Penis Shrinking – Causes Of Penile Shrinkage And Why It Needs Help

If a man is worried about his penis shrinking, it’s generally quite a cause for concern. When a man is young and virile, his penis is living its best years. Sex is more fun, your penis seems to be as big and hard as it can get and you can go for longer in bed.

It’s only later on, in a man’s late 30s, 40s or afterwards that the penis shrinking kicks in, causing much confusion, despair and even panic.

The Causes Of Penis Shrinking

Penile shrinkage is when you lose some girth and length from the original size of your erect penis. Men also can lose size and weight from their penis in its flaccid state. The potential causes are quite simple to understand and you can find a remedy if you apply some natural techniques.

Weaker erections

Quite simply, most cases of a penis shrinking are related to erections becoming less hard as time goes on. Harder erections maximize the potential of your penis and increase the size of your erect member. When your erections are hard and powerful, your penis will seem bigger. This is because it is bigger!

As a man ages, levels of the main sex hormone, testosterone, decline and he may experience weaker erections and weight gain. This is what makes the penis smaller than before. Fortunately, this process can be reversed.

Poor blood circulation

As the years pass, a man eats more, drinks more and sometimes smokes. The penis depends on adequate blood circulation for strong erections. Fats can build up in the blood vessels and prevent blood from reaching the penis. Smoking can restrict blood flow and affect libido negatively. A lack of erections can cause blood circulation to become weak in the penile area over time.

Low testosterone

The male hormone, testosterone, declines in men after the age of 30 and can reach unacceptably low levels in men with a number of negative symptoms including the penis shrinking.


Anabolic steroids can cause the testicles to effectively shut down as the body starts to depend on steroids instead of natural testosterone. To some extent, penile shrinkage can also be a consequence of steroids.

Testosterone treatment

Men have reported that testosterone injections can cause their testicles to shut down and shrink, in the same way that steroids do. The penis and erection quality can also be affected to some extent.

Solutions For The Penis Shrinking

Now you know about the causes of penile shrinkage, we get to the interesting part, the solutions. You’ll be pleased to find out that you can reverse penis shrinking and although it may take a few weeks or a couple of months, it is absolutely possible.

Boost testosterone

Taking a supplement for boosting testosterone naturally in your body is the first step towards growing your penis back to a healthy normal size again. Choosing a high quality supplement is a great place to start your energy back on the road to recovery and harder erections.

You can also exercise. Train your muscles 3 times a week and do some cardio exercise at least 3 times per week and get out in the sunshine more often. Eat more cabbage, broccoli and cauliflower for best results.

Penile Massage

You may have heard of penile massage for improving blood circulation in the penile area. This is quite easy for you to do in an erect or a flaccid state. You’ll need to massage especially around your perineum and the base of your penis, paying careful attention to increase blood flow in the penile chambers.

Penile massage is great for improving blood circulation and increasing erection quality. The way you perform penile massage is very important to your penile shrinkage problem. Doing it the right way could save you weeks of penis panic. It’s really worth paying some attention to following the methods correctly to get optimal results.

Improving Lifestyle

Your lifestyle can be dramatically improved by tweaking a few aspects of it and increasing vitality and health levels. This will help to boost your erections, make your penis seem bigger and help you to feel confident again. Eat more organic food and avoid packaged food that has come into contact with plastic. Some plastics actually leech chemicals which can have a dampening effect on male testosterone levels.

Reduce your intake of white carbs and eat more vegetables, lean white meats, eggs and fish. Get into shape and detox your body in whatever way possible.

The causes of your penis shrinking are probably more to do with male hormones rather than any disease or problem you think you may have. Address the root cause of the problem by following the above advice and you’ll reverse your penile shrinkage in just a few weeks.

Healthy Tips For Your Prostate

Prostate cancer is a serious and often deadly disease. Statistics suggest that annually, over 240,000 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer and over 33,000 will die from this type of cancer. For American men it is the second leading cause of cancer related deaths. If your prostate becomes enlarged it can cause other health issues such as prostatitis. There are many ways men can improve their overall health and protect the health of their prostate. Making wise choices regarding   lifestyle  and dietary decisions can be very impactful towards reducing the risk of developing this disease.

Healthy Diet: Focus on eating a healthy and well balanced diet. This should include plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits. The vitamin and mineral content in fruits and vegetable are high and will keep you feeling satisfied and full. This should help you to avoid the temptation of over eating other types of foods that are not as good for you. A fruit or vegetable also makes a great snack. For example, carrot and celery sticks or an apple can be both a nutritious and delicious snack.

