Investment Opportunities in Serviced Accommodation

This type of company is generally a disruptive business. The Ford Model T revolutionised the car industry; Dyson did the same for the vacuum cleaner; Amazon took advantage of the Internet to change the way we purchased books all sorts of other products; and now AirBnB have made it simple to book accommodation not in hotels but in people’s homes.

Who does not like to be nosy by looking at how other people live and how their homes reflect their lifestyle and personal taste in home decor and furnishings? It seems therefore that AirBnB really did hit the sweet spot.

While most people will have stayed in a hotel at sometime in their life, they now accept that there are alternative accommodations. The term “serviced accommodation” relates to property that delivers somewhere to eat and sleep but in a property that offers the much more than a conventional hotel by including a fully fitted kitchen, a lounge area in which to relax and additional bedrooms for the rest of the family all within one property that will offer a “home from home” experience.

They have raised the bar so this type of accommodation is now what most people when traveling for both business and pleasure want to stay in. They want somewhere that is flexible so they can stay for a night, or longer; and where they can enjoy spacious accommodation, home comforts, the opportunity to cook a meal to save the cost of eating out at a restaurant; the chance to catch up on their washing and above all, the opportunity to share their experiences with the host, as and when they are resident.

The other contributor to the success of serviced accommodation has been technology. Without this it would not have been possible for the model to gain traction and therefore attract hosts to register their properties, at the speed they have.

Guests have benefited too by having the power and speed to locate properties at the click of a button, possibly for booking on demand; having a friendly person to communicate with throughout the booking process; and having peace of mind, knowing that previous guests have written reviews to say how wonderful the host and property was.

It seems that now travelers have experienced AirBnB, and other online travel websites, as leisure guests they are now insisting that their employers allow them to use the same option for their business travel.

This market is therefore expanding at rapid rate. Research suggests that there are now about 750,000 serviced apartments worldwide – an increase of 80% in just 8 years. In the UK, serviced accommodation supply is expected to grow by 8% in the two years leading up to 2017, outstripping the growth of hotels at 6% according to research performed by Savills, the estate agent.

While supply has increase so has demand. It seems that over 36 million overseas visitors came to Britain in 2015 – an increase of 50% over the previous 12 years. The number of UK residents taking a holiday at home is also on the increase especially as the exchange rate between sterling and both the dollar and euro has depreciated following the referendum vote to leave the EU. This would suggest a long term boom for the British tourism industry and an unprecedented demand for overnight accommodation.

The location and the facilities on offer are the two major contributors to higher occupancy levels. If a property is situated close to good transport links, major companies and popular tourist attractions; as well as being well furnished and fitted it to a high standard it will be popular with guests and therefore be in demand.

Obviously, nobody is forecasting the imminent demise of the hotel industry or the private rental accommodation sector as a whole because they are both substantial but anybody with an eye for a property investment with a generous long-term fixed yield income could do a lot worse than investigate this emerging property investment sector.

Private individuals have often invested in HMO multi-let properties to secure a higher rate of return but recent UK tax changes have made this proposition less attractive.

Now that the serviced accommodation sector is growing at such a rapid rate, there are greater opportunities to realise a higher rental income on these compared to HMO’s. One just needs to be certain that demand and therefore occupancy levels are sufficiently high to provide the margin required to deliver a healthier rate of return than one achieves when leaving money in bank savings accounts.

Hindu Squats – One Of The Most Effective Hamstring Exercises

The health industry is having a feast nowadays due to the increasing demand from people who wish to live longer while looking younger. Companies have produced pills and various exercise machines and introduced ab belts and ab machines just to help people to improve their lifestyles. People dive into gyms, eat healthier diets and try healthier foods just to reach their goal of feeling and looking younger. What they don’t know is that there are actually easy and home based exercises that can actually help with their dilemma.

