Earn A Healthy Lifestyle With A Balanced Diet

Whatever we eat affects our body. Our daily eating habits decide general condition of our body and mind. To keep our body salubrious and energetic we must focus on the right amount of nutrition that our body needs. Definitely, a balanced diet gives you a healthy life. But what does it contain?

A healthy balanced diet contains all the essential components for better health. Carbohydrates, mineral salts, fats, fiber, vitamins and proteins altogether make a healthy balanced diet. These components are consumed in the form of fruits, vegetables, cereals, minerals and water. Missing any component can disturb your healthy lifestyle.

How these components bestow you with better health:

Carbohydrates: Carbohydrates provide energy to our body. Naturally, without energy one cannot work both physically and mentally. Moreover if you will not take adequate amount of carbohydrates then fatigue will kick into your life. Your daily diet must contain 50-60 percent of carbohydrates.

Mineral Salts: Minerals are necessary for the right functioning of the body. Daily consumption of minerals is necessary because our body cannot produce minerals itself.

Proteins: Proteins play an important role because protein rich diet enables the body to perform regular functions. Right amount of proteins in our body helps to fight against several infections.

Fats: It’s a big misconception among peeps that fats are unhealthy. Factually, fats are very necessary for our body just like other components. In addition to, fats protect our life-sustaining organs (liver, kidney as well as heart).

Vitamins: Deficiency of any vitamin can upset your better health conditions. Fruits, green vegetables, milk, grains, oats, wheat, vegetable oils are the main sources of vitamins. In your daily diet you must add the right amount of fruits, vegetables, milk, eggs to live a healthy life.

Fiber: Constipation is one of the common complaints about all of us. Fiber provides that nutrient which helps to prevent our body from constipation. Beet-root, carrots, cucumber are rich in fiber.

Water: Water is the main necessity of human life as well as the human body. Without water we cannot digest our food. Dull skin, joint pains and several other ills are the outcome of inappropriate consumption of water. So you must consume 8-10 glass of water daily.

Balanced Diet is eating the right food at the right time and in right quantity. “Health is Wealth”, and you do not need any locker to keep it safe but it needs a regular routine with the right eating habits. Balanced diet is a bonus to live a healthy lifestyle.

Strange Lifestyle of Amazon Tribes

As we look at the world today, we observe it to be moving constantly towards development. We call ourselves civilized and well-educated. We have been to school, we work hard to earn, and we provide our families with basic needs. We have become advanced and have escaped from the tooth fairy myth, and are more considerate about cosmetic dentistry and Invisalign. However, there are still a few people in this world who leave a question mark on our brains. Their way of living and their way of comprehending things is far different from ours. One such group of people is Piraha tribe in Amazon.

Many researchers who have visited these tribes have found strangeness in the behaviors of people, especially with the children and how they nurture them. One of the tourists found a toddler playing with a big knife. He was surprised at the act, but he got more surprised when he found that the child dropped the knife and his mother handed it to him again so that he could continue playing with it!

Parenting is out of the question. According to these tribes, children and adults are equal, so nobody tells others what to do and what not to. Similarly, there is no education. Everybody has to defend their own selves. The only purpose of survival is to look for food and fill your own stomach, if you are alone.

A lot of researchers have noticed the peculiarity in the language the Piraha tribe speaks. To a layman, it sounds like whistles, humming, or encoded music. The words are proper words to them, but to people they sound like bird-like whistles. The main reason for this might be because these tribes have evolved in rainforests around different kinds of animals. As a means of communication over long distances, they might have adapted these shrieks and whistles from the birds and other creatures.

On the other hand, linguists pondered on it deeply. To their surprise, there are absolutely no numbers in the language of Piraha tribes! Many also found out that people from these tribes have difficulty in counting ahead of five. When one of the researchers inquired a tribal man about the number of his children, he could only tell about his first four children, after that he scratched his head and had difficulty in remembering more of his children. Because the language lacks numbers, tribal people are considered to be somewhat bad at remembering stuff. The main reason for this might also be the fact that they live in present and are not very imaginative.

Moreover, the language also does not have many pronouns. Some phonics is rare and hard to speak. The language also lacks general clause structure. The people use extremely short clauses to express a sentence. Adding more to the peculiarity, is the absence of colors. The only terms used are light and dark.

The world is increasingly becoming a global village. Everyday we get to know about different tribes and cultures. Let us all wait to hear more of strange things happening in the world!

Tips For Great Dental Health And Lifestyle

Taking care of your teeth is vital to your good health in many ways. By visiting the dentist regularly and by doing those things at home to keep your teeth healthy, you will never have to worry about your smile. Follow these tips for great dental health and lifestyle for making sure you have a healthy set of teeth.

