The Mediterranean Diet

With the plethora of diets so acutely focused on carbohydrate intake, you may be wondering why the Mediterranean diet beat out a low-carbohydrate approach. After all, LC diets not only work for some people, studies also show that low- and very low-carbohydrate diets have helped obese individuals decrease insulin resistance, lower triglycerides, favorably change blood cholesterol levels and lose weight. Yet they aren’t for everyone.

First, LC diets may be tough to stick with over the long term. And, one solution to that issue may involve transitioning from low carbohydrate to “controlled” carbohydrate, eating a specific amount of carbohydrate per sitting and making healthier carbohydrate per sitting and making healthier carbohydrate choices (fiber rich whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables).

Secondly, recent research out of the University of Alabama Birmingham found that high-fat; low-carbohydrate diets may be detrimental to those with ischemic cardiovascular disease or a predisposition to heart attacks. In their study, obese and normal weight rats fed a high-fat, LC diet had larger, more damaging heart attacks compared to rats on a low-fat control diet.

In addition, the rats on the high-fat, LC diet had greater risk of death from pump failures and arrhythmias. Altering dietary macronutrient composition seems to affect the type of fuel the heart uses to function, when in fact carbohydrate is the most efficient source of fuel for our bodies when recovering from a heart attack. Though these results do not suggest that high-fat, low-carbohydrate diets cause heart attacks or that they are harmful, it does raise some red flags that should be taken into consideration prior to going on a similar diet.

Take a close look at your lifestyle and choose the plan that will best meet your needs. And, why go on a low-carbohydrate diet, or at least why stay on one if a Mediterranean diet may be just as effective?

THE BOTTOM LINE: If you talk to your co-workers, neighbors and friends, you’ll likely meet at least one person who has been successful on just about every popular diet out there. And according to the POUNDS LOST trial, the actual parameters of the diet (carbohydrate, fat and protein content) may matter less than your ability to stick with it.

After all, if you can’t follow a diet plan, you won’t lose weight. So, take a close, realistic look at your lifestyle and choose the plan that will best meet your needs. And remember, though diets work in the short term, the best way to keep weight off forever is by making healthy foods a permanent part of your diet and incorporating lifestyle changes you can live with.

Issues and Excuses About Losing Weight

We all want to lose weight, some even make a very concerted effort to do so. However, it seems impossible because there are obstacles in our way.

This is true for any major life change or effort. Losing weight though, seems harder than most big changes to deal with.

Why is this? Well, there are some major issues with weight loss that make it harder to do than most things and because of those issues we seem to always be able to form some kind of excuse for why it can’t seem to be done.

I will do my best to tackle some of these issues and excuses in this article and hopefully build a platform for consideration when you come upon these issues and to help try and battle your excuses in your own journey to health.

First, let’s explore some of the main issues and excuses with losing weight.

1. We have to eat to sustain ourselves.

This is both an issue and a major excuse for why a lot of people have trouble losing weight. It seems that since we have to eat to stay alive, and we can’t just quit eating cold turkey, (like any other serious addiction) it takes a considerable amount of effort to accomplish. The key here is control. You can control what you eat and if you maintain control over your diet, you will lose weight. Control is a very real issue for many people and it can be incredibly hard to gain a level of control over some things that you do and in those cases, you have to make gaining control as easy as possible so it can be maintained. I’ve written droves about making control and weight loss as easy as possible and you can find a lot more information on the topic in some of my other articles, but for now just absorb the fact that in order to do something good for yourself you have to make it easy.

2. Eating good food makes us feel good and tastes good.

Another major issue for people that leads to excuses is the fact that good food tastes good and makes us feel good. This is a problem for many people because they rely on those good feelings to feel better about things. Everyone has issues that they’re dealing with in their lives, and I would even venture to say that everyone has some vice in their lives which serves to deliver those all important brain chemicals, dopamine and seratonin. Those chemicals make people feel better about things. Many people rely on food to deliver those feel good brain chemicals, just like many people rely on cigarettes or alcohol or marijuana. For those who rely on food to feel better the very concept of not having those feel good chemicals can be too much to deal with. In those cases, it’s best to try to switch your feel good reliances to something else. Exercise is good because it’s healthy, coffee is good, relaxing is good, hanging out with friends is good, really anything that makes you feel good about yourself can become a healthy replacement for unhealthy foods. It takes serious work to switch reliances though, and it’s easy to see why people make excuses for eating unhealthy foods. In essence they don’t want to lose their feel good chemicals.