With the demand for more results in each exercise, trainers and exercise experts have devised a wide range of variations from the basic movements. New exercising techniques have been performed and taught, from the regular pushup, came the dive bomber pushup and the Hindu pushup, which both benefits the whole body positively. For the lower body and the benefit of the hamstrings and the lungs, from the regular squat, comes the Hindu squat, also known as bethaks and have been done for many years by Indian wrestlers for their training.

Beneficial for the lungs, Hindu squats are also one of the most effective hamstring exercises as it adds tension to the hind thighs throughout the exercise.

To begin the Hindu squat, start with an upright position. Your feet must be shoulder width apart, with your arms stretched out in front of you. Inhale as you close your fists and slowly pull your arms back to your to forefront your underarms. Make sure to pull back strongly but slowly, tightening your grip as you reach your body.

With your back straight, slowly bend your knees and lower yourself down in a few counts, exhaling as you go along. Make sure to take each step slow as to magnify the benefits of the exercise. As you go down, forcefully drop your arms slowly, still clenched straight, if possibly behind your back and stretch your arms down as you reach the lowest possible position on your bended knees. When you reach your knees, slowly rise on your toes, and refrain from moving to quick and falling off your stance.

After a few counts, rise slowly, back still straight and swing your arms chest forward to parallel the floor as per first move. While rising, slowly lower your heels to the floor to give more balance to yourself when you stand fully at the last stance. Do several Hindu squats for full counts with your daily hamstring exercises.

3 Must Have Essential Oils to Calm Your Pet

The reason I love animals so much is that they give off an attitude of happiness, innocence and unconditional love to their people.  Our pets are just as happy being a part of our household as we are of having them with us.

But sometimes an animal comes into our life that is a bit “out there!”

For instance, the dog that has an irrational fear of rain and won’t for the life of him go outside to potty during a rain shower.  Or the cat who hides for hours when a friend comes over.  Or, how about the dog with attachment issues that destroys the house while you’re at work?  Any of these sound familiar?

My cat’s, Sammie and Max, love to hang out on our screened-in patio.  But whenever the garbage truck comes rolling in, they flee for their lives!

It might sound crazy to us, but whatever your animal’s fears or wacky behaviors may be, they are completely legitimate in their minds.

Using essential oils on your animals can really take the edge off of their anxiety, big time!

Because of an animal’s heightened senses, they respond very well to essential oils.  In the wild, animals eat specific plants to heal themselves.  In captivity (our homes), the plant kingdom is not readily available.  Using essential oils on your pet gives them access to the vast healing properties of nature.

The three best essential oils to calm your pets are:


Roman Chamomile

Peace & Calming® (a blend from Young Living)

These essential oils can be used to support your animal with; fear of rain and thunderstorms, separation anxiety, hyperactivity, trauma/abuse, depression, Illness, trips to the vet’s office, grief/loss of another family pet and any other situation that causes great stress for your animal, such as garbage trucks!

When you apply essential oils to animals, always remember less is more as animals are very sensitive to essential oils.

Also, with animals, it’s best to dilute essential oils with a carrier oil such as organic olive oil.  I recommend one part essential oil to 1 part carrier oil for all animals EXCEPT cats. The dilution ratio for cats is 1 part essential oil to 10 parts carrier oil.

Use caution with cats!

Any of the essential oils listed in this article are safe for dogs and horses, however; cats are a different story! Cats are extremely sensitive to essential oils containing phenols, such as oregano and thyme. Cats can not effectively metabolize phenols because they lack an enzyme in their liver to digest the phenols. Avoid Peace & Calming® essential oil blend on your cat, as it does contain phenols. Lavender and Roman Chamomile essential oils ARE safe for cats.

How to apply essential oils on dogs, horses and cats:

For calming dogs:

Mix 1 drop Lavender, Roman Chamomile or Peace & Calming® essential oil with 1 drop carrier oil.  Rub this mixture on your dogs pads, ears or comb through their fur.  Apply any time you sense your dog is stressed.

For calming horses:

Mix 1 drop Lavender, Roman Chamomile or Peace & Calming® essential oil with 1 drop carrier oil. Rub this mixture on your horse’s muzzle, ears or cornet bands. Apply any time your horse is stressed.