Eating more plant based foods over animal proteins is a good choice as well. There have been studies which suggest a possible link between diets high in animal fats and the development of prostate cancer. Substitute plant based oils for animal fats such as butter. Use olive oil instead. To dress up a salad substitute cheese with a sprinkling of seeds or nuts. There are many great alternatives to animal based foods. Some good vegetable choices include tomatoes, brussel sprouts and kale. Tomatoes are high in lycopene which is a very powerful antioxidant. Brussel sprouts and kale are very healthy cruciferous vegetables. Some fruits high in lycopene include papaya and watermelon. Be creative and enjoy eating these healthier options.

Low Fat: Foods that are high in fats include proteins such as meat as well as dairy products. You should reduce the amount of fat you consume daily and opt for lower fat choices. Dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt are high in calories and fat. When eating meat, always choose the leaner types and cuts. Consuming chicken or turkey breast is a much healthier alternative to fatty steaks or burgers.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: You should aim for 2-3 servings of fatty fish such as salmon, tuna or sardines weekly. The high levels of omega-3 fatty acids that are found in these types of seafood are very healthy and have been linked to possible disease prevention. Avoid the farm raised variety and try to eat wild caught seafood.

Alcohol consumption: Keep alcohol consumption in moderation. Limit yourself to one drink daily if you do choose to consume alcohol. And it goes without saying that smoking should be discontinued if indeed you do smoke.

Weight Management: Being overweight increases your risk for a wide variety of diseases. If you are overweight try to begin a sensible weight loss program that is both healthy and realistic. Do not participate in fad or dangerous dieting regimens. Instead focus on eating healthy, wholesome foods and reducing your caloric intake. Cut out processed foods, sugars and white flour based products. All of these foods are high in calories and tend to create weight gain in people. Look at an online “BMI” chart which is also known as the “body mass index” chart. You will be able to determine what is a healthy weight for your height and gender. You can determine if you are overweight by looking at a BMI chart.

Exercise: Incorporating exercise into your  lifestyle  is so very important to your overall health and well being. Exercise will not only help you lose weight, it will help you maintain your weight, therefore preventing obesity. It is ideal to exercise for 20-30 minutes daily. There are so many options for you when it comes to exercise that you really must just find something that you enjoy doing. For example walking, hiking, tennis or joining a gym are all good choices. Find little ways during the day to get more exercise in as well. Use the stairs instead of the elevator or walk to local shopping instead of using the car are great ways to increase your exercise time throughout the week. Exercise has been shown to strengthen both the immune and digestive systems. By improving your circulation it can also reduce the risk of your prostate becoming enlarged.

Stress: Make sure that you reduce the stress levels in your life. Stress is a major component in weakening the immune system. This can make you more vulnerable to illness. Find a healthy balance in your  lifestyle  by focusing on positive changes you can make to improve the quality of your life.

Some Additional Tips: If you have a family history of prostate cancer you should let your doctor know as this increases your risk. At the age of 50 you should begin getting the appropriate screening and diagnostic testing that is available to catch this disease in its early stages when it is most treatable. Remember whenever beginning any dietary or  lifestyle  changes, always consult with a medical professional, particularly if you are taking prescription drugs or suffer from any disease or ailment.

Overcoming Adversity – Sylvestor Stallone – How He Did It

The Expendables (2010) opened at number one at the U.S. box office with a first weekend gross of Thirty Five million dollars. This makes Sylvester Stallone the only person in Hollywood history to have starred in films that have opened atop the box office charts over five consecutive decades. Not bad for a baby boomer! I am going to share his story with you and point you in a direction that will help you live your life to the fullest. I hope this will help you get back to being a contender!

Sylvester (also known as Sly) Stallone is sitting back on top and living the good life! It has not always been that way; he had to overcome a lot of adversity to get to where he is now. Mostly through grit, determination and the unwillingness to settle for NO are the things that have led to his success.

He only stands 5′ 9 inches tall which is short for an actor in the Hollywood world. He has a permanent droopy mouth caused by the doctor that delivered him; the doctor accidentally severed a nerve in his face.

This resulted in paralyzing parts of his lip, the lower left side of his mouth and parts of his tongue and his chin. That is what has given his trademark snarling look and his slurred speech. He tends to talk in a mono syllabic manner which you would think makes him undesirable for movie rolls, however, he has succeeded in an extraordinary fashion.