3. A significant lifestyle change is incredibly hard to accomplish.

This is the big excuse and the culmination of some of the main reasons people have trouble losing weight. They know it’s hard but they don’t know why it’s so hard. Well, as I said above the feel good brain chemicals play a major part, the fact that we have to eat food to sustain ourselves also plays a major part because if we have to do something it should be as good as possible. One thing to try, perhaps, is to separate the mechanical process of eating to sustain ourselves from the feel good process that eating usually provides, and as I said in the above paragraph, it helps to find something else to rely on for those feel good chemicals. Once we treat eating as a purely mechanical process it’s easy to gain a semblance of control over what we put in our mouths. I’ve seen threads on the internet about a purely nutritional “dog food” for humans. While that would be good, we need variety to sustain a lifestyle change. (This may be another reason why it’s so hard)

All that said and done, the fact remains we need to make it easy for ourselves to change and if we rely on the feel good chemicals that come with good food, we need to place those reliances on other things.

All this may be overwhelming and it’s easy to see why losing weight is so incredibly hard for some people. I don’t blame you, but hopefully I’ve provided a different viewpoint on some of these issues. That may make them easier to deal with.

Cheung Kong – From Poverty To Royalty

Have you ever heard of one of the richest people in the world living in the same small house for decades? One such person is Li Ka-shing, the owner of Cheung Kong Industries. In spite of being the 2nd richest person in Asia and the 18th in the world, Li Ka-shing lives a frugal life. This is because he believes in not forgetting his roots.

The son of a school teacher, Li had a very humble beginning. After his father’s death, he left China for good and went to stay in Hong Kong as a refugee. Working for over 16 hours a day, Li spent his childhood and early youth in literal penury. Therefore he has seen his share of sufferings in life. He understands what it is to be poor. Hence, this explains his frugality when it comes to his personal appearance and lifestyle. He still wears a simple pair of shoes and very simple clothing.

Having worked in a plastic company during his tough days, he learned the art of operating a plant. His first foray into the business world was through a plastic company that he founded with his personal savings and money borrowed from friends and relatives. He started manufacturing plastic flowers and sold them in the local markets. He refurbished his plant to impress a foreign buyer. He bagged the order and there was no looking back since then. He ventured into real estate activities and earned a fortune. He named his real estate company, Cheung Kong. In 1979, he acquired Hutchinson Whampoa Limited from HSBC and created a massive conglomerate.

Not one to place all his eggs in one basket, Li Ka-shing invested in retail, asset trading, internet technology, and various other sectors to reach the level that he has today. He has the reputation of being one of the most philanthropic businessman having donated huge sums of money to various charities all over the world.

In order for you to have the same success that he had, you must get educated and you must be willing to put in the work. When it comes to starting a business, people lack drive and effort. You must be willing to humble yourself and ask for help, just like what this extraordinary businessman did. Get involved in the industry you will like to be involved in so you can learn the ropes and capitalize on the knowledge you receive just like he did.

Accepting Change

Ask any person who is successful and as they tell their story you’ll inevitably hear about the mistakes made along the way. You’ll learn about the failures and heartache, about the things that didn’t work and about the things that did. The things that got them where they are today. You’ll also hear a wise take on dealing with adversity – turning the proverbial lemons into lemonade.

That may sound scary, but truly, your mistakes shape who you are – they inform your experience and they determine your success. If you think something is big – too big to tackle, then surely it is. If you look at it another way and decide that you can learn from the experience and do things differently next time, knowing deep down that there surely is a next time, you will grow, prosper and succeed.

As human beings, we don’t like change. Why? It’s unknown, it’s not predictable, it’s risky and potentially painful. Yet, when we become willing to step into the change, we may find that in fact things turn out better than we hoped for, that the change or unknown is positive, inspiring and meaningful.