For calming cats:

Mix 1 drop Lavender or Roman Chamomile essential oil with 10 drops carrier oil. Rub this mixture on your cat’s pads, ears or comb through their fur. Apply any time your cat is stressed.

By the way, the essential oils in this article are also good for easing your anxieties, too!  Dilution is not required on humans.  Just apply a drop or two on your wrists, shoulders or behind your ears.

And the next time you’re opening up a bottle of lavender essential oil, share some with your animal friends!  They’ll thank you!

© 2008 Christa McCourt

Do Pilates, Live Longer – Part One

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) defines stress as “the adverse reaction people have to excessive pressure or other types of demand placed on them.” The HSE has commissioned research into stress levels in the workplace all over the UK and have come up with the following jaw-dropping statistics:-

1. Approximately 500,000 people in the UK experience work-related stress at a level that they believe is making them ill.

2. Five million people in the UK feel “very” or “extremely” stressed by their work.

3. Around 12.8 million working days a year were lost to stress and stress-related illness in 2004/5. (Probably even higher in the U.S.).

And this is just the tip of the iceberg… this is just the work-related stress. Add to that the stresses of family life (need I say more?), the stress of making enough money to keep the wolf from the door and enjoy a pleasant lifestyle, the stress of trying to be who and what everyone wants us to be…and so on.

Some level of stress is essential to our functioning…we just wouldn’t be motivated to actually DO anything without it. When it’s something we want to do, we call it exciting. When it’s something we’d rather not do, we call it stressful! The effect on our body and mind is actually the same, believe it or not. Adrenaline shoots round our system, heart rate and blood pressure rise, our pupils dilate, our muscles get ready for action…. And then Daniel Craig puts his clothes back on!!

But you get my drift….our bodies are designed by Mother Nature to go into “Fight or Flight” mode, seeing as that’s what kept us alive millions of years ago when that noise in the bushes could have meant that either Bambi or Godzilla was behind us…

So life without any kind of stress would be unutterably boring. But our lives today have stresses that last over long periods of time – stresses that can’t be dealt with by running away or bashing something with a club…tempting though it may seem when your boss/child/mother-in-law is winding you up! And stress over a long period of time is what does us in. Your body is not designed to deal with these hormones staying in the system – the idea was that once Man had escaped from the predator, the hormones subsided. Job Well Done. Man then either slept, ate said predator or….You get the idea! (This is where Daniel Craig reappears…)

Long-term exposure to stress hormones can cause problems inside us. Big problems. High blood pressure, heart disease, strokes and some forms of cancer have been linked to high levels of stress sustained for years. Stress is one of the main causes of premature death in the developed world. Sobering thought, isn’t it? Well, now that you’ve read all this and got all stressed about your stress levels, what can you do about them?

You’ll have to read the next instalment for stress-busting ideas! (Hint: This might just involve some Pilates). Until next time…

All the best,

Wall Mount Speakers

Wall speakers are the new hip thing in surround sound systems because it eliminates the wires on the ground that are in the way and it also eliminates the space taken by regular sound systems because they are mounted to the walls.

If you want your surround sound system to look classy and get rid of the wiring problem you should consider buying wall mount speakers for your home entertainment room.

The definition of speaker: speaker is a device which receives commands from the player (CD, DVD, MP3 etc.) via a cable or signal which is then converted so that the speakers play the sound of a song or video that played.

The wall mount speakers have audio enchantments that is linked with the master speaker of the system, this audio enchantment advances a few features of this system like; the bass, treble, small and soft sound details so that you can feel at ease when you have a wall mount system in your entertainment room.

There are a big variety of wall mounts to choose from which will be compatible with most of the brands in the market and you can also place them on speaker stands.

By adjusting your wall speakers to the right angles and levels you can improve your sound quality of your entertainment system to your likes.