He is a baby boomer; born on July 6, 1946, in the charity ward in New York’s gritty Hell’s Kitchen. His youth was pretty much in turmoil; he was expelled from fourteen schools before the age of thirteen because of his antisocial and violent behavior. He ended up in a school for troubled kids and was voted “most likely to end up in the electric chair”.

He has had to fight his way to the top and the story behind the movie “Rocky” and the Rocky franchise is almost legend.

The “Rambo” films and franchise is a story by itself.

Sly Stallone is a perfect example of boomers living their life to the fullest! If you look at this guy and everything he does in a 64 year old body it is truly inspirational. His virility and strength is all due to the lifestyle he has chosen to live. This lifestyle is available to everybody and he has documented his lifestyle in a book.

He book is called “Sly Moves” and he shares the stories about what happened behind the scenes of his movies as well as his philosophy about life. More importantly he lays out an exercise plan as well as an eating plan; he does not believe in diets but he does believe in healthy living. You can follow his plan to get into shape and lose weight.

The book promises to help the reader lose weight, build strength, gain will power and to help you live your dream. Some of the sections of the book include:

1. Sly on Sly – telling the stories behind the scenes that were involved in all the movies.

2. Shaping up with Sly Moves – this includes his work out programs that helped develop his body. There is also a chapter for women and recommended exercises for the fairer sex.

3. Sly Moves Eating Plan – he recommends a guaranteed way to live healthy.

4. Sly moves in Action – this includes three days with Sly and advice on getting and keeping the Eye of the Tiger.

There are lots of pictures that show scenes from the movies plus how each exercise should be performed. His main goal is to have you live like a contender and remember that winners get rid of their problems before their problems get rid of them!

This is a book that is inspirational, educational and just a good read if you would like to get to know the man known as Sly Stallone

The Low Down on H2O at Home

If you didn’t already know it, consumers are gravitating toward environmentally friendly lifestyles and that’s where H20 at Home finds their niche market. Whether people really do care about the environment or feel guilt-tripped into caring,

H20 at Home offers non-toxic, eco friendly cleaning, home and personal care products to customers and a turn-key MLM opportunity for affiliate marketers.

About H20 at Home

Founded in France and brought to the states in 2009, H20 at Home introduces products to customers through in-home parties as well as online advisors. The company prides itself for never testing on animals, having earned several marks of ecological excellence and is a member of the DSA (Direct Selling Organization).

Company Vision

The company’s vision is to preserve the environment while giving customers the products they need to live a healthy lifestyle at home. H20 at home supports the planet and people who want to earn an unlimited income from home.

How to Become an Advisor

There are two ways that advisors may begin.

1) Buy the $99 Discovery Kit. All essential products are included: business supplies, training tools and a personal website.

2) Buy the $230 Executive Kit. This kit comes with 42 products or $760 worth of merchandise. The kit also includes: business supplies, training tools and a personal website.

How to Make Money at Home

Earn 25%-40% commission on personal sales and added commission from any customers enrolled as advisors.

Getting Party Hosts

The host reward program makes it attractive for customers to consider having a party at their house with their friends. The host will have the opportunity to earn deep discounts on products as well as free gifts and host credits toward H20 products.

Benefits of Joining

* Value-driven company (green ambassadors)

* Member of the DSA (promotes trust in the company)

* Low start-up capital ($99-$230)

* Sale commissions plus additional bonuses and prizes

* Free virtual office (place orders, ship orders etc)

* Training demos on online tools

Fine Print

* Free personalized website after 3 months of being in business. The website enables customers to shop online and order online. You also get a customer newsletter to send to your leads after 3 months but this will cost $13/month.


H20 at Home is a low cost start-up MLM opportunity that will give affiliate marketers the chance to get in front of local customers as well as a national customer base. If this is an opportunity you’re considering, think of the ways you can market the products outside of the personalized website from the company. While the company website is helpful to your marketing plans you’ll need to supplement that with other efforts to realize significant success. Below are some ideas.

* Consider blogging about your experiences with the products, customers and at home parties and backlinking to your company website to create more web traffic.

*Consider taking party pics and posting them to your blog for your host’s guests to checkout. Have them sign up for your weekly blog posts in order to access the pictures.

* Have a laptop available at your parties so guests can immediately sign up to get party pics and the weekly blog posts.