Have you ever been around – or perhaps been yourself – someone who is confident and grounded, as opposed to confident and cocky and noticed how they are not afraid to be open? When you’re grounded and vulnerable you are open to other people, how they feel, what they need and you’re willing to offer yourself with an open heart. We know that just because you are willing to give, doesn’t mean others are able to receive, but by flexing your vulnerability muscle and sharing your appreciation of others – their efforts, what they are experiencing, recognizing them and acknowledging them exactly where they are, you’ll gain inner strength.

Successful people are risk takers by nature. Sometimes we step into business or a professional practice without thinking much about the ‘business side’ and suddenly, there you are – in business, taking a risk. It’s like being a kid and walking out on the high dive and there’s too big a line behind you to turn around. Besides, it would be mortifying – it feels like all eyes are on you. So what do you do? Right. You jump!

Business is much the same. You have to make a decision and then take the steps. You can move toward what you want, even if you’re afraid, even if you’re uncertain. And, like the jump, you find out it wasn’t so scary, you lived through it and you may even be excited to do it again and do it more often. Stretching and growing changes us. We remain stretched, we become new people. How do you do it?

You do it step by step. You create a change plan, so you have a roadmap and can feel more secure in your step taking. Take the negative connotation away from mistakes, call them learning experiences, call them life experience, call them wisdom builders. They are inevitable on the human journey, so if we learn to embrace our mistakes and listen to the lessons they teach us, we will grow stronger, build bigger, be more confident and help others walk the path.

Embracing the inevitable makes it less scary and change is no exception. Be bold and great and mighty forces will come to your aid – many of them in the form of successes, clients, fans and people who are waiting for exactly what you offer.

Right now. Here’s to embracing mistakes.

Is Trump Tearing Your Marriage Apart?

Do you find yourself in a politically divided marriage? Are you struggling with reconciling diverging political views in your relationship? A poll exclusive to the Guardian “reveals that in households across the US, Trump is fueling a deep split among married couples.”

Not even counting the Trump effect on couples, we know that 50 % of all first marriages and 67% of all second marriages end in divorce no matter the economic status. Divorce is financially costly and the emotional costs can be devastating, such as increase in depression caused by loss of partner, hopes and lifestyle, according to

What went wrong that so many couples feel they have to end their relationships? Many of us think that once things have started going south there isn’t a way to turn them around.

That’s no longer so. There are now proven practices to avoid breakups and increase the sustainability of a loving relationship without having to invest in years of talk therapy to get there. As Anne says, “According to our couple’s therapist it would have taken us ten years of therapy to get where we have gotten through two weekends with our Intimacy coaches.”

Through practices that are adapted from ancient Tantra and blended with principles in cognitive psychology backed by scientific research, couples are becoming able to resolve conflict quickly and enjoy more fun and intimate connection.

There are five shifts that distinguish happy and fulfilled couples who experience deep emotional and satisfying sexual intimacy while enjoying peace, fun and freedom of self-expression together.

Shift #1: Total Honesty

Most couples are not honest with each other, by either not telling the whole truth or understating the facts. Why is this? Because of FEAR. We’re trained to be dishonest because that’s how we learned to get what we want AND we’re terrified we won’t be loved.

When you learn how to come from a place of deep compassion and inspiration, rather than desperation or neediness, fear vanishes and deep intimacy is cultivated.

Shift #2: Resolve and Commitment

Most people live in a fantasy about what they want. The true intimacy dream requires determination, focus, the relentlessness needed to face the challenges, disappointments, judgments and criticism along with the waiting time.

Kate and Allan were stuck in a cycle of fighting and anger outbreaks. Through their resolve and total commitment to restoring their relationship, Allan reported: “Last night, after a 2 hour lovemaking session, I had enough energy to give Kate a full-body rubdown with moisturizing lotion. In the past, I barely had the energy or desire to have sex after a full day of work. But last night? Deep connectedness with Kate.”

Shift #3: Move Into Action

Thousands of couples try to bring deeper intimacy into their relationship but they don’t take the necessary action and therefore they make little or no progress. The #1 reason couples hesitate and don’t take action is fear of rejection. However, once we move into action we start to see great results.

