The Problem With "Remedies" To Lower Blood Pressure

Many people are searching for natural alternatives to prescription drugs for lower blood pressure. And rightly so; blood pressure medications are among the most frequently prescribed drugs and yet they are also responsible for some of the most numerous and unpleasant side effects. What’s more, they are not as effective as previously believed and some types have even been shown to be dangerous, actually increasing the risk of stroke and diabetes.

Of course, blood pressure drugs can be lifesavers when all else has failed but they should be a treatment of last resort instead of the routine treatment that they are.

So it’s very understandable that people turn to the Internet in search of natural options. There you will find all manner of natural remedies, herbs, supplements, “superfoods” and “miracle” formulas. These range from the practical and sensible to outright quackery. But do any of them really lower high blood pressure… and in a meaningful and lasting way?

Sadly, it’s extremely unlikely that any single remedy or method is going to make a significant difference. The reason is that high blood pressure is a complex condition with numerous causes, many of them still unknown. In fact, doctors estimate that the cause is a mystery in up to 90% of hypertension cases. And if you don’t know the cause how can you identify the solution?

For example, taking magnesium is widely touted as an effective natural way to lower blood pressure. The fact is that, yes, it can be very effective… if you happen to be deficient in magnesium. That’s because too much sodium or too little magnesium in your diet upsets the natural balance of these minerals, which raises your blood pressure. Taking a magnesium supplement is a good way to correct the imbalance and lower your blood pressure.

So magnesium is a very cause-specific remedy. It will have little or no effect on your blood pressure if its origin is something other than this specific mineral imbalance.

Beetroot juice is another very timely example of a natural remedy enjoying a lot of media hype. It’s getting loads of coverage as a “superfood” that beats (no pun intended) high blood pressure. Beetroot contains nitrates that are converted in the mouth to nitrite, which can temporarily lower blood pressure. But many other foods, as well as drinking water and our own saliva, contain nitrates. Aside from the fact that the method and cost of consuming beetroot juice is totally impractical for the true level of benefit it can offer, you’re not likely to get much out of it at all if you eat a balanced diet including nitrate-rich foods. That’s because your high blood pressure will not be a result of a lack of nitrite in your body.

This specificity is, in fact, the shortcoming in most blood pressure remedies, including drugs. Each class of blood pressure drug targets a specific cause or mechanism behind high blood pressure. Diuretics and not beta-blockers, for instance, are the best treatment for hypertension caused by excess sodium and fluid in the body. Any doctor will tell you that determining the right drug and dosage for each particular patient can be a frustrating process of trial and error.

And this is exactly what most people experience with natural remedies as well. Out of the masses of people who try them there will always be raving reports from the few who were “cured” by this or that. But finding one that will work for you is not much different from taking shots in the dark. So is it all just a waste of time and, very often, money? Are there no natural remedies you can rely on?

The answer is yes, and it’s called lifestyle.

Many doctors admit that up to 95% of high blood pressure cases can be treated successfully with lifestyle changes. (So why they still insist on writing prescriptions immediately upon diagnosis is a good question!) The sensible approach to natural blood pressure control is simply a varied diet of quality, whole foods, regular moderate exercise, weight control and all the other elements of a healthy lifestyle. It’s a well-known prescription and if you need more advice there’s plenty of it available free on the web.

Benefiting from lifestyle doesn’t require draconian action. For example, sometimes losing just a small amount of weight or changing your diet can make a dramatic difference in your blood pressure.

There are also a number of lifestyle-related practices that can benefit blood pressure in a general way in contrast to the majority of remedies that only work in specific, limited cases. These include any effective form of relaxation and stress relief as well as a promising new method called slow breathing, to which up to 82% of participants responded in clinical trials.

So instead of trawling the Internet for each new “miracle” cure that comes along you’re better off investing your time in learning about healthy lifestyle, stress relief and slow breathing. Contrary to what many people may fear, it doesn’t require becoming a saint or health fanatic.

Zoegetics and Zoe Life Health Drink Review

Zoegetics or Zoe Lifestyle is a Georgia based network marketing company that according to their

website “provides high quality products for the well being of today’s families”.

