Lifestyle Advice For Diabetics

Diabetics often find themselves in a position which can often feel debilitating, limiting, and problematic. Going out with friends suddenly becomes a daunting task, and regulating a diet can seem difficult and stressful. While it is important to heed to a healthy diet which is conducive to the maintenance of your disease, it is also equally important to feel comfortable with yourself and your knowledge of your limitations and allowances so as to lead a healthy and enjoyable life.

Most fad diets will not apply to you, as your health may be unable to handle what most of them entail. As a general rule, fad diets are unhealthy for all people, and you are not missing out on a worthy or healthy phenomenon. Try to maintain a low-fat diet, while including a variety of healthy carbohydrates and protein.

Complex carbohydrates are always better for you, as they help maintain a stable sugar level. Simple carbohydrates, which include sucrose, glucose, fructose, sweets and candy, juices from concentrate and fruity cocktails, jams and dessert should be cut out completely. They send an intense flow of sugar into your bloodstream, which is exactly what a diabetic should avoid. Complex carbohydrates, on the other hand, include whole wheat, whole grains, wheat pasta and rice, most beans and oats, vegetables and fruit. Your body takes them in slowly, digests them slowly, and stabilizes your energy and sugar levels.

It is difficult to frequent bars as alcohol should be more or less avoided. It acts as a simple carbohydrate, and completely destabilizes your sugar level. Drinking can be done, but in great moderation. Never drink on an empty stomach, be sure to do it after a meal, or during a meal. Binge drinking will always backfire, so don’t dabble in it at all.

It’s important to be extremely familiar with nutrition in general. Check some books out from the library, and get reading. You will never successfully maintain a diabetic diet if only doing so based on general guidelines and suggestions made by your doctor. You have to be the most active and aware participant in your upkeep and you will only be able to do so by being completely aware of what your body needs.

Exercise is important for any healthy  lifestyle , but especially for diabetics. It helps you maintain your sugar levels, and generally assists in a better outlook on life. Contact your doctor for a definitive idea of how much exercise you need, and what kind would benefit you most.

Most importantly, be sure to always put yourself first. If you are able to construct a consistent and stable routine for yourself, you are on the right path. Don’t stress over your diabetes, simply learn to accept it!

Lifestyle Changes to Prepare for Conceiving

So you’ve decided you want to have a baby? How can you ensure you are in the best possible condition to conceive a healthy child?

The first step is to make sure your  lifestyle  is as healthy as possible. This may mean making some changes. You don’t have to launch yourself into a strict keep-fit and health food regime, it may simply be a case of making a few easy adjustments to give your baby the best possible start in life.

Ideally you should start preparing yourself three to six months before conception. But some  lifestyle  changes will make a difference after only a few weeks.

Check up

The first thing to do is have a check up with your GP. Both of you. If you have a long-term medical condition your GP should already be aware of your medical needs and can advise you on the best way to proceed (for example checking if your medication is suitable before or during pregnancy). Any conditions like high or low blood pressure, epilepsy, diabetes or thyroid disease should be stabilised before you start trying for a baby.

Do not stop taking your prescribed medications unless you are told to by your GP.

You may want to have a pre-conception blood test to check if you immune to rubella (German measles).

Stop smoking

Smoking is known to affect male and female fertility. Women smokers have lower oestrogen levels than non-smokers which can result in irregular ovulation. Toxins and nicotine in cigarettes can reduce the chance of successful fertilisation. Men smokers often have a lower sperm count with poorer quality sperm.

Reduce your drinking

For men, drinking alcohol can result in a lower sperm count with higher numbers abnormal sperm produced. Men planning to start a family should stop drinking on a regular basis (or binge drinking) for at least three months before conception to allow healthy sperm to develop. Alcohol has not been proven to affect ovulation in women, but as drinking in pregnancy can cause miscarriage and restrict foetal development it is sensible to start cutting back during the pre-conception phase.