Avoiding those foods that ruin your teeth is an age old fact. Sugars are the worst and the reason is because they are so powerful in building harmful plaque. Limiting sugars is great way to not only prevent cavities, but to also improve overall health to aid in dental situations.

The teeth that are regularly cleaned by the professional dentists are the teeth that will have fewer cavities. While you might brush twice or three times a day, you will still have particles that will lie between teeth. These particles are the causes of cavities in those people that always maintain a regular brushing schedule.

Flossing your teeth will also help in removing those tiny particles of food that get between teeth and cause painful cavities. By having a dental professional show you the proper way to floss, you will have healthier teeth and fewer cavities. Flossing should be done after every meal for the best results.

No one likes to hear the drill at their dentist office. In fact, many people are terrified of it. However, when you do have a cavity starting, you should have it taken care of right away to prevent the loss of the infected tooth. Fillings will help you to save it. Once you have the smallest sign of a cavity, you should take care of it because it does not take long to grow larger and much more painful.

Nothing hurts more than waking up in the middle of the night with a toothache. Many people have described this pain as being the worst they have ever felt. If you know you have a tooth that is in bad shape, do not put off having it extracted before it get really infected. Infection in a tooth can cause you to be sick and to feel severe fatigue.

Many people might not be aware of the damage an infected tooth can cause for the rest of the body. Keeping infected teeth in your mouth for too long can help to cause kidney and heart problems. Make sure you maintain regular dental appointments and have those bad teeth taken care of before they cause more trouble.

Choose dental health and lifestyle changes to have great teeth. Eat only a well-balanced diet and limit your intake of sodas, coffees, and teas.Remember to watch out for the sugars and always drink plenty of water as well. Once you lose teeth due to being negligent about them, you will begin to have other problems. Not being able to chew food in the way that is best for digestion can come from having too many teeth pulled. Those people that have to get dentures can tell you this is no walk in the park. Heartburn and stomach upset from food not being properly chewed can lead to many digestive disorders that are painful and serious in nature.

3 Lifestyle Changes You Need to Make to Find an Acne Cure – Read Now, Before It’s Too Late!

Trying to find an acne cure can be a daunting and frustrating task for any teen or adult suffering from acne. Too many products on the market today promise to clear up your face, back, and chest with ingredients that can be harmful to your skin and often prove ineffective.

It is important to note that there is no such thing as an acne cure. I don’t want to be the one to burst your bubble, but acne is not a disease that can be cured; it can merely be treated or controlled. However, there are are certain methods and lifestyle changes you can make, both in the way you wash your face and in the way you eat, that can work effectively in treating your acne like a magical acne cure.

Here are three simple lifestyle changes you can implement into your daily life that will help you control your acne:

1. Cleanse, but do not overcleanse: If you’re suffering from acne, one of the most dangerous things you can do to your face is to cleanse it too much. When you cleanse your face, you are washing away oils your body needs, as well as the excess ones it doesn’t need. When you cleanse your face with abrasive materials, or when you cleanse it too often, you will find yourself getting even MORE pimples and breakouts. Why? Because your pores are going into overdrive to replace the oils your face desperately needs to stay normally moisturized.

So how often should you cleanse your face? Most dermatologists recommend you cleanse your face no more than twice a day, usually once in the morning and once at night before going to bed. If you just have a few breakouts, but don’t normally get acne, you can simply cleanse with a gentle bar soap, such as Dove. If you have recurring acne, you should think about looking into an inexpensive acne care system. Personally, I use Proactiv, but I’ve also used Clinique’s facial soap and have seen results as well.

2. Pay attention to what touches your face: Take special note of where your acne occurs on your face. Is it all over, is it on your cheeks, in your T-zone, or just on your forehead? Certain habits you might have often dictate where your acne pops up. For instance, if you find yourself leaning your chin on your hands at your desk at work or school, chances are that you’ll suffer from acne on your chin. If you wear a baseball cap every day, you’ll likely get a lot of acne on your forehead.

If this is the case, start making an effort to stop doing these things, at least until your acne subsides. Start wearing your hat only a couple times a week, instead of every day. If you have bangs, take care that you don’t use scented hairspray or use heavily perfumed shampoo to wash your hair. Simple changes such as these can help stop your skin from getting irritated, thus relieving some of your acne problem.

