Everything Worthwhile Takes A Lot of Work

If you see a person who has acquired something of value such as wealth, good health, a toned body, a great disposition or an inspiring lifestyle, understand that she has put in a lot of efforts. Rewarding things don’t simply happen. They happen because someone does something once, correct if it is a mistake, do it differently or do it again and repeats the process until she gets the result that she wants.

Most people are lazy. They want a great life but they don’t like to do things. They don’t believe in goal setting, can’t make their own decisions, won’t plan their days and worst, don’t want to take action. But they complain about how their life sucks and how they wish things were different.

So if you wish to advance and achieve worthwhile goals, you will have start thinking, learning, reading, planning and doing. This takes time and self-discipline. You need to make some sacrifices like limiting your television viewing and restricting other unproductive activities.

Great efforts bring outstanding results while a small amount of work brings about mediocre outcomes. This is obvious but many people still wish and hope for things to happen without trying hard.

You have to get over your wishful thinking and start developing a different mindset and cultivating productive worthwhile habits. Do something every day even if you don’t feel like doing it. Do anything that will bring you nearer to the things that you wish to acquire.

Read, listen, think, write, do and repeat all over again. It’s a lot of work but it’s worth it.

Dick Cheney’s New Book: ‘In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir’

A Deeper Look at the Controlling Personality.

I’m a daily reader of USA Today, a wonderful newspaper. Susan Page, a USA Today writer, wrote a long, informative piece on Dick Cheney after interviewing him at his home this past week. Her article piqued my interest in his book and in Cheney, the person, too. So I went over to the online issue of the Washington Post to read a review by Robert G Kaiser of Cheney’s memoir “In My Time.” Kaiser’s piece not only reviewed what was in the book but remarked on what Cheney had left out. Which turned out to be some pretty significant stuff. Also, there’ve been replies this week from Colin Powell and Condoleeza Rice basically “calling Cheney out” for mentioning incidents involving them that they insist never took place. Interesting.

All of these pieces and others I’ve read this week focus on Cheney’s political and government roles over his last 40 years. They also detail various consequences that have come from his involvement. As they should, because those views have important political and historical value. But, as you know, what fascinates me is the, “The Deeper Look.”

A Deeper Look.

From the time years ago when Cheney came to Washington right through this past week, Cheney has been described with the following words, not by just a few observers but by many: hardnosed, critical, combative, unapologetic, blaming, aggressive, manipulative, defensive, distrustful, and hypocritical. Out of the four major personalities we talk about on this blog, these words would only be used to describe the exaggerated Control style. You’ll see why if you read on.

There are four major personality types: Comfort, Pleasing, Control, and Superiority. (1) Comfort people are passive; Cheney’s active. (2) Pleasing people cooperate with others; they want to please. Cheney is aggressively competitive. (3) Superiority people are focused on “knowing;” they seek all of the facts about an issue. Cheney doesn’t. (I hasten to say that Cheney’s second strong style (we all have two) is Superiority. We know that because he’s an expert in his chosen subjects, he sets heavy goals and accomplishes them and he’s persistent. This is a partial description of Superiority. But, when “knowing” threatens his Control over a situation, his Control wins out.)

It’s clear, then, from Cheney’s answers to questions, in interviews, press conferences and now in his book that he behaves like a true exaggerated Controller.

*** Please Note: Controlling people who are balanced possess many great qualities that we see in action every day. These qualities benefit everybody the Controller comes in contact with. Think: Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Colin Powell among many others. We’re talking here only about the extremely exaggerated Controlling type.

So, what are some of the Controller’s deeply held beliefs?

  1. I’m right
  2. Because I’m right, it’s my responsibility to tell others what to do and how to do it.
  3. Others should listen to me.
  4. I should control myself, the situations I’m in and others to get the result I want.
  5. I can’t trust others.
  6. I must be in charge.
  7. I don’t have to listen.

So, you can see right away that if you believe as the Controller does, it would be second-nature to use a variety of behaviors (defenses) to make sure things go your way simply because you believe you’re right and others should do it your way.