One of the key reasons why we buy sound systems for our homes is to get the satisfaction of the movie experience in our homes that is why we sometime even buy the high brand name Sound systems to get the best surround sound out of the system.

When buying wall mount speakers just make sure you do not buy cheap products because you will sooner or later pay extra to either fix your current system or to buy a new one, so pay a little extra to make sure you do not buy a cheap system to satisfy your needs and a long lasting system.

If you want to know anything more on wall mount speakers, surround sound systems, where to buy the products and reviews on these sound products, please visit the following sites.

Best Home Businesses For 2010

The advent of the year 2010 brings a new frontier to entrepreneurship in the form of home businesses. It has been predicted that more new home businesses will be started during the first few months of the New Year than ever before. The days of working for a measly paycheck and owing your freedom to a corporation are gone. There is a solution to the unemployment crisis, and it is definitely in entrepreneurship.

But how can you pick the best home businesses for 2010 from the extensive list? How can you be sure you have picked a legitimate business in which you will be able to realize the lifestyle of your dreams within a reasonable amount of time? Where can you find the best home businesses for 2010?

Most people who have listened to the claims of the MLM companies have been frustrated beyond belief. There are so many supplements and potions available, and downlines come and go so quickly that the residual incomes are not dependable. Except for a few lucky individuals, MLM incomes are just not what they are cracked up to be.

Starting your business on your own can be a daunting task if you do not know the ins and outs of internet marketing. In fact, no matter how good a product you have to offer, you will become frustrated if you do not have internet marketing knowledge.

The answer to finding the best home businesses for 2010 lies in becoming educated in marketing and in finding leverage to catapult your business to success. No matter what you want to sell, you need to become associated with a group of experienced and successful internet marketers who are willing to share their secrets with you. You need constant and consistent encouragement along with mentorship to stay the course until you are successful enough to share with others. When you are searching the best home businesses in 2010, you must keep in mind that there must be support from the successful members.

Google has cracked down on internet businesses due to all the scams and false claims. So, you will find that it is difficult to research legitimate income claims. However, you should make sure that you will have mentorship. Your upline should be able to point you to information describing the compensation plan and training resources before you invest more than a refundable application fee. You should have full access to all training resources as soon as you join the business. There should be conferences and conventions where you can meet the top producers face to face.

The best home businesses for 2010 will have a lucrative compensation plan. This will either involve the sales of top tier products or huge volumes of lower cost products. There should be initial payouts plus long term residual compensation. Remember that a larger initial investment is required for any serious business, but the income potential should be greater. If you are not able to obtain the initial investment, you should find out if there are less expensive levels at which you can start while you learn the business.

You need to assess your strengths and weaknesses when evaluating the best home businesses for 2010. If you are not great at closing sales, you should definitely consider joining a company which provides leverage by professional closing assistance. If you do not have web design experience, you should join a company which provides turnkey, but brandable websites. If you do not have marketing experience, you should find a company that provides the training you will need to succeed.

There is nothing more satisfying than to be in control of your own destiny and to be able to make a mark on the world and leave a lasting legacy. With determination, focus, patience, and a relentless passion for freedom and the desire to help others achieve the same, you are assured of finding the best home businesses for 2010.

125 Action Statements and Power Phrases

1. If you’re having a tough time getting by on your salary now, how well do you think your family will get by without it?

2. The only thing worse than a home without a mother is a mother without a home, isn’t it?

3. You can say, “I don’t need it”, but can you say “my family won’t need it”?

4. The most valuable asset that a father can leave his children is their mother’s full time care, isn’t it?

5. More good things are lost by indecision than by wrong decision, aren’t they?

6. Someone always pays for life insurance, whether a man buys or not; the question is, who….the man or his family?

7. You say come back in September… But whom should I ask for if you’re not here in September?

8. The difference between an old man and an elderly gentleman can be a decent income can’t it?

9. Wives may not believe in life insurance, but widows always do.

10. Life insurance is a shield to meet the blow that you can’t see coming isn’t it?

11. You would certainly give your life for your children, so why not insure it for them?

12. Have you ever met a widow who said that her husband had too much life insurance?

13. Life insurance is the only plan that will guarantee a known sum at an unknown time.

14. You haven’t needed it (life insurance) yet? Do you carry a spare tyre in your car? Do you own an umbrella? Do you check for the parachute in the aeroplane?