3. Change your diet just a little: You’ve probably heard doctors tell you on TV that you shouldn’t eat chocolate, French fries, and deep fried or caffeinated foods if you’re looking for an acne cure. While there is some justification for this, cutting out all bad foods won’t completely give you an acne cure. However, you should keep an eye on your diet and regulate your daily intake of these nasties. Don’t drink too much pop (“too much” means you shouldn’t even be drinking one can per day), and watch it on the fast food, boxed Little Debbie treats, and chocolate milkshakes. What you eat really does affect your skin, and when you overeat unhealthy food, acne will be just one of the diseases you’ll suffer.

Making these simple changes in your lifestyle could mean the difference between a clear face and one that needs an acne cure. By following these guidelines, you will be well on your way to improving the look of your skin and ridding yourself of painful, embarrassing acne.

Your New Retirement Lifestyle – Volunteerism (Part 1)

The way I see it, you’ve probably got many valuable life skill experiences behind you that you can share.

When I think about the spirit of volunteerism, I’m reminded of Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter and their long-term support for Habitat for Humanity International. When the Carters left the Whitehouse rather unexpectedly, they were determined to continue their work in the community and fight for social justice. Their involvement with Habitat has led to homebuilding projects worldwide.

Speaking from my professional experience as a veteran teacher, there is nothing more rewarding than teaching another individual. This is especially meaningful when you have personal knowledge to share. I like to think of volunteerism as an exchange. In that vein, these activities can provide a variety of benefits to you. In fact, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

Edgar Bronfman, in his book The Third Act (G.P.Putnam’s Sons, 2002), describes the process as “giving back.” The subjects in his book indicated that volunteering expands horizons, bolsters personal growth, provides enormous self-satisfaction, increases your circle of acquaintances and support, and is just plain fun.

Do you enjoy working with people and look forward to helping others? Do you have the desire to keep on learning? If you answered yes to these questions, then it sounds to me as if you should be a volunteer.

It is important that you create some parameters for your work previous to seeking out volunteer opportunities. This will allow you to assess precisely what your needs are. Ultimately, you do want your volunteer experience to be successful.

Personal Considerations

Here are some questions you should ask yourself before beginning your search:

1. What are my interests and passions?

2. Would I rather work indoors or out?

3. Can I work on team?

4. How much time can I commit to?

5. Will I fulfill my responsibilities?

6. How far am I willing to travel?

7. Can I attend training?

8. Do I want to utilize my career skills?

Assessing a Volunteer Organization

After you’ve done some self-analysis in terms of your needs and goals, the next logical step would be to evaluate the organization that you are considering. What are its motives and methods, and how effective is it? Above all, is the organization meaningful to you?

Here are some suggestions as offered by the book Alternatives to the Peace Corps, edited by Jennifer Willsea:

• What is the political or religious affiliation or the organization?

• What is the organization’s mission statement?

• Who funds the organization? Are there political or religious affiliations?

• How does the organization choose its programs?

• Is the organization working with local or national governments?

• What sort of training and support can you expect?

Serviceleader.org suggests that when you shop for a volunteer position, it is recommended that you arrange to tour the agency. Get the organization’s brochure, and check out the web site. That will allow you get a personal feel for the program. Also, ask the agency specifically why they involve volunteers and how the volunteers help it work towards its mission. Explore any written volunteer job descriptions. Finally, be patient. Not every volunteer job is right for every volunteer. Allow yourself time to explore a variety of opportunities with various agencies.


Here are some outstanding organizations for you to consider. Most of these are non-profits. Remember: consider carefully what you would like to gain from this experience.


My wife and I have been volunteers or Heifer International for years. In fact, we volunteer for Heifer both in the Northeast and the Southwest.

What becomes most evident about Heifer is that their vision and the efforts of the volunteers really work. Their broad goal of “ending world hunger and caring for the earth” is crucial to the needs of the world population. With almost sixty years of history, Heifer has helped people obtain a sustainable source of food and income. Progress towards their goals is clearly visible.

Milk, eggs, and fresh vegetables now nourish millions of people, who were once hungry. Children who were previously unable to attend school are returning to the classrooms. And the best part is, these action are long-term.

A major tenet of Heifer’s approach is the community effort. Animal donations are considered living loans. Every family and community that receives assistance promises to repay his or her living loan by donating an offspring. So, generations of people see hope, health, and dignity for their future.


This organization is basically a comprehensive clearinghouse of volunteer opportunities. If you are interested in volunteering the site is a valuable tool to locate opportunities around the country and the world.

President Obama has been inspirational as an advocate for this agency. He has said that economic recovery for our country is as much about what we do for our communities as what the government does in Washington.