Some of the defenses Cheney has used throughout his career were resurrected again this week in talk about his career and his book. Here’s a sample of the behaviors I’m talking about.

  1. Ignoring questions, facts, or issues.
  2. Excusing himself from various responsibilities.
  3. Aggressively blaming others for negative results in situations that he set up.
  4. Arguing aggressively, even with the Presidents he served, instead of listening and understanding.
  5. Criticizing others repeatedly, even those in the Republican Party and other fellow Bush administration officials.
  6. Using black/white reasoning and aggressive talk instead of understanding a full range of choices including a middle ground.
  7. Behaving impulsively; making reactive decisions.
  8. Using silence to gain an advantage over others who are more open.

There are some important things to understand about a person who has this personality:

  1. The Controller cannot completely appraise a situation because he’s hampered by his own beliefs (see above). Instead, he shuts others out to gain the power he wants. In other words, power is more important to him than creatively solving the problems at hand.

    • (Wow, I mean think about it, just between you and me, isn’t it really preposterous of anyone to think that he/she is always “right.” Hey, what about the rest of us out here; don’t we know anything?)
  2. Even though powerful people look confident, often they have low self-esteem and are short on skills. I believe this describes Cheney.
    • We see this lack of skills when Cheney is confronted with important facts (the reality) that he doesn’t want to hear. He simply ignores the questions and moves on. He uses that tactic (defense) to protect himself emotionally and intellectually precisely because he doesn’t have the advanced examining, analyzing, and visualizing skills he needs to really deal with heavy situations. Again, power is his goal and you don’t need a lot of thinking skills to gain that; you just need to be really good at manipulation.
  3. For me, it’s sad to see a person who has this obvious affliction but is clueless about it. I think Cheney is completely unaware. Each writer I’ve read remarked at least once in their pieces about Cheney’s lack of awareness as to his own inner self.

We ask ourselves: “But, how can that be?” The answer is that people are often unaware of “who they are,” simply because they haven’t bothered to look at themselves: their behavior, where it comes from, their values and why they’ve chosen them. They do no introspection. Without looking inward, any one of us will remain clueless as to why we behave as we do.

A couple of other thoughts:

  1. The exaggerated Control type is a “dark” style. Here’s what I mean. Go back up to the list of defenses above. Now imagine how it would feel to put your energy into controlling others or defending yourself or both-every day. To get through it you’d have to be chronically on guard, you couldn’t trust those around you, you’d know that every day you’d argue or fight with someone to get your way. And, I could go on here but you see what I mean. It’s an awful way to approach your life’s work.
  2. When I went back to read Susan Page’s (USA Today) article again on her interview with Cheney, I couldn’t help but feel sorry for Mr. Cheney. Page asked him if he’ll endorse a candidate for the 2012 presidential race. He replied, “Not all the candidates are interested in my endorsement. Probably some just as soon I stay away.” Here’s a man, 70 years old who seems wistful, as though he doesn’t understand why that’s probably true. He’s apparently unaware of how respectful relationships work. Sad.

Page asked another question: “What would he like his epitaph to read?” His reply was, “No comment” with a small, wry smile. Again, here’s a man, 70 years old, who seems totally closed, maybe even uncertain about his inner life. That too, makes me sad.

We should all seek to know who we are.


Please understand that this is a very short explanation of a very complex subject: the exaggerated Controlling personality type. But, I hope that it’s given you a start. Do you know any exaggerated Controllers? I’d love any comments you’re willing to leave for me.

Best regards until next time,


Easy Cooking Ideas

Cooking could be a tiring task for all whether it is working parents, singles or housewives. Preparing lunch boxes for your kids or making lunch and dinner seems like such daunting tasks especially if it is too hot or too cold out there. But why should we worry when we can cook quite easily and conveniently? Feeling confused that how can cooking be easy? Read on to learn how you can switch to easy cooking solutions.

Instead of over burdening yourself, simply adopt easy cooking ideas. No need to go through the tiresome task of baking muffins and breads for breakfast, try smoothies and delectable fruit cereals. To do this, buy a juicer and blender to share your workload and help you create a wonderful breakfast for your loved ones. Juicing is an extremely healthy option for people of all ages and this is why we stress upon using your juicer quite often. Make use of the freshest fruits of the season or try nutritious veggies, all can be done easily if you buy blender that is of top quality.