Stop taking drugs

Any chemicals, including legal or illegal drugs, are potentially hazardous to fertility. You should stop taking any illegal drugs and check the safety of over-the-counter medications, natural remedies and supplements with your GP.

Get in shape

Being too fat or too thin can affect your fertility. You should aim to be within 15 pounds of the ideal range for your height. If you are too thin you risk having a small baby, if you are too fat you are more likely to develop diabetes or high blood pressure during pregnancy.

Eat healthily

Cut junk food or heavily processed food from your diet and eat more healthily. Doing this for four months before you conceive will stand you in good stead for pregnancy and will level out any nutritional deficiencies in your diet.

Eat lots of fruit and veg as well as protein-rich food (chicken, fish and pulses) and whole grain, brown options rather than white, processed bread, rice or pasta. Drink at least eight glasses of water a day and reduce your coffee and tea intake.

Speak to your GP about taking supplements. They may recommend that as well as the customary folic acid you could take a multivitamin and mineral supplement designed especially for pre-conception.


Getting fit by doing some form of regular exercise pre-conception will help a woman’s body cope with the demands of pregnancy. If you are new to exercise, walking or swimming, for 20 minutes three times a week is the minimum to aim for.

Avoid stress

Too much stress is known to disrupt sex hormone levels and interfere with the normal menstrual cycle. Men who are stressed are more likely to have sperm of a poorer quality. They may even suffer from premature ejaculation or struggle to maintain an erection, which will impede conception.

Adjust your pre-pregnancy birth control

Until you are actually ready to conceive use a contraceptive method that will not affect your fertility. So don’t use the contraceptive pill or injections, use barrier methods such as the condom or diaphragm and spermicides which are instantly reversible.

Living the Dream Lifestyle is the New Business

The idea of living a dream life is far removed from the majority of people’s thoughts as the cloud of economic depression continues to spread across the globe. Since the collapse of Lehman Brothers last September the world has been in turmoil. The effects have been devastating. Mass unemployment, business closures, property foreclosures, plummeting bank shares or investment portfolios have occupied the media’s agenda and they have enjoyed a frenzy of activity publicist all the gruesome facts. Millions of people are struggling just to pay their bills and provide food for their families and the grim reality is a wake up call for people whose dreams have been shattered overnight and prosperity has been replaced by survival.

Business experts have been encouraging people to start running their own businesses as an alternative and take charge of their future in this climate and there are great benefits to changes of lifestyle being promoted to encourage people to take up this mantel. Forbes magazine predicts that 79million new businesses will be created in America over the next 10 years. The reality is that before the recession started, millions of people had jobs in various sectors but lifestyle conditions in these jobs made life unbearable and miserable for millions of families. A combination of early rising, long commuting, long hours, poor pay and even bullying resulted in a poor quality of family life.

People’s idea of a dream lifestyle differ dramatically. For some, it is owning the dream house, the Ferrari or world vacation, for others freedom of mobility represents a dream lifestyle, where you spend more time with your family and watch them growing up on a daily basis and enjoy simple family activities like walking, fishing, a trip to the beach etc. For others more time to engage in your passions, hobbies or interests that have eluded you over time because of the time consumed in work represents a dream lifestyle and something we can all relate to.

Having your own business allows you to have this freedom of mobility and if you become successful then this dream does become a real reality. The new generation of entrepreneurs openly promote the dream lifestyle in a range of videos that range from preaching from an exotic location or a simple walk along the riverbank sharing the joy of their lives and encouraging others to make those changes too. Live marketing events tend to be organized in exotic locations also to promote this new found freedom.

Every human being craves freedom in whatever form this may take and with more and more people having more freedom and often not by choice it seems that the trend to promote the dream lifestyle is set to continue.

How Balanced Is Your Lifestyle?

How many times in your life have you checked if your  lifestyle  is truly balanced? If you are like most people, consider yourself lucky if you have done it once if at all.