* Think about how to cater to your niche market. You may want to create a blog that is both fun and educational.

Have You Become A Couch Potato? Get Active Again

The term “couch Potato” started in America, and was a reflection of the increasing amount of time the average person was now spending watching television. It may sound like a comical reference or even an affectionate term, but it highlights a huge problem in today’s society. As a generation, we tend to be living a more sedentary   lifestyle , and not getting enough exercise. Our lack of activity coupled with a poorer diet has led to increased levels of heart disease and obesity, there has never been a greater need for change.

Have You Turned Into A Couch Potato?

You may be reading this and thinking that it does not apply to you, but how do you know if you have become a couch potato?

If any of the following statements relate to you, then you are well on your way to becoming one: –

Watching television is your main or only pastime, accounting for the majority of your spare time.

You watch television after you finish work until bedtime and put in double shifts at weekends.

You have a very inactive  lifestyle  and never exercise or walk anywhere.

Do you drive to work, the corner shop and everywhere else?

Do you make excuses for your laziness such as the weather or being tired etc.?

Do you do next to nothing in the house or at all. other than your job?

Do you have a desk job or a role that involves no physical activity, and are still very inactive outside of your job?

If some of the points apply to you or you are starting to see a pattern emerging, then you probably are a bit of a couch potato. Your sedentary  lifestyle  is putting your health at risk, and being tired should not be used as an excuse for being inactive.

Get Moving – Take The First Steps To An Active  Lifestyle 

Here is a revelation, body movement creates energy. Sitting around for hours drains you of energy, leaving you lethargic and good for nothing. Recognise that you have a problem and take positive action today. I don’t expect you to go from an inactive  lifestyle  to training for a marathon, trying to do too much will just lead to failure. Making small changes to your  lifestyle  will be easier to stick to, eventually becoming good habits and then allowing you to make more changes. Here are a few simple ideas:

Start walking to work and the local shops.

Turn the TV off for an hour each evening and go and do something active.

Take up a new hobby or take up a physical sport you used to play and enjoy.

Turn down the lift and start taking the stairs.

Go for a walk in your lunch hour.

Take a bike ride or go swimming with the family.

Whatever you choose to do, just make sure that you start doing something. Regular activity will give you bags of energy and make you feel great. You don’t have to live the life of a couch potato, get motivated, get active and get healthy.

The RV Lifestyle – The Right RV Class For You

Traveling these days had become a lifestyle for the contemporary businessmen, professionals and typical travelers. The RV kind of lifestyle provides you the experience of home travel right in your own motor vehicle whether for short leisure activities like camping, traveling, vacations or full – time living or it can be your mobile office if you are a travel ling businessman. Other RV serve as mobile homes and are fully equipped with electrical system, generator and satellite internet.

Finding the right RV class for you depends on your needs, if you are living alone or with your family. RV can be as comfortable and costly just like your homes. A large RV is usually powered with diesel engines and usually named as “diesel pushers” in the industry of motor homes.

Tent trailers, travel trailers and fifth wheel trailers are small vehicles that are accepted as RV by other manufacturers.

RV classes are determined by their size, functionality and cost. The commonly used RV on the road are those that looks like huge campers on a truck frame typically has a front end resembling a truck camper like body and cab over extension on top of the roof on the front seat. These Class C RV are smaller compared to Class A RV and includes a lot of accessories and features and are often called “mini – motor homes”.

Camper vans are gaining popularity lately within the RV circles. These Class B RV usually have oversize bodies and are not suitable to use for bigger groups. They are much smaller compared to the Class A RV and their features and accessories are limited.

Camper vans are appropriate for couples or small families and a few of them come in 4 – wheel drives that can easily access off the road areas.

If you want to enjoy a full time RV lifestyle, the Class A RV is just right for you. It provides more comfortable accessories and features like beds, closets, larger bathrooms, full – sized refrigerators including the benefits of a washer and dryer looking more of a home than a motor home. Many people consider it as their number one choice having elegant and luxurious designs and features with big boxy and bus like bodies. Buying one can cost you a hundred thousand dollars or more.

Going for the right class of RV can be very expensive depending on your choice and needs making sure that it provides you maximum comfort and facilities. Whether you are traveling alone or with your family either for business or pleasure various accessories and amenities are provided in these three classes of RV.