Their website looks clean and modern and they have Facebook and Twitter accounts clearly on their page so they are very much into social media.

Zoegetics products

Zoe Lifestyle products are available through their exclusive network so you can’t find them in stores, which is naturally good for their representatives.

Their main product is Zoe Life which is an all-natural powdered drink mix. According to their website it is made up of 20 real fruits and vegetables. It is sweetened with Stevia.

The product sounds like an excellent health product and definitely something we could all need to make us feel better and healthier.

They have lots of new products coming up, such as products for weight management, products for kids and seniors, shampoo etc.

They say on their website that Zoe Lifestyle has partnered with one of the world largest natural products manufacturers. They don’t give more details about this though.

Zoe Lifestyle also offers personal insurance program to supplement your current insurance plans.

Zoegetics donates part of it’s profits to charity.


They provide weekly training for their reps via conference calls and webinars.

Compensation plan

I wasn’t able to find detailed information of Zoegetics compensation plan, but it is something called trinity plan which uses binary system for distibutors to grow their business.

If you are interested about health based network marketing companies Zoegetics seems to fit into that category very well and is worth checking.

It is a relatively new company so that can be a big plus for distributors as everything new always creates more curiosity.

When a new rep is signing up they seem to offer two options; either Option one, which is $69.95 or Option 2 which is $497.00. These numbers can of course change in the future.

They also mention that to remain active in the Zoegetics compensation plan you need to remain on the autoship program.

The biggest problem for Zoegetics reps might be Internet marketing. If you are used to face to face marketing then it’s not a problem, but if you plan to market online you need to have additional training for that, unless you are already familiar with Internet marketing. You should also brand yourself to differentiate yourself from

other Zoegetics reps.

For me, the biggest problem with MLM is the whole concept of Multi Level Marketing. You need to build a huge organization to make substantial income.

Personally, building a organization of thousands of people to make $5000-$10000 doesn’t sound realistic. I know there are people who make good money from MLM, but it takes either a lot of time or very good marketing skills to achieve that level of success.

There is also a question of market saturation. There are so many health products available that it is doubtful that they all find their niche in the marketplace.

Keeping Your Skin Young And Supple

It is not uncommon for women to feel panicky when they look in the mirror and find that signs of aging have invaded their otherwise flawless complexion. More often than not, women feel the need to stop the aging process of their skin through the use of anti aging treatments and products.

If you are one of those women who are already a little bit past the prime of your life and is getting really worried about the wrinkles on your skin, you might want to use the Alicia Stanton anti aging treatment to help your skin look younger. According to experts, with the help of the Alicia Stanton anti aging treatment and the Alicia Stanton anti aging products, you can easily keep you skin supple and younger looking without having to spend a fortune.

How Lifestyle Affects The Aging Process

The Alicia Stanton anti aging products revitalizes you inside and outside. According to the principles espoused by the people behind the Alicia Stanton anti aging products, you need to combine a balance diet with your anti aging treatment. They believe that the aging process is often hastened by the kind of lifestyle that a person have.

In most cases, people who smoke and do not eat a proper diet often look older than they actually are. Given this scenario, the people behind the Alicia Stanton anti aging product believe that reversing the aging process could not be possible without a change in the lifestyle of the of the person. Once the person switches to a healthier lifestyle, with the help of the Alicia Stanton anti aging products, looking younger can be just a piece of cake.

Changing Your Lifestyle

If you are really serious about reclaiming your youthful look, you must resolve to change a few things in your life. The first thing that you will have to give up is smoking. The nicotine will not do your skin any good. Besides, the constant puffing on cigarettes can discolour your teeth and damage your gums. Note that discoloured teeth can make you look even older. The next thing that you will have to give is alcoholic drinks. A glass of wine a day is good but excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks will make your skin and your hair look dry and lifeless. Instead of drinking alcoholic beverages, switch to fruit juices and drink plenty of water. Fruit juice and plenty of water will help hydrate your skin and make it look younger.