Shift #4: Effective Intimacy Practices

So you’re honest, committed, and ready to move into action. Now what? You need to know what to do – a system of practices that can train you on how to be more intimate. The real problem is that most people have no system. This can keep us stuck in reliving old patterns and issues without providing any new way to solve them.

Dwain and Barbara felt so much blame and resentment towards each other. Once they learned and applied effective intimacy practices, the results were stunning as expressed by Barbara: “I have been awakened. Today I can truly love myself and can feel the love and acceptance from my amazing husband and experience a marriage beyond my wildest dreams!”

Shift #5: Mentoring

Working with a mentor or coach accelerates you at realizing what you want. A great mentor can see things in you and your relationship that you can’t see yourself. They make you more aware and insightful. A wise mentor knows how to help you think straight when you’re about to beat yourself up or question your path to success.

Green Tea and Acne – Know the Association

It is difficult to avoid pimples, which keep occurring regularly damaging your skin. Nobody can avoid this skin disorder even if your skin is smooth, or you are on a balanced diet. The touch of acne is quite common, specifically now-a-days when the pollution and stress levels are at an all-time high. Acne is something you can never ward off.

Link between Green Tea and Acne

There are few people who are suffering from acne, and they have to deal with this skin disorder regularly. Such people are always in search of various ways to avoid acne and acquire a cleaner skin. This could often be difficult and appear to be a challenging task. In this article, you can get to know how you can get rid of acne facilitating green leaf tea, in other words the association between green tea leaf and acne.

Hormonal Imbalance Leads to Acne

The most significant cause behind acne is the sudden and frequent hormonal imbalance. Green tea is rich in components that can cut down the inflammation process and alleviate the hormonal disorder.

Acne pustules, which are present in acne, are the cause that can lead to severe skin inflammation. Staphylococcus Aureus, a type of bacteria, is the major reason resulting to inflammation, which is found in acne. These bacteria can be eliminated through green tea extract.

Keep Free Radicals Under Check

Green tea is a great source of natural antioxidants and packs the tea with medicinal properties. These antioxidants are very powerful tools in combating the free radicals which is the cause of the oxidation process leading to premature aging. The antioxidants present in green tea are the components that can slow down the aging process also.

Free Radicals Leads to Acne Often

These free radicals are very much instrumental in developing acne on your skin as well. Green tea can be of help to you. You must include the tea in your regular meal. Right quantity of green tea extracts can diminish the process of damaging of free radicals who in turn can develop acne in skin. Your skin may suffer some other types of skin disorders also regularly if free radicals are not kept under check. Consuming green tea extracts on a regular basis with your meal can prevent acne, and you can experience least instances of acne breakouts.

Free from Any Side Effects

Treating acne facilitating green tea is not known to bring any severe side effects, which may be witnessed using some other chemical based ointment or cream. Such side effects can appear in the form of burning sensation or peeling of your skin also. Relying on natural components is always ideal to avoid any side effects and get rid of the ailment completely without harming your body. Burns and rashes in the skin are the perfect platform for the free radicals to grow.

Healthy Lifestyle Important

You should be careful when it comes to maintaining a clean and smooth skin, including the overall health of your body because this is what will accompany you all through your life. Facilitating a great combination of the multivitamin supplements coupled with right quantity of this extract can provide you with clearer skin which can give you great feeling.


Remember, avoiding acne isn’t about gulping pills, but you should, at the same time, lead a healthy lifestyle. You should opt for the supplement that should consist of green leaf tea component along with other natural ingredients also, which are equally important for the complete health of your body. Facilitate green tea to experience a clearer and smooth acne free skin.

Reversing Type 2 Diabetes – Is It Possible?

In the long-term, diabetes causes very serious medical problems such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, nerve damage, neuropathy, glaucoma, cataracts and retinopathy, a weakened immune system, and digestive problems.

Though these medical conditions develop slowly, eventually they can be devastating. Persons who let their diabetes get out of control risk going blind, experiencing a variety of infections, having a foot or leg amputated, requiring kidney dialysis or a transplant, or becoming incapacitated or dying from a stroke or heart attack, among a host of other serious outcomes.

