business on the move via wireless broadband. So it was a logical choice for us to look in this direction to create our portable income. In the past, to have a telephone and computer connections meant having a place of residence and staying put. Not any more. We can literally have our office on board a boat.

I always worried about money, and when we got into debt I couldn’t cope. My biggest dream was to be debt free. We don’t have a big yacht, but we do have a  lifestyle . Not constantly worrying about money, takes years off your age.

A portable income is exciting for us because now we can begin to think about other things we’d like. Old dreams can be brought out again and dusted off, because suddenly it’s possible to think beyond a weekly paycheck.

Creating a portable income isn’t easy, but once we had developed a system that we could repeat over and over, we knew we were on our way. The dividends when this starts to take off are not only financial, but gone also is the stress. Now we have  lifestyle , and we will be healthy enough to enjoy it.

Lifestyle Change – The Key to Healthy Living

The causes of diseases are drastically shifting from infectious to  lifestyle  causes. Previously, the top cause of mortality in different countries was due to microorganisms. Nowadays, you seldom see people dying of cholera, tuberculosis and chicken pox. What you can see are people dying of heart attack, cancer and diabetes. If you are wondering what brought about this change, here are some possible reasons.

Change in Diet

Wrong diet is the primary cause of the development of illnesses. Although the genes have their impact, you can prevent the coding of the genetic abnormality with a proper diet. Because of today’s busy and fast-paced  lifestyle , more fast food chains are increasing, instant meals are becoming more popular and preserved foods are more appealing. Instead of the traditional way of preparing meals, many families resort to take-outs. The high fat, sodium and sugar content of the food causes the prevalence of many diseases today. Cancer may be due to toxin accumulation, diabetes to the high sugar meals, and heart problems to the meal preparation and food preferences.

Reduced Activity

Although you can say that you have a busy schedule, if you try to analyze your daily activities, they are all under the sedentary category. You may feel the exhaustion, but it is more from the mental work. You sit all day in your office receiving calls, analyzing your subordinates’ report or meeting up with your business partners. All of these activities have minimal physical work. They do not burn enough energy. As a result, you end up gaining weight every day.

Keep in mind that healthy  lifestyle  starts with proper diet and exercise. Even with your busy schedule, try to find ways to burn fats. If you want to live longer, adopt a healthy  lifestyle . Go back to the old ways of eating home-prepared meals and allow your bones and muscles to move.

Proper Nutrition for an Active Lifestyle

Proper nutrition for an active  lifestyle  is something that is known to be important, but is not always a priority for many people. Having good nutrition while being active is essential and it means that you provide your body with the proper fuel as well as replenish your body with the correct nutrients.

An active  lifestyle  means that some sort of physical activity is participated in consistently, whether it is jogging around the neighborhood, playing in a rec league or many other options. Proper nutrition is essential for everyone, but due to the physical stresses being placed on the body during physical activity it becomes that much more important. There are a few things to consider.

Nutrition and exercise work together

Eating after exercise and a pre workout meal are important

The nutrients received by pre and post workout nutrition is specific and necessary

Nutrition and Exercise:

These two topics can be discussed extensively individually, but now will be discussed together. When you are participating in any sort of exercise program it is important to evaluate your nutrition habits. When you start a physical activity program and you do not incorporate good nutrition, it can be very harmful to your body.

In terms of exercising, you must think of your body as a machine. Every machine needs a specific fuel that allows it to work properly. Your body has specific fuels that allow it to work more effectively, as well as having specific replenishing fuels. The more intense the program, the more fuel and nutrients are needed to maximize results and ensure that you are not harming your body.

Pre Workout Meal:

As mentioned above, your body requires specific fuel before participating in an exercise session. The fuel that your body requires is complex carbohydrates. Carbohydrates fuel one third of intense exercise, and its byproducts are the primer to burn fat. They are also the only fuel source for anaerobic exercise.

The key to the carbohydrates is making sure that they are complex and not simple. Simple carbohydrates can actually be counterproductive to your workout because fatigue will onset faster than normal.

You want to make sure that you allow this meal to absorb into the body, so that it can be used as a fuel for the workout. This means that you should eat the meal about two hours before the workout. For those who are early birds this may be challenging. Making the meal liquid can help with this because it will digest quicker.

Eating after Exercise:

During a workout your body, especially your muscles, is physically stressed with the intent to make them stronger or more functional. However, if you do not replenish your body with post workout nutrition it can be harmful to not only your muscles, but your overall health. It is important to replace amino acids particularly because these are the building blocks to proteins that rebuild the muscle.