Experience the full comfort of a home in Class A RV like cooking your own meals, watching your favorite television shows, browsing the internet, washing and drying your clothes and storing your food makes you feel like you never left your home. While class C RV offers the same comfort but it is much smaller and designed for frequent travelers like businessmen. For couples and small families, a camper van is just right especially if you are going for a camping.

Your RV, your lifestyle what is your style?

Ukrainian Lifestyle

Speaking about modern Ukrainian customs and traditions it is necessary to stress that the Ukrainians are proud of their colorful folk culture. They love good food and drink and have a zest for life.

Most Ukrainian middle-class and lower class urban families live in flat in multi-storied buildings; only rather rich people can afford to build cottages either inside or outside the city.

Ukrainians have a deep love of the land. Many families have small country houses, called “dacha”. They are able to grow just about anything in their neat gardens, orchards, and homesteads. Some people grow food only for their own personal consumption. They spend time canning vegetables and making compote from various fruits during the summer in order to make it through the long cold winters. They always have something in their houses to serve guests.

A modern average Ukrainian family has two parents and usually one or two children. At the same time there is a growing number of one-parent families usually headed by a woman rearing a child. Like in many other countries, there are quite a lot of young unmarried people living together and sharing a household. Bringing up a child in Ukraine is very costly now; that is why many couples decided to have only one child, or even no children. Children tend to live with there parents long after they finish school. Sometimes children have to rely on their parents in financial matters as the unemployment rate among the young is very high. A newly married couple often lives with either of their parents because they have no money to buy or to rent a house or a flat of their own. Often one or both grandparents live with their children and help take care of small children. Grandparents play a great role in raising children in Ukraine.

In the village families are usually larger, and the whole family works on the farm (or a patch of land they have) together. Most parents who live in the country want their children to get a higher education, so they send them to study to big cities. After 5 years of studies, the children get used to the city way of life and seldom go home.

In their struggle for survival people become less dependent on each other within families. But still parents think it is important to teach their children daily skills and basic values of life. The result of a resent nationwide survey showed that the most important values parents want to teach their children are honestly, common sense, purposefulness, responsibility, good manners and obedience to parents. Adults believe children should be brought up to expect that they will have to struggle to succeed.

Like most other people, Ukrainians like holidays and merrymaking. They usually try to cook many tasty dishes and invite a lot of friends and relatives to their places. Another thing Ukrainians love to do is talk (while strolling, in cafes and restaurants, or at home over a cup of tea or coffee or other drinks). Conversation tends to be light, relaxing, humorous, and sometimes philosophical. Many Ukrainians enjoy picnics in the wood or somewhere the water at almost any time of year. Picnics often involve shashlik or barbequed meat, homemade salads, and sometimes alcohol. Ukrainians love to sit around fires at night and snack, drink, and sing songs to a guitar.

Popular outdoor sports in Ukraine are soccer, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, and hiking (walking in the forest). Fitness clubs have appeared all over the place. Yoga and martial arts are quite popular as well. Mountain climbing and rock climbing clubs can be found. Scuba diving, yachting, and even golf have recently become available. Increasingly popular in Ukraine are all sorts of extreme sports (bungee jumping, river rafting, downhill mountain biking, spelunking, etc.), and, more generally, all forms of active recreation (hiking, biking, boating, horseback riding, skiing, etc.).

Not everyone will do the things we’ve described above. Some Ukrainians’ culture will strike you as incomprehensible and intolerable, while others’ behavior and attitudes will seem rational and compatible with your own.

Acne Treatment Solutions – A Comprehensive Review

Acne plagues thousands of people around the world. From teenagers to adults on the wrong side of middle age, it is a skin disorder that is extremely common as well as very unpleasant. It is painful, distressing, and often leaves scars even after it is treated.

There are hundreds of skin-care products that claim to treat acne. Finding the right treatment for you is almost like finding a needle in a haystack. To make things a little easier for you, here is a comprehensive review of five of the best acne treatment solutions as per popular ratings.

The reviews are accurate, based on substantiate research, and are aimed at helping you make a healthy and informed choice. The five products being reviewed here are Murad Acne Complex, Proactive Acne Solutions, Clinique Acne Solutions, Clear Skin Max and Exposed Skin Care.

Murad Acne Complex

The Murad Acne Complex consists of a three-step process, which consists of a Clarifying Cleanser, an Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel, and lastly a Skin Perfecting Moisturizer. It was developed by Howard Murad and has been a popular product for treating acne breakouts.