Thus taking steps to beat diabetes is critical. It’s not that hard – so it can be done.

Diabetes and your genes

There is a persistent myth that diabetes is all about poor diets, unhealthy life-styles and obesity.

While it may be true that most people who are diabetic are overweight, some thin people also get diabetes. And some people who have an unhealthy lifestyle manage to avoid the disease. Why so?

It is because genetics plays a part in the onset of diabetes. This can be seen from the fact that diabetes seems to run in families.

However, unlike other kinds of genes, the diabetes gene does not ‘dictate’ that you will get diabetes. It only makes it likely that diabetes will develop under particular circumstances.

For example, if the gene that controls the colour of your eyes says that you eyes will be blue, then your eyes will be blue and there is nothing you can do about it. The same goes for the type and colour of your hair. If your genes decree wavy, brown hair for you then that’s what you get.

The kinds of genes that govern diabetes are different. They merely state that if certain conditions come about then you will get diabetes, ie they predispose you to getting the disease.

For example, if your parents were diabetic, it is likely that you inherited the genes that predispose you for type 2 diabetes. So, if you eat the same food as your parents, you are likely to develop diabetes. But if you change your diet and lifestyle, you can probably avoid your parents’ fate.

The big question is, once your diabetes has developed, can it be cured?

The short answer is NO. There is no cure.

But you can beat your diabetes – ie prevent the horrendous consequences mentioned above from developing – by eating a plant-focused diet and taking up exercise.

This is relatively easy to do. If your diabetes is not too far advanced, you should be able to stop taking your diabetes medications.

You may also be able to reverse your diabetes – ie revert to your state of health before you ever had diabetes at all – by eating a vegan diet and following an extreme exercise regimen.

Beating Diabetes

To beat your diabetes, you must reduce the excess amounts of glucose and insulin swirling around in your bloodstream.

To do so, you need a diet that is: (1) low in sugar, (2) low in fat, (3) low in salt, (4) high in fibre, and (5) digested slowly. Your diet must also exclude all dairy products and eggs.

The easiest way to devise such a diet is to concentrate on natural, unprocessed foods that are mostly plants. You also need to drink plenty of water, to aid the absorption of the fibre you eat.

You should also take a range of supplements in order to cover any possible dietary deficiencies you might encounter by avoiding dairy products.

This is the basis of the diet I am using to beat my diabetes, so I know it works.

And it is easy to put into practice. All you need to do is to learn how to read food labels so that you can buy the most appropriate food products.

Because you have diabetes, you are likely to be quite overweight if not obese. Once you have been following a beating-diabetes diet like this for three or four weeks, you will notice your weight beginning to drop rapidly.

This is due to the reduced fat and sugar in your diet. You weight will drop until it has reached its natural level with a BMI (body mass index) of less than 25.


I got my blood glucose under control by following the kind of diet outlined above without doing any extra exercise. So it seems that exercise is not necessary in order to beat your diabetes.

However, I have since discovered that exercise does help. For example, I eat the same breakfast every day and check my blood glucose two hours later. Normally I get very similar results. But I have noticed that if I go for a 20-minute walk before checking my blood, my glucose reading will be up to ten percent lower than it would be without that walk.

My experience with diabetes and exercise is borne out by recent studies.

In one recent study, people with type 2 diabetes exercised for 175 minutes a week, ie 15 minutes a day for seven days a week and ate a low calorie diet. Within one year, ten percent were able to give up their diabetes medications or had improved to the point where their glucose readings could be classified as pre-diabetic rather than diabetic.

These average results were much better for those who has less severe or newly diagnosed diabetes or who lost the most weight. Among these people, 20% were able to give up taking their diabetes medications.

I feel that if the subjects in this study had been put on the sort of diet I outlined above, rather than a diet that merely restricted calories, most of them would have been able to give up their medications entirely as I have done.

Reversing diabetes

Properly-conducted clinical trials (published in 1990) showed that a vegan diet along with changes to a patient’s lifestyle can reverse blockages in arteries.