One particular amino acid represents the majority of the only amino acid pull within your muscle and it is called L-glutamine. It is important to replace this particular amino acid because it helps keep your immune system healthy while it is being stressed during a workout.

Another important pool to consider replacing is your glycogen storage. This is also located in your muscles and is supplied by glucose forming glycogen. This is important to restore because when this runs out, you become fatigued. If you start a session in an already depleted state, then you can actually become fatigued faster than normal. This meal needs to be consumed within 45 minutes after finishing a session, and remember that liquid protein digests faster than a solid meal!

Proper nutrition for active  lifestyle  is something that should be followed by all individuals participating in physical activity. All of the above mentioned topics need to be applied in order for you to properly fuel and replenish your body.

You Are What You Eat: Lifestyle Alters Your Genes!

When many people gain weight or develop health conditions, they often believe they inherited the problem from their parents. I bet you’ve heard, “My relatives have it too.” Although there are some fixed genetic traits, such as eye or hair color, and some genetic aberrations, up to 80% of our genes are influenced by our environment, including our  lifestyle  choices.

Many experts now agree that chronic conditions and diseases are strongly driven by  lifestyle  habits (eating, activity levels, stress, etc.). For example, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, heart disease, high blood sugar/diabetes, overweight, arthritis, chronic inflammation, and cancer are significantly driven by our choices. A lack of healthy nutrition, too little activity, and heavy stress disrupt our metabolic systems. Over time, the damage can become more pronounced as our genes and health decline. Put simply, every bite you take matters!

Disease Model Counter Productive?

Many people follow the disease-based model of our medical system (rather than an optimal-health/ lifestyle  one). So when people develop symptoms or have negative test results, they enter a system that provides a “disease” diagnosis along with drugs or other treatments. Many of those treatments mask symptoms but don’t fix or heal the underlying cause. So when people take their pills or get a stent implanted without improving their  lifestyle , they are unlikely to heal. The system is both costly and counter productive, because underlying health is not improved by treating symptoms, and health will get worse again.

When I’ve had health issues, the first place I look is my  lifestyle ! And in every case, an adjustment to improve my nutrition, supplements, better activity or sleep have all resolved the problem. Even more serious injuries from a car accident all healed, without using drugs or surgeries (they were strongly recommended). It’s becoming more widely known that a healthy  lifestyle  can turn off disease genes and turn on healthy ones!

The  Lifestyle-Gene  Connection

There is a growing body of evidence to support a direct  lifestyle-gene  connection (called epigenetics). It refers to the way the environment (and  lifestyle ) affects your gene function. What you eat and how you live can activate or suppress many genes, and your  lifestyle  can make you healthy or sick, depending on the daily choices you make!

Some research shows a direct link between a less-active  lifestyle  and turning off genes needed for healthy blood fats and glucose. That increases the risk for heart disease, diabetes, cancer, chronic inflammation, etc. And these problems can turn up in a matter of days of inactivity!

It’s also known that a healthy diet with good quantities of veggies, fruits, fish, nuts, healthy oils, and appropriate activity are helpful for preventing those same diseases and conditions. One study showed that a healthy  lifestyle  affected hundreds of genes in men with cancer!

In addition, studies have shown that cancer development is strongly influenced by  lifestyle , especially excess fat and sugar intake, weight gain, lack of good nutrition and inactivity. Some experts estimate that 55% to 65% of cancer deaths are linked to poor  lifestyle  (smoking, overweight, unhealthy diet, etc.). Other estimates indicate that only about 5-10% of cancer is due to genetics. In fact, experts will tell you that we get cell mutations all the time. It’s our health and immune system that either keeps them in check or is compromised by an unhealthy  lifestyle , allowing the cancer to spread and grow. Most experts agree, cancer is largely preventable!

A more healthy  lifestyle  is more critical with age, because our hormonal systems tend to be less efficient. We also tend to lose muscle tone and mass. What we ate in our 20s or 30s (often not healthy), is no longer workable into the 40s, 50s or beyond.

Yet, if people made more healthy choices over time, they could head off most conditions/diseases. And remaining active (20-30 minutes most days, even in 2 smaller parts) also brings big rewards. Let your weight be your guide. If you gain weight and fat over time, your  lifestyle  is out of balance. A more stable, healthy weight and body fat indicates a better balance of  lifestyle  habits.

Genes Are Not Stone

To say it another way, many genes are more like a word processing document than the case around your computer. Many genes are pliable; they change and adapt to conditions they are exposed to. Like changing the fonts in your document, genes can be modified or changed based on how you live, for better or worse. This should be a breakthrough discovery for most people!