15. The worst time for a wife to become a breadwinner is when she first becomes a widow.

16. If you wouldn’t like to live the rest of your life on the face amount of your present insurance, how do you expect your wife to?

17. Income is provided for a widow or by her isn’t it?

18. Losing a father is bad enough, inheriting a part time mother makes it worse, doesn’t it?

19. You can put me off, but you can’t put my competitors off – death and disability.

20. Life insurance won’t keep people from dying, but it will keep their plans from dying with them.

21. Any partnership that operates without a proper buy/sell agreement is living on borrowed time.

22. It isn’t easy to be old or poor, but it’s a great deal worse to be both.

23. You finish the job if you live; we finish the job for you if you die, become disabled or long term sick.

24. Whatever reason you may have for not starting this plan now will only sound ridiculous to your widow.

25. Just because you stop working doesn’t mean you stop loving your wife, children & grandchildren. That’s why you have permanent life insurance isn’t it?

26. Would you like to buy your parents interest in the company for less then 5 cents in the dollar?

27. Partnerships are like a seesaw. One man gets off the other falls off. Is your business succession plan like that?

28. It’s better to use insurance to protect the partnership because while you will pay $1,000,000 for your partners share you really pay very little for the $1,000,000, don’t you?

29. No person ever dies at the right time, do they?

30. A person needs credit to live, but their family needs cash when they die, don’t they?

31. You may last longer than your money

32. Tell me, how will you treat all your children equally in your will?

33. No debt should last longer than the person who created it, should it?

34. If you buy insurance or not, in the end someone will pay for it.

35. Life insurance is time. The time you might not have. If you need time you need life insurance.

36. Your wife should be left something that will take care of her – not something she will have to take care of, shouldn’t she?

37. Have you a plan to pay for capital gains tax or will you let the family sell assets to cover your oversight?

38. A professional loans their educated brain to create income for their family to live on. Unfortunately the brain is not a going concern. When it terminates, so too does the income it generates.

39. No has always been the first two letters of nothing. I have never liked what nothing implies. Would I be right in assuming that you do not like the meaning of no either?

40. In the final analysis, all you can leave your wife with is “the dignity of choice” isn’t it?

41. If you had a goose that laid golden eggs, would you insure the eggs or the goose that laid them?

42. If you can save as much money in the next five years as you have in the last five years, will you be satisfied?

43. Life insurance? Anybody who doesn’t believe in it ought to have the right to die without it at least once.

44. Sometimes the biggest price in the world is doing nothing. A lot of people do nothing wrong; they just do nothing. That’s what’s wrong.

45. What formula did you use to arrive at the amount of life insurance you have at the moment?

46. What percentage of your income in a lump sum would you like to leave your wife and children?

47. If your partner became permanently disabled or long term sick, how long would you be willing to do 100% of the work for 50% of the profits?

48. If it were free how much insurance would you like?

49. Do you know anyone who has died who had too much insurance?

50. If you were to die because of some one else’s negligence, how much would you want your family to sue for? Should they have any less if you die by other means?

51. Do you have trouble accumulating money and keeping it?

52. What type of lifestyle would you like when you retire? What type of lifestyle will you have if you are forced to retire because of ill health?

53. If you were not here could you pay for all of your children’s higher education or just a percentage of it?

54. What assets would your executor have to sell up to allow your wife and children to keep living in their current lifestyle?

55. Are you aware of your most valuable asset and do you know how much income it is capable of producing in your lifetime?