The site is managed by the Corporation for National and Community Service. This is the federal agency that improves lives, strengthens communities, and fosters civic engagement through service and volunteering. The corporation has four million Americans of all ages in service to their communities each year through their involvement in Senior Corps, AmeriCorps, VISTA, NCCC and the Learn and Serve America programs.

One of the best features of the serve.gov website is the “Share Your Story Link” which, allows volunteers to discuss their service experiences. After you’ve read some of the narrative you may very well be inspired.


Basically, the name says it all. It is a wonderful mechanism to bring people together. That is; nonprofits, volunteers, and even business leaders come together here to create a meaningful connection. So, their vision is fortified by community relationships and partnerships.

One of the most meaningful features of VolunteerMatch is the effort that they expend to make the volunteer experience positive. They really do support the volunteer. For example, at the time of this writing they were offering a “webinar” to educate volunteers about the training and screening tools that nonprofits use. This information helps to evaluate a potential volunteer organization to see if it is a good fit for you. It also helps the volunteer overcome any potential stumbling blocks.

It is offerings like this that leads to a high success rate for this organization. In fact, 84% of volunteers have indicated to VolunteerMatch that they make the process easier to locate opportunities of personal interest.

Needless to say, I cannot praise VolunteerMatch enough. And, apparently, others agree. In 2007, Time Magazine presented the site with an award as one of the Top Ten Web Sites of the year.

To give you an example of the resources available through the website search mechanism, I decided to seek out opportunities near the small town in Arizona where we have a second home. I came up with two hundred and fifty volunteer openings. When I expanded that to virtual volunteering only, the openings reach three thousand.


This nonprofit is dedicated to educating entrepreneurs, and promoting the formation, growth, and success of small business nationwide. The organization partners with the SBA. It offers mentoring advice free of charge along with online workshops.

Some of the past workshops have included the following topics:

• Targeting Your Market

• Creating a Competitive Advantage

• Conducting a Market Analysis

• Can You Afford to Start a Business?

• Developing a Business Plan

• Creating Your Cash Reserve

• Preparing a Cash Budget

SCORE’s eleven thousand volunteer counselors have more than six hundred business skills. The volunteers can be working or retired business owners, executives and corporate leaders who share their wisdom.

The website offers a mechanism to locate the SCORE office near you in an effort to facilitate the volunteer process.

If you have a passion to reinvent yourself during retirement, volunteerism can create a whole new world for you. Watch for my new book entitled “Volunteerism and Your Retirement Lifestyle.”

In the next article I will explore additional ways you can volunteer.

Be Healthy: Tips to Achieved a Healthy Lifestyle

Being healthy means having a sound mind and sound body free from stress, discomfort, diseases, and other health threatening situation. In order to achieve a healthy well being you have to live a healthy lifestyle. Healthy lifestyle can be achieved through personal hygiene, avoidance from vices, regular exercise, enough sleep and rest and proper nutrition. We always wanted to live a meaningful life. We have to observe our lifestyle strictly because if we don’t, we will be vulnerable from several health threatening diseases which may lead us towards death. Who among us wants to die at early age anyway?

Personal Hygiene is very important to achieve a healthy body. Personal hygiene plays an important role in every person who wants to cultivate a healthy lifestyle.

Personal hygiene is achieved through:

1. Take a bath regularly to avoid body odor and itchiness due to germs that are present in our body.
2. Wash your hands often with soap and water. Wash your hands before and after each meal and after having a quick trip to the bathroom.
3. Change your clothes after bath or as often as necessary. Same as your undergarments.
4. Brush your teeth each after meal. Avoid too much sweets and try to visit a dentist once a year, not only when you’re suffering from a toothache.

Avoidance from vices helps us promote a healthy lifestyle. We should watch our alcohol intake because excessive intake may lead us to several illnesses such as liver cancer and heart attack. Drunkards are also prone to trouble and other alcohol-related accidents. Cigarette addiction is harmful to our health due to numerous illnesses it can contribute to our body. Cigarettes are known to be addictive and hazardous to our health. Several illness brought by cigarette addiction are lung diseases, stroke, and other cardiovascular related illnesses.

Regular exercise helps us to boost our immune system. It also helps us to make our body strong and healthy. It promotes a good posture and a normal body condition. If we don’t practice regular exercise it will make our muscle weak to do simple chores. The weaker we are, the greater chances our body is prone to sickness.

Enough sleep and rest is important to our body because that is the time our body is charging up, preparing again to do some work. It also relieves us from discomfort and stress. We have to take at least 8 hours of sleep in a day to make our body recharged after a day’s work. Rest is also important to us because it helps our body to avoid over fatigue and over work.