Nowadays, we are so used to doing tons of things for everybody else and every cause that sparks our passions, that we forget that our lives are out of balance and consequently in danger of consuming us, leading us to a life of complete automation.

We do things like robots, without becoming aware of our actions. We live, love, socialize, and work, all in auto-pilot. We don’t even stop at our birthdays to question what on earth is happening to us or in which direction life is going. We just do what we usually do and forget that we are incredible beings, capable of having the grandest and most fulfilled life.

Now, that has to stop. So let me give you some suggestions on how you can make your life a terrific adventure traveled on a sacred path.

First of all, evaluate the major areas of life and give them each a “score” from 1 to 10, 1 being the lowest, most scarce and scary score and 10 describing an absolute bliss.

Think in terms of the following areas (not in order of importance or priority):

1. work

2. leisure

3. social life

4. money

5. family

6. love

7. sex

8. exercise

9. time

10. health, etc.

Now, you may say: “I don’t have any fun, but it is all right because I have other priorities.” Well, let me advise you to look at the big picture. If you do this you are skewing the balance of your  lifestyle , and that goes against the principle of happiness.

In our modern world these, among other areas of life, are what makes us happy and totally fulfilled. And I am not talking about values, meaning that you should only pursue what you value the most.

No, I am talking about a balanced, rounded, centered  lifestyle  and if you want to achieve this balance in all the areas of your life need to score a 10, or at least a 9 each of them. Remember that there is always room for improvement.

I will give you an example. I used to be a very successful professional when I was younger. I was the quintessential career woman, with the added benefits of having a great social life, money, health, time, etc. You could say that I had everything.

But no, I was missing a family. I wanted to have children. I wanted to experience motherhood and I didn’t have that. Deep inside I was the epitome of a very dissatisfied person. Though I had my family, I didn’t have a family of my own. And that tipped the balance of my life to an extreme that made me a very unhappy person.

So, what area is lacking in your life? Money? Good nutrition? Sex? A committed relationship? And what are you going to do about it?

After you have done your evaluation from 1 to 10, make a chart. Check which areas require the most urgent action towards change. Plan how you are going to solve each “issue.” Step by step.

And then go for it: walk the path you have designed. It will bring much joy and you will live in bliss.

Bose Lifestyle V35

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The Bose V35 is not cheap, but it is also not the highest priced system around. You really can enjoy thrilling and impeccable surround sound. What this system does for the price is delivered incredible quality and great value. When you want to buy a home theater system the Bose V35 is the one to check out first.

Warrior Wisdom – The Warrior Lifestyle

What is the warrior lifestyle? The true warrior is a rare person in today’s world. He lives life with a different set of values compared with the rest of society. Even those who do share the same values, rarely live a lifestyle which adheres to those values to the extent that the warrior does. To most people, ethics are situational. They make decisions according to what is best for them, instead of what is right. This is not the case with the warrior. The warrior values honor, integrity, justice, and his sense of what is right, above all else. His ethics are not situational; they are his way of life.

The warrior lifestyle revolves around a code of ethics which is non-negotiable. The warrior’s code of ethics, or code of honor, is taken very seriously. To the warrior, distinguishing between right and wrong is of the utmost importance. He sees right and wrong in terms of black and white. He knows that an action is either honorable or dishonorable. This is not meant to imply that honor is black and white; honor is not that simple.

Those who live the lifestyle of the warrior know that whether or not an action is honorable, is determined by both one’s intentions and the situation at hand. This is not to be confused with situational ethics. The warrior’s ethics do not change according to the situation. His actions will change as needed, but his ethics remain set in stone. There is a big difference between ethics and actions. Ethics determine actions; actions do not determine ethics.

The warrior lifestyle is concerned with what is right and what is honorable. A warrior’s ethics revolve around these two issues. Justice and honor are foremost on his mind. His thoughts are centered on “what is right,” not on other people’s opinions of what is right. He realizes that many people profess a belief in absolutes which they neither live by, nor truly believe in, when push comes to shove.