56. What would happen to your estate if you had died last night?

57. You and your wife together can handle debt, but can she handle debt by herself?

58. Would your executor be embarrassed by the lack of liquidity in your estate?

59. Long term insurance is a good idea in retirement. Just because you retire doesn’t mean you stop loving your family or their need for estate equalisation.

60. Life insurance is like a parachute in an aeroplane. If you ever want it and have not got it, you will never need it again.

61. At no time in life is a wife less able to become a bread winner than when she first becomes a widow.

62. One ordinary father can support four children, but it takes four extraordinary children to support one father

63. A life insurance person brings no financial problem to any prospect, they only bring the solutions.

64. If every wife knew what every widow knows, every husband would be insured for more, wouldn’t they?

65. I can understand your hesitation to pay the $800 premium. You may feel that you are making a mistake. Would you rather make an $800 mistake or a $250,000 mistake?

66. If you suffered a traumatic illness or serious accident would you sooner lose your home or your mortgage?

67. Do you have a family debt extinguishable fund?

68. If you were permanently disabled which assets could your partner sell for full value?

69. Are your debts “good” debt or “bad” debt?

70. “Your price is too high!” Is that if you take the cover, or if you don’t?

71. Do you want your bank to have first call on your estate?

72. If your family was in Financial Free Fall, wouldn’t it be nice to know we could provide the Parachute?

73. If you weren’t here, who would you want to take care of your obligations?

74. Who do you want to inherit your debt?

75. What other assets are instantly created for your family and estate if you die?

76. Tell me what you want to leave out of your debt reduction program. Is it the capital redemption or the promises to your children that their mother may not be able to keep?

77. Which is harder for a widow? Being unprepared or being unfunded?

78. Do you see your family being disadvantaged by the unknown or being disadvantaged by being unfunded?

79. If I could deliver you a guaranteed amount of money for a specified event at an unknown time in the future, would you be interested?

80. We don’t have a choice about good luck or bad luck, do we? It just happens!

81. Your insurance should compensate for an event, not encourage it’s occurrence

82. If life cover was FREE, how much would you want to take?

83. If you became long term sick or permanently disabled, which would you sooner lose, your house or your mortgage?

84. If you knew you were going to die tomorrow, how much insurance would you demand of me?

85. You don’t buy insurance because some one may die; you buy it because families and people keep on living, don’t you?

86. If you don’t protect your income, how will you be able to pay for or afford your other insurances?

87. Even if a couple become divorced or separated, the ex-partner will not see another maintenance payment should the income earner die. How will that affect your children?

88. How would your family be affected if you couldn’t work for 2 years?

89. Which is more important to your wife? The size of your overdraft whilst you’re alive and well or getting rid of the overdraft when you are not here or are unwell?

90. Are you leaving your family an asset or the asset and a liability?

91. What is your gross estate value? What is your net estate value?

92. Are you aware that your children stand to lose two parents if your partner is forced to go back to work after the death of a spouse?

93. How big a reduction in your income could you absorb/sustain if you became disabled?

94. If you were totally disabled yesterday how much would you need to clear your debt?

95. If you were totally disabled yesterday how much capital would you need to produce the income you have now?

96. Modern medicine is saving lives, but it is converting death to disability : long-term economic death. As important as you are, do you know anyone who will pay you an income for the rest of your life should you become disabled?

97. This plan will pay 75% of your salary when no one else will

98. Your family’s outcome relies on your income

99. Earned Income is an extremely delicate and easily destructible asset subject to three hazards; death, early retirement and long term disability. It can be compared with a 3-legged stool; if one leg gives way, the whole stool topples over.

100. Saving your life shouldn’t mean losing your savings

101. Income Protection benefits are Dollars of Dignity. They mean not having to beg, diminishing reliance on charity, not having to borrow (if you still can), sending your spouse or partner out to work, asset sell off, capital erosion or life style down grading.

102. Doctor, have you ever heard of a physician being pensioned by his patients when he was laid up from accident or sickness?

103. (I can’t afford it.) If your salary was cut by $10 per week would you quit your job?