Proper nutrition is important for us to observe to achieve a healthy body. We must restrain ourselves from junk foods and other foods that don’t have nutritional value. Eat healthy food everyday. Take a lot of vegetables and fruits that helps us to be strong. Eat nutritious vegetables that are cheap and available anytime. Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water or as long as your thirsty. Drinking water so often helps us to reduce the risk of having a kidney trouble. It also flushes our body toxins away from our body. Stay away from fatty and salty foods. Avoid too much sweets too.

We must follow these tips strictly so that we can achieve a healthy body and a healthy mind.

Feel Healthy, Look Healthy, Be Happy – A Lifestyle Makeover

Get ready for a shocker – almost none of us, yes, NONE OF US, are nearly as healthy, happy, and energetic as we could be, should be. This may not be a big surprise to you and me, but why then is no one doing anything about this epidemic? The simple answer is that we’re all so used to doing things the way we have been for nearly a century that, not only is the idea of change overwhelming, but most of us simply don’t know where to start.

I’m not here with some miracle solution, and certainly not one that will change your life overnight or will be super fast and easy to implement, but simply to give you a brief overview of what I’ve learned in my quest to be happy and healthy. You can make the necessary improvements with some effort and by giving yourself time to get used to and enjoy making these changes. Often we just need to hear that someone else has put in the work and is reaping the rewards, and I’m that person!

A little information about why we need to make some big changes

For starters we all put too many “fake” substances in our bodies. From the hygiene products we use, to cleaning products, make-up, and especially what we eat. It’s true – most of what we consume is processed, convenience foodstuffs and NOT REAL FOOD.

We have all become so busy and live such fast-paced lives that we have come to rely upon whatever’s the quickest and easiest solution for our needs. Unfortunately, we’re doing this at the expense of our health and in many cases our very lives, and I’m not being overly dramatic. Many of us complain regularly about stress, exhaustion, and constantly getting sick, and this is just a preview of what can happen and often does as we age. Many illnesses that creep up on us are treatable or preventable. It’s true – I’ve read the scientific research and anecdotal evidence, and experienced this myself as have many others in my life.

Do some fact-checking for yourself. You’ll find all sorts of incredible claims that seem to belong in Ripley’s Believe it Or Not, but they are completely factual and well-researched and documented. Actually, when you really think about it, it all makes perfect sense. You’ll discover there are vegetables and fungi that can kill cancer cells in their tracks. There are illnesses that can only, at best, be moderately improved by medicine and surgery but those with these illnesses can be made virtually symptom-free or even cured through natural means and the detoxification and elimination of harmful, “fake” substances from their environments and diets. And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The motivation to change my lifestyle

You may say you don’t have time for such changes, or joke that you may as well move to a hippie commune. I made the same excuses and jokes until I became very ill with a disease called endometriosis. The short explanation is that the cells that line a woman’s uterus end up outside of it, and can grow and spread into other organs which can in turn cause debilitating pain and complications. I had two surgeries to remove these invading cells and they didn’t work – it is incurable and the endometriosis keeps coming back in most cases. I had a third surgery that worked in that it resulted in marked improvement, but I was still in constant pain and the endometriosis will return. I have Stage 4 endo, measured in stages the way cancer is, and it’s very aggressive. My life has essentially been on hold for the past four years and I have been unable to work or do many of the things I used to due to the impact the pain has had on my life.

I’m not telling you all of this for pity, but to make a point about what all of this “convenience” has cost us. My condition is fed by too much estrogen and most of the fake substances we use or processed foods we eat take estrogenic action once they enter our bodies. If you read the list of ingredients on a bottle of foundation make-up for example, there is nothing natural there and believe it or not you can absorb way more through your skin than orally. Worse still, anything absorbed through your skin enters your bloodstream that much faster. So these chemicals are going directly into your blood and wreaking havoc on your body, making you toxic as they build up over time.

Get motivated to change your lifestyle now – don’t wait until you get sick

Now I’m not trying to frighten anyone with this information. Many of us already have an idea that many of the products we use and foods we eat aren’t the greatest for us, but as most of us have always lived like this we are accustomed to it. It’s a big task to make a total lifestyle overhaul to be healthier and happier and prevent future illnesses, especially if you feel OK now. I was in that same boat until I got so ill that I took matters into my own hands, doing the research and realizing that my disease could likely have been prevented. When you are in pain 24-7 and are willing to do anything to get better and get your life back, changing your eating habits and switching to natural products in your everyday life is the easiest thing in the world to wrap your head around. And though I had researched this “natural treatment” for some time, I have only recently implemented it.