The product has yielded mixed reviews from viewer ratings and is different from most other acne treatment products in the sense that it does not contain benzoyl peroxide, which is a leading ingredient used in most acne treatments.

The product claims to remove all signs of acne in just 4 weeks. While this is not exactly accurate, results are often visible within the second month, depending on the severity of the condition.


While the purging period does see some aggravation of the condition, the product pulls through and actually gives visible results. The moisturizer smells pleasant and does not stick. The Pore Cleansing mask that the treatment comes with is quite helpful and has a lot of positive reviews.

It uses a lot of natural extracts such as bitter orange oil, tea tree extracts, camellia leaf extract, menthol along with known acne fighters such as salicylic acid that help in curing acne without causing much damage to the skin. Spot sulfur treatment that it includes has also given positive results among a large number of users.


The purging period is extremely painful and itchy. The acne increases considerably before it is healed, if at all. Moreover, the product does not work for all skin types, and the moisturizer is not enough to help soothe the roughness and pain. Reviews have revealed that the system leaves the skin oily and shinier and that acne takes a lot of time to heal, especially if it is in its moderate or severe phase.


The Murad Acne Complex might or might not work for you. It has mixed user ratings and though it can be helpful for minor to moderate acne, it has reportedly shown less impressive results for severe cases of acne. However it might work if you have oily skin.

Proactive Acne Solution

Proactive Acne Solutions is an extremely popular, three-step acne treatment system that consist of cleansing, toning and acne repairing. A new product that Proactive recently added to its acne treatment list is a Refining Mask.

The product was first manufactured in 1988 by Guthy-Renker, and has been a popular treatment since. According to the instructions, only a dime sized amount of cleaner, a cotton ball of toner and a pea sized amount of repairing treatment is to be used twice daily for the system to work.


The system covers blackheads, pimples, whiteheads and cures immediate acne breakouts. It reduces the visibility of pores and leaves the skin fragrant. It works well for some and leaves skin soft and supple, if the instructions are followed exactly as given.

The Refining Mask is very useful for drying up pimples since it consists of sulfur as an active ingredient, which is known to effectively kill acne causing surface bacteria. A Tea tree Moisturizer is also available as part of the kit and should definitely be used along with the system which is known to leave skin soft and dry.


The products are extremely harsh and may not yield good results, even aggravate the condition sometimes. The treatment causes excessive drying of the skin, and skin peeling has also been reported, though the exact cause of the peeling could not be determined.

Proactive is expensive, and often does not yield positive results, sometimes even after 8 weeks of regular usage. It is also not recommended for dry to normal skin at all since it completely dries out the skin and leaves it reddened and irritated.


All in all, even though Proactive might work for some, most users have reported negative results, with no improvement in the condition whatsoever. Despite this, it continues to be a popular product. You can try it for the sheer popularity of the product.

Clinique Acne Solutions

Clinique is a well known brand and has allergy tested and medically approved skin care products that are very effective in treating skin problems. Clinique Acne Solutions Skin Care Treatment uses gentle exfoliation and cleansing to unclog the clogged pores of your skin to reduce the dirt build up which causes acne. It is gentle on the skin, and does not contain any oily or smelly substances that could affect the skin negatively.


It uses salicylic acid as its main ingredient for acne treatment, which is popular for its anti-acne properties. The system consists of a cleanser, a gentle exfoliator and a lotion, which contains benzoyl peroxide.

It clears acne by reducing oil secretion and improves the complexion with repeated use. The supplementary skin care products that Clinique offers are helpful in reducing blemishes and scars left by acne. “Even Better” is one such product that specializes in treating acne.

The company also has spot treatment products that zap away almost all the pimples in the shortest possible time. The product claims to remove acne in 6 weeks, and leave skin softer and clearer.


6 weeks is a longer period than that is promised by most acne treatment solutions. Most treatments claim to yield results within the first month of usage. There is no clear list of all anti acne ingredients used in this product since no official description or list is provided.

It is good for curing sudden breakouts but does not hold out well in the long run. Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are both not enough to treat acne in its core and there are no other primary anti acne agents, natural or otherwise in the system.


The product sells on its brand name however does not live up to expectations. The product website does not give any detailed description of the anti-acne treatment, or about the ingredients that are used for making it.

There are variety of other products in the market that might offer better results at lower prices and are all-natural. While Clinique works to remove a pimple here and a zit there, it fails to target the core problem of acne break outs. It can be used as an effective immediate spot treatment solution though.