Vegan Cooking Basics

In recent years, the vegan lifestyle has caught on in everyday, mainstream society for a number of reasons. Many people simply believe it is a more ethical way of living in terms of reducing cruelty to animals raised in modern, mass-production agricultural systems. Others point out its environmental benefits, noting that a plant-based diet generally consumes fewer natural resources and leads to less pollution (from feed lots, dairy farms, etc.). Still others do it for the health benefits, as the vegan diet has been shown to be a lifestyle that is easier on the heart, and can reduce many types of disease associated with the traditional Western diet.

While being vegan can be a beneficial and healthy lifestyle, most vegans do not want to completely forgo all the foods they once loved. This can mean eating a vegan Boca “cheeseburger” or making a faux “pepperoni” pizza once in a while. And, of course, there are the desserts, because who wants to live without their favorite treats?

Natural food stores and even vegan bakeries have popped up all over the country. If you’re a lucky vegan, there’s a tasty store or bakery near you where you can grab a cupcake, muffin, or cookie when you get a craving for sweets. Sometimes though, you just want to be able to bake up some chocolate chip cookies in your home and eat them warm and fresh out of the oven with your favorite non-dairy beverage. And really, who doesn’t like it when their home smells like sugar cookies or chocolate cake?

When it comes to vegan baking, there are some easy parts, and then there are the trickier elements. Of course, you can easily substitute any milk a recipe calls for with your non-dairy beverage of choice. I’ve had a lot of success with Silk soy milk in baking, although some people prefer to use almond, hemp, or rice milk. I find that plain soy milk has a consistency and flavor that doesn’t detract from the taste of baked goods, but that is a matter of personal preference, and most non-dairy choices will work perfectly fine.

The next ingredient that vegans often replace in traditional baking is butter. The simple substitution there is vegan margarine or shortening. My favorite brand to use is Earth Balance, and I find the whipped variety works best to make treats light and fluffy. It also seems to work better when it is slightly cold to begin with (not melted down or at room temperature). I’ve also had good luck with Spectrum non-hydrogenated vegetable shortening. Again, any type of vegan margarine or shortening will typically work well.

Flour is straightforward. Some vegan bakers opt to use whole wheat pastry flour in part, or all, of their recipes. This does give treats more fiber, but it typically also gives them a heavier, denser taste, and makes things a bit drier. I recommend substituting only half of a recipe’s flour with whole wheat pastry, but if you’re a die-hard-no-white-flour type of vegan, then go with what makes you happy.

Then there’s sugar. This is a controversial topic for some vegans. Some sugar is bleached in a process that uses animal bi-products. If this is something that concerns you, you may want to do some research or contact the sugar manufacturer in question. I avoid this dilemma in my baking by using dehydrated cane juice. You can get it in the bulk section of many natural food stores, and it has a nice, fine texture and it is less processed than traditional white sugar.

And how could we discuss vegan baking without mentioning the eggs? Egg substitution can be the trickiest part of vegan baking. If you want to go for a quick fix when trying to “veganize” a traditional recipe, buy Ener-g Egg Replacer off of the shelf of your natural market. If you follow the directions on the box exactly, substituting eggs in most recipes for baked goods will go fairly well. And the newbie vegan baker is in luck, because many people have done the homework for you. The Post Punk Kitchen has some great recommendations for when and how to use egg replacers such as soy yogurt, bananas, and silken tofu. It’s a great resource.

Another direction that I often take is to find tested, proven vegan recipes that don’t necessarily call for a complicated egg substitution. There are amazing recipes out there that somehow just work without the eggs. Who knew it could be done? There’s nothing complicated about many of these recipes–except maybe trying to keep your kids or roommates from eating all the cookie dough. Good luck with vegan baking, and making the world a happier place one vegan treat at a time!

What Exactly Is Health Care? Get a Physician Perspective

So the term healthcare is used over and over again. What does that mean? What does that mean to you? There are so many variations of this definition and depending on the source of whom you are speaking with. Some would say healthcare is disease prevention. Some would say it’s managing disease such as diabetes or high cholesterol. Some would say its access to a doctor or provider.