But now that I have made the changes I am telling you about, I am experiencing so many wonderful things that years of surgeries and painkillers could not accomplish for my chronic condition. The pain is diminishing steadily, I am in better physical shape, I have more energy, and my mood has greatly improved. At one point the pain was so extreme and constant that I was suicidal and was fighting just to exist – I wasn’t “living” at all. Now I see a light at the end of the tunnel and know that not only am I getting better, but I will be in even better shape than I was before I got sick and, by continuing to live a much healthier life, my incurable illness may essentially be in remission before long!

Don’t get me wrong – I still stumble, still cheat by having potato chips sometimes, or drinking with friends at a party, using an old bottle of Comet to scrub the bathtub when I’ve run out of baking soda and vinegar. But the key is to realize that like any big change it will take time and you will make mistakes. Start small and change one thing at a time.

Think of your body as a Cadillac. If you put sugar water into the tank instead of premium gasoline, it’s going to breakdown. It’s the same with you – put enough chemicals and processed substances into your body instead of fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats etc., and you’ll break down too. The issue is that you need to realize this and make the changes before your muffler falls off!

You may worry about making the time and think it will cost more but this is not the case. As I have already suggested, do a little research of your own and you’ll see that it doesn’t have to be difficult, expensive, or all that time-consuming and the benefits to your health, happiness, and life in general are immeasurable.

Look up recipes using all-natural ingredients to make your own home cleaners, make-up, skin treatments, and more. These things can be fun, quick, and easy, and in the long run cost far less and be more effective than the products you’re currently using. If you’re still unsure, this snippet of info is for the ladies – sugar ages you far faster than you would naturally. Aside from this many of the make-up and anti-aging products we waste money on contain substances that are widely thought to contribute to the onset of various cancers and other illnesses, and actually aid in the breakdown of our cells, aging us faster as well! Using tomato pulp on your face at night and extra virgin olive oil as a moisturizer does for more for your complexion and costs significantly less too (and castor oil fades existing wrinkles and prevents new ones!).

So stop making excuses – just pick a few things you can easily change now and get started. Before long you’ll be amazed at how much better you look and feel, how much more energy you have, and how much more disposable income you have in your bank account. It’s not hippie-dippy – it’s simply getting back to basics and being good to our bodies!

Enjoy Your Active Lifestyle Without Wearing Glasses

If you enjoy living an active lifestyle there’s simply no reason why your vision correction needs should hold you back. Although eyeglasses can create limitations with respect to clear vision while being physically active, contact lenses provide an excellent alternative. In fact, many individuals with vision problems who enjoy participating in sports and other activities find that contacts offer superior comfort and vision. Contact lenses also provide a range of other benefits when it comes to being active. So if you’d like to enjoy your active lifestyle without wearing glasses, consider making the switch to contact lenses so you can experience greater freedom and better vision.

One of the greatest advantages of wearing contact lenses while participating in sports or other physical activities is the fact that such lenses provide stable vision that moves with your eyes and that won’t be disrupted by slipping or jolting frames. Whether you’re running, lunging or tackling, contacts will allow you to see clearly and steadily with every movement. In addition, unlike eyeglasses, contacts won’t slip down your nose or fall off when you’re in the midst of a game, match or activity. Furthermore, when you’re free from wearing frames, you won’t have to worry about breaking your glasses. Without such concerns to hold you back, you’ll be able to focus your full attention on what you’re doing.

While contacts provide greater vision stability, they also provide a better field of corrected vision. When wearing glasses, the area of sharp vision is limited to within the frames. In contrast, as contacts are worn directly over the eye, they provide clear vision in every direction and at every angle. Naturally, this means that you’ll experience far greater peripheral vision than you would while wearing eyeglasses so you won’t miss out on anything and can perform to your very best ability. Since the ability to see clearly is so important for practically any sport or recreational activity, it’s not surprising that many people who live an active lifestyle prefer to take advantage of the superior vision offered by contacts rather than eyeglasses.

Contact lenses are also excellent for active lifestyles because they aren’t affected by weather, humidity or body heat. While lenses on eyeglasses will become splattered and streaked by rain and snow, contacts won’t. As a result, contacts are particularly ideal when taking part in outdoor activities. In addition, contact lenses won’t steam up as a result of humidity or body heat, so your vision won’t be impaired and such situations won’t take away from your performance. So whether your active lifestyle tends to take place indoors, outdoors or some of both, contact lenses can be far more convenient to wear than glasses.