Research reveals that what you eat has its impact on your brain. So use nuts and seeds to boost the brainpower of your child. Just use a blender to shake nuts and seeds with milk or any other beverage. Make your child have this healthy drink. It improves brain performance so that you and your family gets wholesome nourishment and you better life styles.

Easy cooking not only helps you in kitchen but it also reduces the required cooking time. In such busy routines that we are so accustomed to, we can’t afford to spare 3-4 hours to make curries and casseroles. Buy juicer and food processors to help you make complex recipes without much ado. The time saved will help you spend more quality time with your family. Don’t forget to wear good quality oven gloves when you set out to make a delicious casserole or baked goodies.

Whole grain cereals, berries juices, peanut butter and your favorite veggies all these can be so beneficial to make cooking easy. Buy a blender and make juice, shakes and smoothies along with soups and even porridges.

Buy juicers to make fresh juice of berries, as berries are full of powerful antioxidants which promote strong cognitive function and protect you from negative health issues. How can we forget an avocado here which contributes to healthy blood flow, leading to impressive growth of body and brain. The fruit is also famous for lowering the blood pressure too.

Whether you are into juicing or not, it is a fact that having fresh fruit juice at any time of the day is far more satiating than processed foods and unhealthy items. Make your families habitual of eating vegetables as they are main source of vitamins and full of fuel for healthy brain function.

Do not over-cook them; just stir fry them to save nutritious value that is so important for us. Use green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, cucumber, collard green and cabbage etc., these are powerhouses of minerals and vitamins and these can be cooked in merely minutes.

So do not become sick or afraid of cooking, instead go for easy cooking ideas and choose the most effective ways to nourish your family.

Why You Can’t Lose Weight in Your Problem Area

When dieting we all have places that we wish we could lose the weight from. Problem areas could be your thighs, stomach, butt, hips, or arms. If you watched late night television there is a cream or gadget for every one of those areas.

The reality is that we cannot lose weight in just a targeted area. There are so many people out there marketing products that just will not work. There is no cream that will eliminate fat.

What you are eating could be making your problem area worse. Food with fats and cholesterol are probably going to be stored in your problem area. No matter what the product says, they won’t work. You are just making these inventors wallet bigger. You cannot depend on anything to help when you continue to eat high in fat and sugar junk food.

Diet, exercise, genetics, and your lifestyle all has contributing factors to your weight problem.

Believing that you can lose weight in one targeted area isn’t good for your health. If you could apply this special crème to your stomach to attain a perfect body, what about the rest of you? Are you going to have huge arms and six pack abs? That is why losing weight in only one area is a myth.

They way you feel mentally has everything to do with your weight loss. Until you have had a, “I have had it moment,” you will never lose weight.

If you would like to tone up, you will have to lose your body fat first. A healthy diet and cardio workouts will help you attain this goal. After losing weight you will then be able to go back to working on the area that you would like to target.

If our bodies kept were as advanced as the technologies we wouldn’t have weight problems. But the cold hard truth is that they will be the same. There is no magic pill, machine, or crème, you will have to do it the hard way. If it took hard work to lose the weight you are more likely to keep it off rather than pack on the weight again.

If you want to spend money on a product to lose weight, spend your hard earned cash on a membership and go before work in the morning. By time you get off work it won’t feel like you went to the gym that day but you will have. The positive effect will last all day from going to the gym in the morning. Working out raises you’re the levels of the chemical in your brain that makes you happy. You receive benefits of working out all the way around.

Why We Need to Find Alternative Fuel Sources

Like any other perishable commodities on the Earth, fossil fuels also have a limited life span. You use them without thinking today, but one day all the fossil fuels will be depleted. Experts have already set a date when this planet will have no fuel left to run cars. Without fossil fuels, owning a Lamborghini, Jaguar or a Mercedes will not matter. Considering this it becomes important to iron out all glitches on alternative fuels arrangements that have been invented over the years.