Health by definition is a state of being injury or illness free.

Heath care as defined by Websters dictionary states “the preservation of health by the treatment and prevention of disease by trained and licensed professionals.”

In the pursuit of health- the state of being injury or illness free, we think that this should be looked at as a goal. This goal of health in reality is a moving target. Our bodies are bombarded daily from viruses, bacteria, social pressures, psychological pressures, just to name a few. With so many forces working to impede health, we want to maximize our internal resources to keep us free from injury and illness. Health to us is finding a balance. If we look at the human landscape, there are three major components that comprise us- the body, the mind, and the spirit. If anyone of these three basic components are overpowering the other or lacking, then the achievement of health will fall short. Lets use an example-

Ronnie is a exercise machine. He works out 5-6 times per week, eats a very clean, non processed diet, drinks plenty of water, and tries to sleep adequately to feel refreshed. Most of us on initial impression would equate this person as a “healthy” person. However, at home, Ronnie has been having difficulty communicating with his wife, who feels he exercises too much and alienates the family. The more difficulty Ronnie has at home, he goes to his safe zone of the gym to release tension. This cycle continues to build. The stress at home continues to build. Ronnie is physically fit, but mentally is exhausted. This illustration example shows that truly to be free of illness and injury we need to look at all aspects to be truly healthy.

We believe that the pursuit of health (balance of the body, mind, and spirit) is grounded in the components of wellness- Health,   Lifestyle , and Education. We feel that when incorporating these components into your life, then you can truly attain “health”.

So what is healthcare then? Is it going to the doctor to get advice? Is it seeing a counselor to discuss life stressors? Is it reading books and articles regarding  lifestyle  choices? Answer- ALL of the above. We need to look at healthcare from a different lens. Many people that I see in the office view healthcare in the form of doctors visits. These visits are based upon a recent illness or injury. Most folks are trying to get advice in how they can feel better. I would argue that treating an injury or illness is not healthcare. I call this sick care. Sick care is just one component of why I chose medicine as a profession, to help those that are ill or injured. It seems that this for most folks equates into healthcare. What about the times between illness and injury? What are the resources and plans that people are doing to PREVENT illness or injury. In the world of business, there is a notion to be PRO active, rather than reactive. Be the person that starts the trend, not follows it. That is my goal for the patients that I see.

I have patients that have diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol who for various reasons are on medication to help control these diseases. I check there numbers on a quarterly basis and many have achieved the status of having “controlled” numbers. My patients feel better, have no symptoms from their respective disease processes, and are happy that the blood tests reflect their hard work. Have they achieved health however? To me, NO.

Beyond the prescriptions that help maintain disease, we still need to address  Lifestyle  and Education to help these patients.  Lifestyle  choices are so important- the type of nutrition we take in, exercising our bodies, keeping our minds fresh, learning effective techniques for stress reduction are all critical. Education is the one component that goes overlooked in many offices. Doctors I feel are mostly to blame here. We all try to give advice and hope that our patients are listening. The question is whether they remember the advice given. Our practice writes down in detail and in non-medical jargon, plans for each patient. Our hope is that the patient will actually read what we wrote and keep our summaries like a cookbook of entries. Over time, we hope that their cookbook of entries gives them a knowledge base for making educated decisions.

So what is healthcare? It’s the pursuit of maintaining an illness or injury free life by incorporating a balance of the body, the mind, the spirit, through  lifestyle  choices and education.

Top 10 Benefits of Male Chastity

Many people find the concept of male chastity fun and exciting. This is particularly true if the male partner is somewhat submissive or the female partner is somewhat dominant. But, it’s not only for couples in those kinds of relationships. In fact, it can benefit almost any heterosexual relationship.

Male chastity is not just fun and games – there are real benefits to the male chastity lifestyle.

Because the topic is so personal, often those interested fear ridicule and embarrassment so, many of their questions go unasked. Just check out a forum or two where someone dared to ask a question about male chastity…”weirdo, whack job, pervert, sicko…” are often the unkind comments returned. It is a personal choice in life, like anything else and can be discussed sensibly like anything else. That’s why I want to take some time today to write about the top 10 benefits of male chastity – for those who are to shy to ask about being under loving lock and key.