The only absolute that the warrior lives by is that of what is right and wrong. If it is not right, he doesn’t do it. He determines what is right and wrong by his strict code of ethics, not some arbitrary laws or the politically correct standards of the day. The warrior doesn’t appear to be honorable; he is honorable. Sincerity is ingrained in this lifestyle. This is a lifestyle that is meant to be lived, not fantasized about or merely discussed.

This lifestyle consist of much more than being trained in the art of war or the art of self-defense, although these are an important part of the life of the warrior. It also consists of the challenge to perfect one’s character. This is a process much like the Japanese concept of kaizen. Kaizen can be translated as constant, never-ending improvement. True warriors try to apply this concept to every area of their life. They seek to balance and improve each area – spirit, mind and body, on a daily basis.

Each area of your life is important and should be kept in balance. Training men in the art of war or in the art of martial arts, without regard to character, only produces a dangerous man; it does not produce a warrior. In years past, the martial arts masters would not train someone fully until they felt assured of that person’s character. Today most schools will train anyone who can pay, regardless of their character or lack of character. This is dangerous information to give to just any and everyone who comes along. In my opinion, character should be a prerequisite, not only for martial arts training, but for many of the privileges which we enjoy in this country.

I am asked often whether or not I believe that the term “warrior” should apply only to military men and women who have been in war or to trained and experienced fighters. Although I realize this is the literal definition of a warrior, I do not believe that this is the correct definition, not according to the many accounts from past warriors anyway. This literal definition of a warrior is not the definition that is used for our discussion of the warrior lifestyle in Warrior Wisdom. An ape can be trained to throw punches and kick, a dog can be trained to fight, but that doesn’t make either of them warriors. Being a warrior involves more than being trained to fight or being in the military; it involves character training as well. Character training is the true goal of Bushido, the way of the warrior.

Please don’t misunderstand me; I have great respect for our military men and women. But I believe that anyone who has ever served in the military will agree that not every soldier lives by the character traits which are necessary for the warrior lifestyle, anymore than every martial artist or every person in general lives by these standards. I’m not taking anything away from those who serve our country. Every person who serves our country deserves our respect and gratitude, but service doesn’t necessarily indicate that a person is concerned with perfecting his or her character. It is rare to find people who take their ethics seriously today. It is common to find people who claim to take their ethics seriously, but I am referring to people who walk to the walk, not just “talk the talk.”

Yes, the warrior is concerned with physical training and the martial arts, but he also knows that character training is the cornerstone of the warrior lifestyle. The true warrior should be trained in martial arts. His ethics require that he be ready to defend his family, friends, or himself in certain situations. In today’s world, you never know when you may have to use your martial arts skills. It is essential that you have this training to be as self-reliant and as safe as possible, but without a code of ethics, which is based on a deep understanding of right and wrong, there is no warrior; there is only someone trained to fight. There is a difference. Without the character traits of honor, integrity and justice, there is no warrior lifestyle.

In short, the warrior lifestyle is for anyone who want to live a life of excellence; a life which adheres to a strict code of ethics. You must be willing to live your life based on honor, preparedness and what is right. This lifestyle requires that you put your ethics before your comfort, and that you put what is right before what is profitable. It requires filial duty, dedication to family and friends, and a willingness to help those in need. It requires independence in thought and action. This lifestyle is a decision, not a profession.

This is just a brief introduction to the lifestyle of the warrior. Each of these points can be greatly expanded and I understand that not everyone will agree with my assessment. Even if you disagree with my definition of a warrior or the characteristics of the warrior lifestyle, you will still find the wisdom in this book to be very useful. Warrior Wisdom seeks to provide the reader with wisdom from throughout the ages that will help him live the warrior lifestyle. This lifestyle is not a goal to be achieved, but rather a road to be traveled. May you travel this road with honor.

“Take a deep breath of life and consider how it should be lived.” Don Quixote’s Creed