In anticipation of the day when natural fuels will perish, other sources have been found but their full potential is yet to be tapped. These alternative fuels when used can prove to relieve the worries of the entire global community and also be easier on the pocket unlike fossil fuels. There might have to be minor re-arrangements made to our machines but it will prove to be an advantage in the long run. Some of the options already in use are:


Biodiesel also know as green fuel is extracted from vegetable oils and animal fats. Soybean oil is the most widely used oil for extraction as any by-products can also be effectively used and the items used are very much cost-effective. A blend of biodiesel and petroleum in the right quantities can be used to power your diesel engine with and without modifications to it. Biodiesel is an excellent contender for alternative fuels.


Ethanol is produced from sugar and crops like barley, wheat and corn. It can become an ideal source of energy because it is produced from wood by-products and biomass, the stuff which is normally not thought to be useful. A blend of 85% ethanol and 15% gasoline is popularly used to run Flexible Fuel Vehicles. This blend which is called E85 is odorless and helps to lengthen the engine life.

Solar Power

Solar power can be harvested using solar cells. Solar cells convert this energy into electricity. Solar panels can also be used to power machines. Although these can prove to be a tremendous source of alternative fuels, they are far from perfect. The abundant power of the sun needs to be tapped properly to get an ideal alternate for fossil fuels.

Wind Power

Wind turbines can convert the tremendous power of wind into electricity. This electricity can be used to power a number of homes. Wind power is inching its way up to be considered the number one source after fossil fuels. It is clean and freely available to anyone who is able to harvest it.


There are also few other options available which can be considered to be alternate fuels. With so many choices it is possible to reduce the dependency of the global community on gasoline. These can be produce internally by any country with the raw materials to do it at-hand. It can be used without worrying about the sky-rocketing costs and how the by-products might be affecting the climate causing global warming.

The Secret Ways to Lose 5 Pounds in One Week

First, let’s be clear that losing 5 pounds in one week is not a sustainable strategy to lose a lot of weight; losing 1 pound a week is a healthy loss and one you can sustain throughout your weight lose period.

But, there may be times, like that upcoming class reunion or your first time at the beach this year, when losing 5 pounds in a hurry is necessary. By incorporating the following tips into your daily routine for a week, you can lose that amount of weight. The tips include:

• drinking water

• doing cardio exercises each day

• cutting down carbohydrates

Drinking Water

During this week, your main beverage of choice will be water. Water is almost the perfect drink for losing weight. Not only does it not contain calories or carbs, but drinking water helps flush retained fluids out of your body. Since much of your weight lost this week will be “water weight”, water is critical to help with this flushing. Drink 64 ounces per day – that is 8 eight-ounce glasses.

Doing Cardio Exercises Each Day

Exercising is an important element in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and it generally consists of a mix of cardio and strength training. However for this week, our concentration will be just on cardio training. Why? It burns the greatest number of calories over a given period of time.

To lose weight through exercising, you have to get your body in the fat-burning mode. This generally starts to happen after about 20 minutes of intense activity. So a daily 30 to 40 minute intense workout will get your metabolism pulling calories out of fat cells for 10 to 20 minutes a day. Kickboxing, cross-country skiing (or a ski trainer), running, stepping, biking, rowing (or a rowing machine) and an elliptical trainer are all cardio workouts that when done at a higher intensity, will burn the most calories. For example, a 145 pound person can burn about 300 calories on an elliptical trainer in 30 minutes.

Cutting Down Carbohydrates

After all that exercising, you are going to be hungry – and rightly so. But the key is not only watching what you eat, but how much. Don’t even think of eating this week any grain products, such as rice, spaghetti, or bread – white or whole grain. These carbohydrates have a bloating effect, which makes you look bigger than you really are. Instead, substitute vegetables, such as asparagus, cauliflower and broccoli. Eat lean meats, such as skinless chicken, turkey breast, pork chops and flank steak.