Another great aspect for active people to keep in mind is that contact lenses tend to be far easier and more comfortable to wear with protective equipment. For those who participate in sports that require the use of helmets, goggles or other safety gear, glasses can be a significant hindrance by pinching or slipping beneath the gear or simply by not fitting very well underneath the equipment. Thus, for people who participate in activities requiring such protective gear, contact lenses can provide a much more comfortable and viable option for vision correction.

Recent advancements in the contact lens industry have also led to additional benefits for athletes and active individuals with vision correction needs. For example, there are now specialty forms of contact lenses available designed specifically for use while playing sports. Some of these lenses provide UV filtering to provide outdoor athletes with protection from sunlight. There are also specialty lenses available with color tints that enhance the look of tennis balls or other sporting equipment, so athletes can see their target more clearly. Considering these advantages, there are obviously a wide range of reasons why many active individuals prefer to wear contacts over glasses.

If you’re an athlete or simply a person who enjoys living an active lifestyle and you haven’t tried wearing contact lenses, don’t let concerns about affordability hold you back. There’s simply no reason for this, as the increasing accessibility and popularity of contacts over the years have also led to increased affordability. In fact, there are now many quality discount contact lens retailers such as CoastalContacts.com which offer an excellent selection of lenses and lens care products for exceptional value. Even the most popular and respected brands are available from discount retailers. Best of all, when you purchase your lenses from online retailers, you can have them delivered directly to your door for extra convenience. So, considering the increasing affordability of contact lenses and the many benefits and advantages that they offer, there are many reasons why you should try enjoying your active lifestyle without the hindrance and encumbrance of wearing glasses.

Connecting With Nature is an Intelligent, Healthy Lifestyle Choice

This is a recommendation I regularly give to patients, especially if they’re feeling chronically stressed or anxious. It’s a simple step, yet so powerful. It’s getting outside and connecting with nature!

This may seem like a peculiar “health and happiness” recommendation to make! But, this was a vital component when I needed to re-create overall balance, happiness and health in my life following a very stressful period. For me, the outdoors is one of the critical pieces to the puzzle. Regardless of where you live and what time of the year it is, I feel it’s a necessary component of balanced living for all of us.

I don’t believe we were intended to live in the captivity of our workplaces, cars, shopping malls and homes. We are part of nature – part of the entire ecosystem. In my opinion, we need to stay connected to it in order to achieve overall balance. Personally, I thrive when I get outside every single day. Easier said than done when it’s insanely cold and miserable out!

I’d say it’s well worth my effort though. I notice that my thinking is clearer, I have more energy and a much better attitude when I do this. Fresh air is healing and energizing, as is natural light. Our bodies and minds don’t function at their optimal levels in stale, indoor air and artificial lighting, day in and day out.

I do as much as I can outside: I take the kids out for play time, exercise and meals. We’ve done plenty of home school lessons while sitting outside. I do my morning rituals out on the dock in the spring through fall. I read outside when I get the chance. As often as possible I do my cardio exercise outside. I actually like the widely varying weather conditions that Michigan provides!

On days that it’s too dangerous to exercise outside, or just too miserable to do much of anything outside, I have a quick little routine I do. I step out onto our deck, look up at the big pine trees next to me and take a few deep breaths of fresh air as I do some nice lengthening stretches. I look up at the sky, look out at the lake… take another deep breath as I appreciate all the natural beauty. Then I run inside! I can even recall a couple times when I just opened the window to do this routine. Must have been pretty cold!

In those glorious spring, summer and fall months, the benefits of the outdoors are obvious. Sunshine offers the healing benefits of light itself, as well as vitamin D. We also tend to exercise and stay more active during these months. We eat outside, work outside and play outside. Fair weather fans, we are! The crisp air of winter has a unique blessing of its own – not much else can invigorate you so quickly! Plus, frozen nostrils just remind you how alive you are, don’t they?!

Action Step:

Make the effort to get outside and connect with nature every single day. If (you think) your only chance to get outside is while you’re rushing to and from your car during your busy routine, then allow at least 30 extra seconds in your routine to stop the craziness and connect with nature in some small way. Look up at a tree, listen to the birds, feel the breeze or smell a flower.

Another one of my “but-I’m-so-busy” favorites is to crack the window in the car while sitting at a stop light and just look around you at the sky and the trees. Yes, I’m still paying attention to the traffic conditions! The sky is different every single day – even when it’s gray! Take some deep breaths and soak it all in.

You are becoming a fully balanced, completely healthy human being! Enjoy the process!

Until next time, Be Happy, Be Well and Smile!