This diet excluded all meat, fish, dairy products and eggs, so that all animal fat and cholesterol was eliminated from the diet.

Each patient had an angiogram when they first joined the trial and again after one year. An angiogram is a an x-ray technique that uses a special dye and a steady stream of x-rays to take pictures of the blood flow in an artery or vein in the head, arms, legs, chest, back, or stomach.

The results of these trials were impressive. The patients’ chest pains ceased and their average LDL (or ‘bad’) cholesterol level fell by 40 percent.

In addition, comparing the angiograms at the start of the trial with the angiograms taken after one year showed that blockages in the coronary arteries (the arteries that lead to the heart muscle) were starting to shrink and that these arteries were opening up again.

The difference could be seen clearly on the angiograms of 82 percent of patients after one year on the special diet and exercise programme – with no heart bypass operations, angioplasties (artery-widening techniques) or cholesterol lowering drugs.

Given the strong connection between heart disease and diabetes – two-thirds of diabetics eventually die of heart disease – it is likely that such a diet can reverse diabetes to the point where the patient is as healthy as he or she was before their diabetes developed, provided the diet is leavened with a rigorous exercise programme.


It seems to me that you can beat your diabetes, ie prevent it damaging your body beyond repair, by following a plant-focused diet along with some exercise. This is a relatively easy thing to do (as I found out for myself) and, provided you avoid all dairy products and eggs, should enable you to give up taking your medications for diabetes.

Reversing your diabetes, so that you revert to the state of health you were in before you developed diabetes, would be a much harder thing to do. But I believe it can be done, by eating a strictly vegan diet (no meat products of any sort at all) and an extreme exercise programme.

Ten Causes of High Blood Pressure

Because of our growing population and the ever increasing of dementia it is especially important for us to preserve our overall health and well-being. One of the best ways for us to do so it is to regulate our blood pressure.

However, before we can regulate our blood pressure, we must become aware of some of the major causes of it. Many of these causes can be avoided with a bit of awareness and self-control as well as a commitment to our overall health and well-being.

Here are the ten of the main causes of blood pressure.

1. Excess salt intake in our diet is a major cause of hypertension. Excess salt intake tightens the blood vessels and increases the resistance to the flow of blood, resulting in hypertension.

2. Excess sugar also causes blood pressure problems. The sugar that we consume when we drink too much pop, eat too much cereal or too many cakes biscuits or muffins can cause difficulties for us.

3. Obesity also causes high blood pressure. Obesity is a growing problem in our western world. Excess fat squeezes the major blood vessels in the body which in turn causes hypertension.

4. Smoking contributes to hypertension. So, we should think of getting rid of our nicotine habit, if we have one. With every puff of smoke you take, your blood turns a little less red and a little blue, depriving your brain of the energy it needs to function properly.

5. Excessive and persistent alcohol intake can lead to higher blood pressure. Excessive drinking is defined by the medical literature as two or more drinks a day.

6. A sedentary lifestyle may be increasingly imposed on us by modern life’s demands and the wired world. We certainly sit a lot more than our ancestors did. And this is increasing our blood pressure and obesity rates at an alarming rate every year.

7. Insufficient or poor quality sleep can also contribute to high blood pressure. Sleeping in long enough to feel rested is not a luxury. It is an opportunity for the brain to rejuvenate itself and for the proper blood supply to reach our brains.

8. Persistent loneliness, high anxiety and depression can also cause hypertension. These conditions can impair our mind and the flow of the blood to our heart.

9. Excess stress can cause problems too. This is because when we are stressed our arteries get overworked and clots and clogs are possible over the long term.

10. Noise also can cause an increase in heart rate. This is especially the case for noise that is irritating to the ears.

By trying to avoid some of these causes of stress, you will be working towards reducing your blood pressure. And this is so important for overall quality of life. This is because without an effectively functioning heart, you cannot have a good quality of life.

Choosing The Right Handbag

One of the accessories that a woman cannot live without is a handbag. This is a “must have” for women not only for fashion purposes but as well for its functionality. There are many bags in the market today, some are branded and made by famous designers, some are cheap, and some are big while others come in different colors. The enormous supply of bags in the market makes it hard for a woman to decide what to buy. If you are one of the many women out there who have problems choosing the right one, here are some thoughts to ponder.