By drinking water, doing cardio fitness routines with resolve and purpose, and eating primarily vegetables and lean meats, you can quickly shed 5 pounds. Remember this is a short term solution to a long-term issue so if you go back to your old ways, you will quickly put it back on (and more)!

However, you could use this as a stepping stone to eat and exercise more intelligently and realistically, and safely lose 1 pound per week.


These days when oil price has increased tremendously, motorists and owners of recreational vehicles (RV) are becoming more meticulous about performance in terms of how much fuel is consumed in a certain distance. Before even buying an RV model, one great consideration is to find which has the best RV miles per gallon (mpg) attributes.

The best RV mileage can be gotten from RV dealers in different states. Either you purchase or rent them, you must be well-informed ahead on how much possible you can save from consuming more fuel according to its running performance. Consider the gas mileage for your particular trip before kicking it off. A number of gallons correspond to a number of miles, compute if you must.

RV manufacturers are contemplating on how to respond to the growing needs of vehicle relating to the rising fuel expense. The market got lucky enough because the best of the best RV mileage can be enjoyed in the latest editions of recreational vehicles. Designs have been enhanced while electronic components and engines are upgraded.

Although RV’s are bigger than the usual sports or business automobiles that fill the busy streets, interstates and avenues, they are way better to give you best RV mileage. Limiting tire pressure with the wonders of RV pressure regulator plus controlling the usage of air conditioner help administer the mileage of RV. If not planned ahead, however, there will be tendencies of overlooking the mileage aspect.

You must consider also that you have to be not to luxurious with your RV. The more weight you bring in it, say more amenities and extra accessories, the lower the mileage becomes. The best RV mileage can be achieved when you are traveling the right routes. Using mileage maps will assist in getting this.

If your RV uses lesser number of gallons compared to any other car, then it must have the best RV mpg. Those RV’s with good mileage can depend on how long and how many places you travel. Some have 12-19 mpg on it, others have less. Class B and C RV’s possess 19-22 and 17-19 mpg, respectively. But with integration of Front-Engine Diesel (FRED) chassis in most RV’s lately, there has been progress in terms of fuel efficiency.

Prior to any trip, the mechanic should be able to figure out how to get the best RV mileage as much as possible. Adjustments can be done to some systems and parts in the vehicle that affect the lowness or highness of mileage performance. Having a fuel injector in the RV working properly will also enhance the mileage as well. If it needs replacement, then you must before gasoline can be consumed quickly as your RV runs.

Conflicting Intentions

Have you ever set a goal and not achieved it? Maybe it was to lose weight, quit smoking, or learn scuba diving? Ever wondered why you never managed to make it work for you?? The common answer might be, “I failed”, “I lack self-discipline”, “I just could not do it – it was too hard.” Most people blame themselves, their weaknesses, lack of character, or any number of self-deprecating reasons for why they do not achieve what they want to, no matter how desperate for an outcome. The truth is you do not have to blame yourself, but look for what else might be motivating you – what other intentions are at play.

“Sally” is a 42-year-old senior manager. She has been trying to lose weight for the last 10 years or more. She has tried numerous diets and exercise plans. Sometimes she has success, but never with sustained results. She has a very deliberate intention to live a healthy life. However self-sabotage creeps in: she cannot resist going out with the girls for a few drinks, eating some hot chips, followed by dinner out, and a tantalising dessert. A good evening is had by all, and Sally’s health regime is out the window. When discussing this with Sally she realises that the other dynamic at play is her desire to feel included, to be one of the gang. So she makes choices that are not compatible with her regime, just so she may feel included. Eating had become a way of connecting with others.

Sally’s intention to live a healthy life conflicts with her intentions to feel included. The enthusiastic energy of lifestyle reform meets the opposite energy of belonging through eating excursions and the energies/intentions cancel each other out. The result? Sally is caught in a never-ending desire to be healthy without ever achieving her goals.

So what to do about these conflicting intentions?

1. Acknowledge that there are conflicting intentions holding you back.

2. Look for the unmet needs in the intentions.

3. Look for the underlying emotions in the intentions.

4. Plan to have these needs met in new ways.

5. Dissolve the tension that the emotions are holding over you by exploring these feelings completely. I recommend you do this with a coach who is trained in resolving Core Dynamics of common problems.