Clear Skin Max

A relatively new member of the anti acne treatment family, Clear Skin Max is still proving its mettle in the skin care industry. Till now it has had some very positive reviews due to its new and all natural approach towards fighting acne.

Clear Skin Max was designed as an alternative for those who did not want to subject their already damaged skin to further chemical damage. It uses natural ingredients that help in reducing inflammation, acne, and irritation without causing any side effects or without excessive drying of the skin.


Since the skin is naturally sensitive and acne inflicted skin gets further damaged with chemical treatment, products with natural ingredients are always a plus. Clear Skin Max uses anti-acne tea tree oils to control acne which have been reported to show immediate results in reducing inflammation.

Chamomile oil and bladder wrack are also used to treat acne without causing any harm to the skin. Not only does the product treat acne but it also leaves skin softer. Better still, it does not contain any harsh chemicals that cause drying of the skin.

Chamomile oil is effective in reducing scars and blemishes left by acne and since it is also an anti-bacterial agent, it also prevents acne naturally by fighting bacteria. Another plus point of the system is that it contains bladder wrack which is known not only for its anti-acne properties but also because it restores elasticity to the skin, helping the skin remain youthful and smooth.

It also uses natural products like hyaluronic acid, which is a known youth restorative, jojoba oil and others that maintains the moisture levels of the skin. These natural extracts not only fight acne but also strengthen the skin from inside and thus prevent breakouts, apart from clearing the skin of acne and its scars.


The ingredients are not used in high quantities in the product, which sometimes may not be enough to treat acne. Severe acne might not be easily treated with natural ingredients, since they require stronger ingredients that directly aim at reducing acne.

Even though the 6-step system is designed to fight and destroy acne right from its roots, it will really take a long time to heal for those who suffer from severe cases of acne. The negative aspect of this point again depends on how patient the user is even though the product yields guaranteed results.


Clear Skin Max is a complete product that not only helps fight acne but also helps to protect and strengthen the skin. It is great for mild to moderate acne as well as adult acne and has been reported to have minimal side effects. It uses natural ingredients that have no reported side effects and the product enjoys great reviews by most users.

Exposed Skin Care Acne Treatment

This acne treatment system consists of 6 different products, a facial cleanser, that cleanses and exfoliates the skin, a clearing tonic that claims to delve deep inside the clogged skin pores and opens them up so that the dirt and grime can escape.

Then there is the Acne treatment Serum, which is the main repairing product that consists of benzoyl peroxide, a well-known anti acne element. A Clear Pore serum also comes with the system and is to be used at night; it works nocturnally to unclog your pores and clear skin. The last two products consist of a Clarifying mask which is to be used twice a week at most, and a Microderm scrub, that has anti oxidants for deep pore exfoliation.


It uses Azelaic acid, a known anti bacterial component as its primary ingredient, which clears acne by killing bacteria which is the main cause of acne. It also contains a 3.5% concentration of benzoyl acid, which is a popular ingredient in several anti-acne treatments.

It deeply exfoliates skin to keep out all the unwanted oil and dirt from the pores. This enhances your skin and helps to keep it free from acne.


Azelaic acid has many known side effects such as skin irritation, and unwanted hair growth. Many users have reported an increase in the quantity of facial hair after repeated use of products containing high concentrations of azelaic acid.

Also, the product lists tea tree oil as one of the leading ingredients, which can only be considered as a subsidiary product since it only aids treatment without playing any substantial role in the actual process.

The 3.5% benzoyl peroxide concentration is not enough to fight acne, the standard requirement being 5% to 8% concentration. Severe cases of acne cannot be treated well with this range of products.

Moreover the customer service is reportedly unresponsive, thus you might face a problem if you choose to pursue the money back guarantee at all.


In conclusion, it can be said that this is a good product to use for those with mild acne but it does not work well for treating severe acne. Moreover many other products are available in the market that uses natural ingredients. Organic products are always a better option. This is another product that can be used to treat mild acne.

However keep in mind that treating acne requires not just medication but also a healthy lifestyle. Proper diet, nutrition, exercise, sleep, hydration and hygiene are extremely important for a clear and healthy skin.

Medications can only work when coupled with a healthy lifestyle. So if you are plagued with acne, first, change your lifestyle, and then clear your acne with the help of the perfect product for you, which you can pick with the help of these reviews.