1. It stops your man from wasting his time and libido masturbating. If you are in a relationship, all of his sexual energy should be directed at you. It should not be wasted on him touching himself and thinking about other women. As long as he can masturbate, he is psychologically cheating on you – and lying to you by default.

2. Your sex life will improve. Because he’ll have to please you in order to get his release, he’ll become a more experimental and better lover. You will have more orgasms per week than you’ve ever had before.

3. Your relationship will become stronger. Male chastity encourages open and honest communication about each other’s needs. This is an incredible benefit for any couple, and why male chastity can help any couple improve their natural bonding.

4. His orgasms will improve. As long as he can masturbate regularly, he is taking action that desensitizes his penis. Once he is on a more normal ejaculation schedule, his penis will become more sensitive and his orgasms will become stronger.

5. You will never have to worry about him cheating on you. Face it – most men, no matter how much they love their wives, can’t turn down an attractive, sexy woman. Male chastity makes it impossible for him to act on these urges, so you are helping him remain faithful.

6. The romance will come back into your relationship. As long as he knows he can have sex with you any time he wants, there’s no reason for him to romance you. That’s why the romance stopped after you got married. By limiting his sexual access to you, you’ll train him to be the romantic lover he was when you were still dating.

7. You’ll never have to perform oral sex on him again. Of course, you can if you want to; but he’ll be quite happy with any sort of release, and certainly never bother you to do it for him.

8. Your friends will compliment you on what a wonderful, attentive husband you have. They will be so jealous of your strong, committed relationship.

9. He’ll become much more helpful around the house. Knowing that the only way he can get the release his body craves so badly is by pleasing you, he’ll actually volunteer to do the dishes, clean the bathroom and make the bed every morning. Won’t that be nice?

10. He’ll feel better about himself. Most men are ashamed that they masturbate so often (usually seven to 15 times a weeks! Ewww!). But, they are slaves to their libido and can’t help themselves. It’s an addiction. Mostly it makes them feel like little boys who can’t control themselves. Once he no longer is able to give into the temptation to masturbate, he’ll feel proud of his self-control and behave more like a grown-up man who releases his sexuality into his wife, instead of down the shower drain.

Those are just the top 10 benefits of the male chastity lifestyle. While male chastity may not be for everyone – many couples find it to be the perfect solution to relationship woes and bedroom boredom!

Type 2 Diabetes – The Benefits From a More Physically Active Lifestyle Are Important for Diabetics

In the modern-day, everyone knows physical activity is essential. While it is true, many people overlook or underestimate its importance, at the very least it is well-understood exercising is important. Perhaps what more people need is a greater understanding of the merits. If it were understood just how conducive it is to a healthier and ultimately more fulfilling life, we are sure there would be a rise in the number of people exercising on a regular basis.

1. The Big Benefits. Fitness offers many benefits, some of which we will briefly discuss. If anything, it helps make you feel better about yourself. There is something therapeutic about exercising, and this is something any regularly active individual could confirm. It doesn’t mean you need to spend every spare moment in exercise classes or suddenly begin jogging ten miles. The known benefits are better blood sugar control and loss of weight, so what you are aiming for is a healthy level of physical fitness.

2. Obesity. Obesity, especially the type characterized by abdominal fat, is one of the criteria for the metabolic syndrome, and most people with Type 2 diabetes are overweight in this way. High levels of stress are associated with being obese but overeating is also responsible and being physically inactive is certainly part of it.

It is exceedingly rare to find anyone at a healthy level of physical fitness, not at a healthy weight.

3. Fitness. It goes without saying exercise helps you lose weight, primarily through caloric expenditure. But a physically active lifestyle also improves your fitness – which mostly comes down to the efficiency and vitality of your cardiovascular system.

The integrity of your cardiovascular system and the health of your heart are undoubtedly crucial to your well-being. A physically active lifestyle improves your fitness and in turn, your overall health.