6. Accept who you are, with or without conflicting intentions!

Emotionally healthy, well-functioning individuals carry out their intentions unless there is a dynamic that conflicts with the stated desire. Through physics we understand that EVERYTHING is made up of energy. This includes thoughts, actions, intentions, things and circumstances. They are all made up of energy. Our desires have energy which causes things to happen or come to us. (This doesn’t mean we don’t have to do anything, but it does usually mean an absence of struggle). However, when things DON’T happen, the culprit is almost always an unseen or unspoken intention that has more energy than our desire. These conflicting intentions – the bugs in our inner human software – come from conditioning from the past. (c)Coachville 2003)

Some definitions to help you with this concept:

* Intention: An aim that guides action; the desire to be, do, or have something

* Conflicting Intentions: beliefs which are the result of conditioning, and block our success and self realization

* Self Sabotage: the result of our conflicting intentions

Enjoy freeing yourself form your conflicting intentions!

Myriad Hotels in Mumbai

So, you have landed up in India’s entertainment capital Mumbai for a leisure trip? The more you explore Mumbai, the more will you get to know about the city that always buzzes with life. The city offers more than Bollywood or tourist attractions. Here you can shop at ease your favorite products; right from handicrafts to international and national branded products, you will find everything here. Besides, a spa therapy everyday encompassing your complete stay will further add to the rejuvenating factor.

Partying and music attracts all in today’s lifestyle. So, do not miss the fun and frolic that the city offers. Night entertainment does not mean dancing to the tunes of a rocking DJ at a happening night club in the heart of the city or at one of the Mumbai hotels. It also encompasses watching plays in theatre houses, enjoying watching a traditional dance or any of the Indian dances performed by some of the renowned figures, listening to live music, and more. Plan your itinerary accordingly; you can enjoy each type every consecutive night so that you do not miss out on anything.

The abundance of Mumbai hotels makes most travelers to this city spoilt for choices. You can opt staying in two star hotels in Mumbai or five star leisure hotels in Mumbai; it all depends on your finances and preferences. The more you are ready to pay for the accommodation, the better and added will be the facilities. Of course, you will find a difference in tariff in between 5 star leisure hotels and budget hotels in Mumbai. And if you do not want to compromise on the facilities, go for the leisure hotels.

Whether it is leisure hotels or luxury hotels in Mumbai under the 5 star category, you will avail a wealth of facilities and leave home with full of memories to be cherished forever. If you want to save on your money and at the same time prefer staying in one of the finest hotels in Mumbai, get the reservations done several days ahead. The tariff won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Find Good Diets That Actually Work

A good diet will include information on nutrition, healthy weight loss, exercise and better eating habits. Look for a diet that includes all of these factors and then go through the steps outlined here to find a good diet that actually works.

First, begin by identifying how much weight you need to lose. Take your body height and build into consideration as you do this.

Second, decide how long you have to lose weight. It may be ideal to lose ten pounds fast and then take some time to lose the final fifteen. Losing too much weight too quickly is definitely not healthy. It is commonly known that anyone can lose approximately two pounds a week without compromising their health

Once the goals are set it is time to research diets plans. Watch out for fad diets. They may sound good but in all likelihood they will not work in the long run.

Try to find a diet that has nutritional support and recipes. These two things can often be the difference between success and failure. Also, choose a diet that understands how the body works and that different people need different things. This will increase the chance of long term weight loss.

Finally, choose a diet that makes sense to you and fits into your lifestyle. Don’t try to become a vegetarian if you love meat – the raw diet simply will not work for you. Choose a diet that works with you instead of against you. If it sounds too difficult then it will probably not work for you.

Once you have found a diet you need to follow it to see the pounds come off. Many people follow parts of a diet and ignore the aspects of it that do not appeal to them. This will simply not work. Not following a diet plan will certainly lead a dieter down the path to failure.

Finally, try to find a newsletter or weight loss forum to keep you informed and motivated. Getting regular advice and support is essential to success and to find good diets that actually work.