Have you known people who were overweight and had other health issues, such as diabetes? If they lost weight, did their diabetes and triglyceride problems fade away? It happens! How about someone who loses 10 or 20 pounds and their high blood pressure and energy return to normal? It happens! These are a few examples of how changing your  lifestyle  can help to resolve health conditions we associate with “disease.”

So for everyone who is living with chronic health conditions (or has a family history of them), I hope this article give you hope and insight. You are what you eat! I urge you to get a consultation with a qualified health/nutrition/fitness coach. You can discuss your specific conditions and map out a  lifestyle  makeover, making small changes and substitutions over time.

Why not get your genes working for you, supporting optimum health and vitality? The research says you can, and have a life largely free of health problems and disease. It’s literally a life and death choice… a choice you can make today!

Helpful links (I have more source material for this article on my site): lifestyle .shtml

2011-2012 by Steve Carney/End Sickness Now

Reaching the World with Lifestyle Evangelism

This may come as a surprise… but do you know that you and

I are part of Plan A?

That’s the plan Jesus gave to his followers at the end of

Matthew 28 when he told them to go and make disciples of the

whole world?

Just before he went to heaven, He told them, in effect, look

guys, it’s now up to you. I’m trusting you to reach the

world with my message. I’ll help you, I’ll strengthen you,

but it’s up to you.

Can’t you just hear one of the disciples, maybe Thomas,

saying, “But Lord, what’s plan B?”

There is no plan B.

It’s up to you and me.

A lot of Christians think that they need a theological

degree to share their faith, to be a Bible scholar with a

library of books and seminary training in evangelism.

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course.

But what really works best is being out there in the world,

as Jesus commanded, just not “of” the world.

What does that mean?

It means that the best way to win people to Christ is

through  lifestyle  evangelism. Walking the walk, talking the

talk, so to speak. Setting an example. Letting people see

through our  lifestyle  that our mind is where our mouth is,

that we not only believe what we say about our faith but we

actually live it out.

See, a lot of people have been burned by religion. They have

seen religious hypocrisy and they are not buying mere words.

They are wary. So they watch. They’ are watching you.

A sobering thought – You may be the only Bible some

people read.

And “read” you they do.

How do you handle the ups and downs of life, the problems at

work and in relationships that are common to all? What is

the way you respond when someone else gets credit for

something you did? How about when you get angry? Sad? Hurt?

The way we live evangelizes just as much as the way we talk.

For example, how do you handle a friend who comes to you

with a problem?

Do you listen? Really listen? Or are you quick to give

advice or pass judgment on the situation? Do you speak more

than he does? Finish his sentences?

What about your body language? Do you fidget and look

around, waiting for him to finish? Or do you smile, nod,

make eye contact?

Another old saying worth repeating: People don’t care

how much you know until they know how much you care.

Besides our words and actions, we can also practice

 lifestyle  evangelism by our appearance.

Wearing Christian T-Shirts, Christian clothing or Christian

jewelry is a great way to do  lifestyle  evangelism. You don’t

have to say a word. Your faith is right out there on your

back. Christian clothing comes in attractive, unique designs

and bold colors and is very affordable.

You can find Christian T-Shirts and Christian clothing

online by searching under those words. Or visit a Christian

bookstore in your area. Many of them carry full lines of

Christian clothing.

But while it isn’t always appropriate to wear Christian

T-Shirts or Christian Clothing, at work or in

business-formal settings, for example, there is another

 lifestyle  evangelism approach you can take.

Wear Christian jewelry.

There is a wide assortment of very attractive and stylish

Christian rings (for both men and women and teens),

Christian bracelets and Christian necklaces that can be worn

anywhere. Same with always-appropriate Christian crosses

worn around the neck.

It’s been estimated that the average Christian T-Shirt is

“read” 3,000 times before it is worn out.

That’s a huge audience. You can witness without saying a

word. But very often, someone will ask you about that

Christian T-Shirt you are wearing and you suddenly will find

yourself presented with a great opportunity to share your


As you can see, practicing  lifestyle  evangelism is something

every Christian can do. It doesn’t require academic skills

or fluency in Geek and Hebrew.

It starts with each of us living our lives in front of the


That’s Plan A.

That’s  lifestyle  evangelism.

Go get ’em!

Healthy Living Is a Lifestyle, Not a Diet

Healthy living is a  lifestyle  change that thousands of people, around the world, need to make. Whether you are dealing with obesity, a couple extra pounds, or simply a lack of energy, it all comes from the way you eat. What, how much, and how often you eat are all key factors in your weight, health, and your overall energy level.