4. Lifestyle Changes. A physically active lifestyle is what it sounds like – a way of living richly in physical activity. It is ultimately a change in your way of life, and of course, it’s for the better.

If you are currently sedentary, it will likely take several lifestyle changes to get you back on track. Less TV time, fewer smartphone distractions, and more time spent working to normalize your weight by good eating habits and exercise.

5. It Is Your Life. You only have one life to live. Becoming physically active is one of the best decisions you can make in regards to your health. It will help…

  • control high blood sugar,
  • prevent high blood pressure,
  • reduce high levels of particular fats, and
  • reduce obesity.

And it will help you feel better about life, giving you a hop in your step.

Will you benefit from a more physically active lifestyle? The answer is a resounding yes, and in more ways than one.

Women’s Wallets – Different Styles for Different Lifestyles

When a woman changes handbags the first thing she does is grab the wallet out of the first one and put it in the second. It’s important that a wallet be roomy, compact, versatile and organized. Fortunately there are many types of women’s wallets and each woman can choose the ones that will work best for her and her lifestyle. Or if you’re thinking about a gift for your mom, sister, significant other or even a friend, consider their personality before making your selection.

Credit Card Wallet: Some women don’t like to carry cash or a checkbook. They buy everything using credit cards. All they need is someplace to keep the cards safe and organized. Or some women find it practical to have one wallet for cards and a separate one for cash and/or a checkbook. She can carry them both in a purse or just take one depending on the occasion.

Checkbook Wallets: While most of the world has become increasingly card-centered, some women still need to have a checkbook handy. The best way to carry a checkbook is in a checkbook wallet. A good one will have a compartment where the checkbook will be protected as well as slots for credit cards and a drivers license. There might also be a space for a pen as well so you don’t have to rummage around or ask to borrow one when it’s time to write a check.

Fabric Wallets: A fabric wallet is fun. You can get them in all sorts of colors and patterns. They can coordinate with your purse, your outfit, or your mood. Fabric wallets tend not to last as long as old fashioned leather wallets but some people don’t want things to last forever. While some women will carry the same wallet for years, others enjoy a change. Moving the credit cards and ID’s to a new wallet might seem like a reasonable thing to do on birthdays, holidays and major sale days. It can be a pleasure if the destination is an exciting new wallet in the latest designer fabric.

Travel Wallets: A travel wallet has a lot of work to do. A woman who travels internationally is going to need her passport, plane tickets and boarding passes within easy reach. A good travel wallet will provide designated spaces for each of these as well as for a drivers license and credit cards. A nice touch is two or more separate compartments for different currencies.

Clutch Wallets: A pretty clutch wallet can carry all the essentials. It can be tucked into a purse during the day and can be used as a clutch purse for an evening on the town. A clutch wallet is designed to be seen.

Coin Wallets: Coins can add immeasurably to the clutter in purses and pocket. Unless coins are kept someplace secure they have an unfortunate tendency to fall out of things and scatter and roll around. A coin wallet with a good snap enclosure that coins can’t slip past is good. A zipper is even better.

A wallet is not just a practical essential – it is often seen as a fashion accessory. There are so many types of women’s wallets so each woman can find one that is large enough or small enough, with more cash or card space, made of leather or fabric. Choose the one that’s right for you. Or buy one as a gift for someone special.

Type 2 Diabetes – Healthy Eating Is a Lifestyle Change

How familiar are you with healthy eating? We all know what the term applies to. And we can all agree we could eat better than we do now. The fact of the matter is we are all familiar with healthy eating to some extent. So it is usually an excuse when we say we do not know how to change our food choices or where we need to start in altering our eating plan, even if we must.

Type 2 diabetes and obesity do not care about your lack of expertise or your choice to remain passive. These two health issues can hit, and often the impact is rough. Consider this a warning if you are not currently a Type 2 diabetic or overweight generally or perhaps just around the abdominal area. It doesn’t matter if you see these health issues coming or not – they strike hard, and it would take a fair amount of time and effort to treat them successfully.