When you go to department store and headed to the bag section, be sure that you have a budget. You may find a very nice bag with a very hefty price tags as well, then you find yourself going home broken hearted because you were not able to buy the bag. That is the problem with most women because they are compulsive buyer. To avoid this kind of scenario, you have to set aside some money to buy what you like. Decide if you would like to have an expensive or a reasonable bag.

The size of the bag also matter. If you are always on the road that needs to carry a lot of things, then obviously you need a big bag. The strap of the bag is also an issue; there are bags in which the straps are either too small or too short. The straps should allow the bag to hang on the hip.

Styles and designs would be a bonus; it should be your personal choice whether you would like to have colorful or simple designs in your handbags. It will really depend on your style and your personality. You might opt to have something which will define you as a person.

Your lifestyle will also be a factor that you need to consider when buying a handbag. If you like to travel, a big handbag is for you. More so, if you travel in public and crowded places, a sling bag or a clutch bag would be perfect.

Handbags are part of a woman’s life, the functionality and the stylish look that it will give its owner is one of the reasons why many women fell in love with its beauty. Some even collect it for no purpose at all. Whether you buy a cheap one or you prefer the designer one, it does not matter. Bags will always be bags which women will always want to have.

Golfers: Back Pain Due to Golf

Many of us tend to take up a sport to lose weight or stay fit. Fitness experts point out that it should be the other way round – you must get into shape to play a sport and this includes golf. Most back pain is preventable and often is caused by too little exercise, over exertion, poor form, lack of flexibility, and poor posture. A slight modification in your lifestyle and understanding of the back will help.

Why are golfers vulnerable to back pain?

Back problems can start either before the golfer starts playing golf or it may start shortly after he starts frequenting a golf course. Majority of the golfers suffer from regular back aches which develop during the course of the game. If left unattended, the problem will be greatly aggravated.

1. The young generation which is physically dysfunctional, pick up golf and start playing for long durations, this sudden repetitive motion is likely to injure them.

2. A closer look at the golf player will show clearly that he tilts his body to one side during the swing action which contributes to the back ache.

3. In an ideal golf swing, the spine is the center and core of the swing. When the axis is shifted as a result of a wrong posture, the back starts hurting.

How to overcome back pain?

Back pain can be mitigated by doing specific golf stretching exercises for a long-term.

1. Most often back ache can develop if players do not exercise regularly or condition their bodies’ specific to the game.

2. Golfers should remember to drink lots of water during the course of the play.

3. A poor stance puts tremendous stress and strain on the lower back. The bent over and crouched position puts much stress on the back, therefore bend from the hips.

4. Strengthening the core muscles should be part of your golf fitness program. Strength workouts will also improve metabolism.

5. If you are overweight, you must lose the extra pounds, the additional weight is bound to compress the spine and discs.

6. Mismatched sets of golf equipments can lead to back ache, they should fit the player perfectly.

7. Researchers report that smoking may increase the risk of lower back problems. Scientifically, nicotine decreases the blood supply to the spine.

8. Avoid the golf cart as the sitting position puts 40% more pressure on the discs than standing. Try walking the course with a pull-cart as this will keep you warmed-up throughout.

Golf-specific exercises for a long term pain-free game:

1. A complete exercise program to strengthen your core and back muscles should include aerobics, strength training and stretching.

2. Instead of a steady-paced walk, try fast walk done in short intervals. For instance, take faster strides for a short period then slow down for a couple of minutes, before picking up speed.

3. A proper warm-up for 5-10 minutes resulting in mild sweating prepares the muscles for a game of golf.

4. An exercise resistance band during your work out helps tone upper body.

5. The torso twist and cobra stretches are fantastic golf stretching exercise that will loosen up your back to minimize pain.

Initial treatment for lower back problems is to stop your activity and ice the lower back for 20 minutes. If the pain persists, a golfer should first consult a chiropractor to check out if any other reason is there behind the pain. Chiropractic is a natural health care method that restores proper alignment and function of the spinal joints and recuperates faster.