The latter of three is what surprises many people who have not researched the topic. But think about it, if you are putting junk in, what do you think comes out? Just like everything else in life, your effort determines the outcome. Let’s say you are studying for an exam. If you study on an empty stomach and with no sleep, you might be lucky to pull out a B or C on the exam. However, if you study after eating a good meal and with rest, you are likely to get an A.

This same concept applies to the way you live your life. If you eat fast and processed foods more than 20% of the time, you are going to suffer from a lack of energy. Even if you do not notice it, it is much less energy than if you were filling your body with natural foods 80% of the time. If you don’t believe it you should try it, even if just for a couple of weeks; you will notice a difference.

Does this mean you should change the way you eat overnight? If you have the willpower and can, go ahead. Most of us cannot make a drastic change like that overnight though. What you should focus on, first, is what foods are you eating that can be replaced with a healthier alternative. Fruits, for example, many individuals eat canned or cupped fruits because it is easy and convenient. But guess what, they are soaked in high fructose syrup that actually makes them not so good for you. So, replace these snacks with fresh, organic fruit.

Slowly implement these new foods into your diet over a short period of time, say in less than a month. Before you know it you will have changed your entire intake and you will begin to not only have more energy, but automatically start feeling better about yourself as a person. Additionally, you will have lessened your chances of contracting  lifestyle  diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and other diseases caused by poor eating habits.

Learn to eat healthy and the rest comes naturally. Being healthy is not just about eating right, it is about working out and being fit too, but it is definitely a good start. After all, do you really want to work out if you feel lethargic or negatively about yourself? So, if you start eating better and your self confidence is boosted, your workouts will improve as well. Take care of you, you are after all the only one that will.

Lifestyle Tips For Women Who Think & Create Big

Much of my success with membership-based businesses is also because of my ability to continuously grow in the area of “mindsets”. Here are a number of tips to help you think and create in a big way.

Tip One–Honor Your Urges

One of the main reasons I left the corporate world and took the entrepreneurial plunge many years ago was so I could do more of what I enjoyed and less of what I hated. It makes sense doesn’t it? Yet, you would be surprised how many entrepreneurs don’t do more of what they love. Make sure you take advantage of the freedom you have by setting boundaries early on in your business. Successful entrepreneurs don’t create boundaries after they are wealthy. They create them so they can become wealthy. Not always being accessible actually creates scarcity and attracts more business. From now on when you want to take off and head to Starbucks or you want to take a week off and go on vacation, honor those urges, plan accordingly, and then do it.

Tip Two–You Can Work Hard and Still Have Fun

When you first start your company, you probably will wear all the hats and work harder than you ever have. But once the business is built and you start to gain new customers and sell products, it is a lot of fun. The best part of being a leader is being able to pick up the phone and have access to someone you have admired for years because you are a gatekeeper to a database of customers. You learn so much from those experts you now have access to, and your customers will love you for it when you graciously pass new information on to them.

Tip Three–Let Go To Grow

One of the main reasons I became an entrepreneur and left the corporate world back in 1999 was because I loved the freedom to just let go and have fun. I wanted to have a higher quality of life where I could be creative and earn more for that creativity. Unfortunately, what happens with many entrepreneurs in start up is they get too intense and end up chasing away the most beneficial business and personal relationships. Always remember “why” you are pursuing this dream in the first place and remember to let go and have fun with the people you meet and do business with. I love working with people who make me laugh, who have a wicked sense of humor, who get passionate about their causes, and who know how to let go, be themselves, and make “work” fun. The cool thing is these types of people attract others like them, and your fun “network” then multiplies exponentially. So do your revenues. Bottom line: Letting go and having fun in business is good for the soul and for the bank account.

Tip Six–Build Millionaire Relationships

NO ONE can reach seven figures without building crucial business and personal relationships along the way. The membership-based business model is a millionaire business model and by using it, you attract important relationships more easily. Millionaire relationships aren’t always measured by the financial return on investment (ROI) you receive either. One of the most exciting parts of building a company that you are passionate about is all of the dynamic and energetic people you can access. This type of ROI often shows up in the form of real people who serve as resources when you need them. All you have to do is decide to take action and work on getting to know people. Then you can communicate how your company can help them solve their problems.

Tip Seven–Understand Entrepreneurial Energy

Millionaires rarely sit down, and they are often in great shape. They also don’t watch TV much, and they give of themselves freely. Millionaires have lots of entrepreneurial energy. They are creative, passionate, risk takers, who are big thinkers and always evolving. If this description isn’t you yet, start aiming for these behaviors today. Know that what you eat and if you exercise directly affects your bottom line. People are attracted to people (and companies) who take care of themselves and are full of energy. What you feed your brain (literally) determines your ability to solve million-dollar problems and come up with million-dollar ideas. (Just some food for thought!)