104. (See me later). Before we plan a later date Mr. Prospect, wouldn’t it be eminently sensible to see if you qualify first?

105. Of course you are right, you do realize that life insurance can provide capital to earn income from after you have passed away. But what if you are seriously injured and don’t die?

106. Naturally your superannuation will provide you with an income when you retire. But what if you have to retire early?

107. Comparing the number of doctors to the number of undertakers in the phone book, will give you an indication of the number of unwell people requiring attention compared to the lesser number of deaths requiring attention.

108. You are aware that the biggest gamble your partner and family can ever take is on you. Why not minimize the risk with an income protection plan?

109. Would your bank manager pay off your mortgage if you had a heart attack?

110. If a sole proprietor tells you his business will run itself while he is off, then ask him why he is not at the beach or on the golf course every day instead of enjoying himself

111. Life insurance pays when you die. But what happens if you are only 1/2 dead?

112. Can you guarantee immortality?

113. Did you know that insurance can now be paid on diagnosis of specific diseases and insurable conditions?

114. Do you want your family to have to sell their house if you became disabled or long term ill?

115. What happens if your money machine breaks down?

116. People are money machines. They produce income called money. When the machine breaks down is destroyed or fails to operate the income stops.

117. Did you know there are two ways to make money? People at work and money at work. Money at work is a whole lot easier isn’t it?

118. You have an accountant and a solicitor, but do you have anyone whose responsibility it is to deliver money in the event of a death, disability or long-term injury or sickness?

119. If you were not here what percentage of your children’s higher education would you like them to have?

120. What would happen to your estate if you had died last night?

121. Who would you like to serve as guardian and trustee for your children if you and your spouse died?

122. If the entire family dies in a disaster, to whom do your want you estate to pass?

123. “Whatever the dollar’s future value, the man who has one will be better off than the man who doesn’t.”

124. “You say you have trouble living within your income — consider living without your income.”

125. Ask upfront “What has been the major problem you have had with my industry in the past that I would need to be aware of as we build a relationship together?”

Basic Facts on Hemorrhoid Treatment – Prevention is Better Than Cure

Knowledge on the cause of hemorrhoid is a surefire way to avoid this troublesome problem. However, those who are already suffering from it may find the knowledge can be used for hemorrhoid treatment. In knowing how this condition starts, one can take the initiative to avoid worsening the problem and eventually get rid of it.

Knowing The Facts

Many of us believe that the onset of hemorrhoid is because of our genes. This is partly true since those who are born with weak vein walls tend to get this problem often if they aren’t careful. However, our habits and daily lifestyle is also a factor why we get this problem during our lifetime. Hemorrhoid treatment is possible if you know the reason why hemorrhoids appear and utilize this knowledge to avoid worsening the situation.

Dietary Concern

An alternative hemorrhoid treatment is to watch out what you eat. Since the problem stems from the circulation of our blood, blockages causing the vein walls to swell; it is necessary to avoid food that are high in cholesterol that can be a detriment to our circulatory system.

Also, another cause of hemorrhoid is bowel movement. Abnormalities in our digestive system may cause us to exert more pressure during bowel that might cause our vein walls to swell due to stress. Diarrhea is one culprit another is feces that are too hard or big to get rid of. It is advisable eat food that are high in fiber to ease bowel movement.

Fashion Statement

What we wear may also become the reason why we get hemorrhoids. A part of natural hemorrhoid treatment is to avoid wearing clothing or undergarments that are too tight for our body size, especially underwear, bikinis, and bathing suits. Tight clothing may cause blockages on our veins that will result to hemorrhoid if you always wear them.

Get Rid Of The Habit

While you’re at it; you might want to look into your daily habits if you want this natural hemorrhoid treatment to work. One cause of hemorrhoid is prolonged sitting or standing. Taking too long on your bowel movement is also a culprit. Unhealthy lifestyle, such as smoking and drinking alcohol affects our circulatory system. If you want a successful hemorrhoid treatment then you need to break the habit.