"Tipping the Velvet" Is First Alternative Lifestyle Film With an Educational Message – Part 2

Tipping the Velvet – 4 Stars (Excellent)

What makes Tipping the Velvet an excellent film is its talented cast with a great presentation, and it has a life-changing, meaningful message by a lesbian about innocence, desire, passion, betrayal, empathy, change, independence, resourcefulness, vision, love and happiness while retaining a sense of self-worth and self-esteem.

It is incredibly unusual to see an alternative lifestyle film with a happy ending.

I review controversial films because they are ultimately about relationships and relationships are the foundation of our lives.

As I grow older I understand that the most important things in my life have nothing to do with money or material things, and everything to do with my relationships involving my wife, my children, my grandchildren, extended family and friends. What matters over the long haul is the well-being of people, not whether we agree or disagree with their lifestyle choices.

The BBC has done a tremendous service in bringing this movie to television with the quality of a BBC broadcast that includes great writing, great sound, great cinematography, great direction and a great cast.

Based on Sarah Waters’ acclaimed debut novel, Tipping the Velvet was adapted by Andrew Davies, an Emmy award-winning British screenwriter who has also written “Doctor Zhivago”, “Bridget Jone’s Diary”, “Sense and Sensibility”, “Vanity Fair” and “Pride and Prejudice”. Davies is a very talented heavyweight.

Tipping the Velvet tells the story of Nan Ashley (Rachael Starling, the real life daughter of Diana Rigg) who shucks oysters and serves customers at her father’s seaside restaurant in Victorian England during the 1890’s.

Nan’s mundane life turns upside down when she sees an extraordinary performance by an attractive traveling male impersonator named Kitty Butler (Keeley Haws). Nan’s innocent interest is fueled when she is asked by Kitty to become her dresser while she is performing in Whitstable.

When Kitty is recruited by Walter Bliss (John Bowe), and heads to London to become a big time entertainer, she invites Nan to accompany her as her dresser. Nan falls in love with Kitty, joins her act as a performer and ultimately the two become secret lovers. For Nan the relationship is euphoric and her happiness real until she returns from a vacation trip home and discovers that Kitty and her manager Walter have become lovers and are to marry.

Nan’s initial innocence and desire are now confronted by betrayal and rejection. Despite being devastated, Nan awakes from her stupor and asserts her independence by walking the streets of London disguised as a young man for hire, performing oral sex so she can survive. When she is assaulted, Nan is rescued by a rich widow who gives her every comfort in exchange for lesbian sex. Nan becomes a prisoner and slave to her passions for pleasing and being pleased.

Eventually there is a tiff and the widow, Diana Leathaby (Anna Chancellor), throws Nan out, where she is left penniless and alone to fend for herself with nothing but the clothes on her back. Despite her misfortune, Nan vows to survive. Nan now learns the plight of those in need and turns for help to the only person she can remember, Florence Banner (Jodhi May), who she had met earlier in better days.

Florence and the brother Ralph Banner (Hugh Bonneville) reluctantly take in the battered and exhausted Nan for a night, but Nan is determined to change her ways. She becomes resourceful in convincing Florence and Ralph that she can clean, cook, and watch the baby that the Banners are raising.

Nan’s vision is to make herself so indispensable that she will remain welcome in the Banner home despite her 7-year journey from innocence to unbridled passion to debauchery, recovery and finally well-being and acceptance. Ultimately Nan and Florence fall in love. Then Kitty returns to Nan’s life once again when Kitty, wishing to resume her torrid relationship with Nan, learns that Nan is back performing on stage.

Nan is then forced to decide between the attractive, passionate Kitty and the more loyal, loving Florence. For once, Nan makes a wise choice in staying with Florence, finding the love and happiness she wanted but had never possessed. The ending is what makes Tipping the Velvet an excellent movie. When all is said and done, Nan and Florence survive in their relationship as well-adjusted adults who find each other and continue living with their self-esteem and self-worth intact.

Other than a few awards from lesbian theater groups, Tipping the Velvet was ignored by the critics, and especially Hollywood. This is why I write reviews, to separate the wheat from the chaff and recognize substance in film making wherever it exists.

The more knowledge and understanding we have of people, races, cultures, mores and lifestyles, the sooner we come to understand that we are all connected. We tend to value acceptance and tolerance only when it is taken from us. “Too often we enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.” John F. Kennedy said it, and I believe it.

And what does “tipping the velvet” mean? See the movie, not to find out what tipping the velvet means but because it is an excellent film on alternative lifestyles. Support films that increase understanding and acceptance.

(Editor’s Note: This is Part 2 of a 2-Part Review.)

Copyright © 2007 Ed Bagley