With that said, we want to focus on healthy eating. Even though the term is widely understood, it lacks in practice in the general population. How many people do you know actively practicing healthy eating? Forget those who try a new diet or eating plan as part of their New Year’s resolutions. Fad diets, or what we like to call temporary diets, are not solutions. They are temporary fixes at best. An overzealous diet is not what we consider healthy eating.

Rather, healthy eating is a lifestyle change. It is a commitment to better health, and it usually starts in the kitchen. There is no avoiding it. If you want to…

  • lose weight,
  • lower your blood sugar, or
  • improve your overall health,

you need to start cooking the right meals and eat the correct quantities. Gone are the days where you can microwave a prepared packaged meal or set an oven timer for a commercial frozen product. While you can still do these things on occasion, you need to be preparing your meals yourself most of the time for the best results. Then you will know the exact content and quantities.

Cooking takes time and we are not all enthusiastic about it. But who said it has to be complicated? Find your staple foods and mix them together…

  • vegetables and whole-wheat pasta are easy to cook.
  • most meats and proteins are quickly cooked on a stove. And a
  • slow cooker is incredibly efficient, so use one when you can.

Also, why not cook your meals for the entire week on a Sunday? Set aside a few hours and finish all of your weekly cooking at once. Separate cooked portions into Tupperware containers for each day of the week.

Healthy eating is essential, whether we like it or not. There is no avoiding it if we are to be in good shape and ultimately live a long, healthy life.

Beauty, Health, and Lifestyle Choices

Beauty is something that everyone loves. We all love to look our best when it comes to either going out with your friends, your job, or even just simply because you want to look your best all of the time. Beauty is one of the most common things in the world because it’s a language that many people can speak and share with one another. Most of the time we hate to say it, but it’s women because they always come up with the latest and greatest styles on the market. There is absolutely nothing guys can do about it except envy them for it because they always look their best even when they aren’t trying to. It’s just their common nature. Now I’m here to discuss what types of cosmetics and hottest trends will make you the most beautiful in the way you want them to be.

One question on everybody’s minds is “How do you do this, but stay on an affordable budget and why do people do it?”I can tell you that people do it because they always want to stay hip and young and stay in the game with the younger generations. A huge thing people do is to be something that they’re not and then when they try to act like it, they feel insecure and terrible on the inside that they’re doing it in the first place. The other question is how do you stay on a affordable budget and still get the accessories, cosmetics, and fashion items that you want?I’ll tell you that you should count the amount of money you have and divide it up evenly and make sure your not going over your budget at all. I always found that if I’m going to buy a product I should look how much it is and how much I have in my pocket.

Another huge key element is if you feel comfortable with what your doing to yourself and if it makes you feel bad or not? When it comes to beauty, you always want to get what makes you feel comfortable and if you like the way you look then you need to just go with your first instinct. If you ever see celebrities on TV and like the ad and want the product that they are advertising and it is too much for you and out of your budget, than what you could do is find a similar product, but cheaper than the original that was on TV. If you do it that way you could possibly end up saving money and getting more things that you wanted and by following the same process. Well sure they won’t be the same exact products as you wanted, but they will be very similar to each other.

Another thing that a lot of people worry about is their age. As a matter of fact your age has nothing to do with it and no matter what age you are you can always turn yourself around and find the greatest fashions in your own age group. There are plenty of older people that look great and keep track of themselves very well. It doesn’t matter how old or how young you are, but the biggest factor is your health and how well you take care of yourself. A lot of people think though that women are always the more stylish ones, but that’s actually true, but believe me there are plenty of stylish guys out there as well, but women we have to hand it over to you because you guys always do look the best whenever we are around you, so are hats are off to you on this. Things though that can make a difference are like some exercise 3-4 times a week or even 60 minutes a day, and the biggest thing to improve your look are cosmetics and those can make you look so much better, but it also depends on the products that your putting on yourself. Basically in so many words what you want to do with the things you get are yours to mess around with. Another important factor is the way you take care of yourself. No matter what age you are, you should always take care of your body and make sure nothing bad happens to it.