Finding Ways to End Your Tinnitus

Ringing in the ears can be a difficult thing to deal with. It may sound like a buzz saw. You may think that you are surrounded by thousands of crickets as they chirp. It can be very distracting. It can also interfere with your hearing. Simple things like talking on the telephone can be very difficult. You might be searching for ways to end your tinnitus. Here are some natural remedies to consider.

Not all remedies will work for everyone. Ringing in the ears can be caused by a number of things. Some reasons are unknown. Inner ear disease and noise exposure, are two known reasons. This makes treating the disorder, difficult. However, there are things that may help you.


Niacin is a B vitamin. It is also a known vasodilator. Often times, vasodilators can help conditions like ringing in the ears. They relax blood vessels and increase blood flow. When you take niacin on an empty stomach, you may notice that your face turns red or flushes. This is due to the fact that more blood is available to the head. Your ears may also turn red. Vasodilators increase blood to the ears. In many cases, this may help to alleviate conditions like ear buzzing and dizziness.

To work best, niacin should be taken on an empty stomach. This improves the “flush” factor. Start with as low dose as possible. With some people, it may be as low as 25 milligrams. You can take this two to three times daily. It may take a week or so to feel any positive effects. It will not work for everyone. The time release niacin is not recommended for this therapy.

Ginkgo is often used in the same manner. It is supposed to increase circulation to the head. Some people feel better concentration when taking ginkgo supplements.


Sometimes  lifestyle  changes can help the buzzing. Try to cut down on caffeine, salt, and nicotine. These things have been known to make the ringing worse. Stress may also be a factor. Regular exercise and a healthy diet may make a difference.

White noise

The buzzing can make sleeping very difficult. White noise machines help to mask the sound. An inexpensive white noise, is a radio. Place the radio between stations and turn the sound up. It may help you sleep.


Buzzing in the ears can be maddening at times. You may search for ways to end your tinnitus. Some people may be helped with vasodilators like niacin and ginkgo. Avoiding caffeine, nicotine, and salt, may help. At night, white noise can make sleeping possible.

Ejacumax Review – How Does It Work?

Some male enhancement products are very specific in what they help, and do not promote results with erectile dysfunction or even male impotency. Ejacumax is a perfect example of a product designed for one specific thing. What this daily supplement does for men is increase sperm count. It even claims to increase sperm count up to 500 times your current level, which is a bit of a stretch in anyone’s eyes. It also advertises that it will increase the quality of orgasm a man will have because of the increase in sperm in his ejaculate. What is surprising though is that this male enhancement pill does not help men with premature ejaculation, even though it deals solely with sperm count and orgasms.

The ingredient list for Ejacumax is going to look a lot different from most male enhancement pills you see because it is not designed to increase erections, or help increase sex drive. The ingredients used in this formula are Vitamin B6, 5 HTP, Melatonin, Passion Flora, St. John’s Wort, and Yi Zhi Ren Extract. Most of these ingredients are completely unfamiliar, but they do remain to be safe. Their effectiveness with helping men with increasing their sperm count is to be seen, because most are unproven. It is hard to tell with products like these just by what makes up the formula if they are going to actually work or not. Nonetheless, no prescription is needed to take Ejacumax, and it can be found online for purchase.

This male enhancement pill isn’t as simply to take from first glance. Yes, all you have to do is take it orally every day, because it is a pill, but there are a lot of other factors to if it will work for you or not. It is recommended to see full results that you do not smoke or drink while taking Ejacumax. On top of that, no drug use is recommended at all, you should make sure your diet is very healthy, and you should be exercising daily. This makes this pill only for people that live a perfectly healthy lifestyle. To expect a total lifestyle change just to increase sperm count is a bit much too ask out of any man.

The only real benefits to be seen by taking this supplement is if you are really trying to have kids, or you are suffering from very dulled orgasms. The consumer market for this product is very small, and is even smaller because you should be in perfect health to take it, so it is not surprising that many men have chosen other product to take before they choose Ejacumax.