So Long, Sleeping Pills!

Whether you are a hard-charging executive or a hard-working stay-at-home parent, insomnia or other sleep disorders can be devastating to your energy levels and productivity. Whenever people have trouble sleeping, their first thought is usually of sleeping pills. Television ads run by pharmaceutical companies lead us to believe that these medications are safe, effective and approved for long-term use. However, you should consider the following facts before racing off to your doctor for a prescription. You may want to think about gentler natural alternatives.

First, are sleeping pills as effective as you’ve been led to believe? If you want to fall asleep tonight and you take a prescription sleep aid, then you will probably be able to. But one night isn’t really the problem, is it? Your goal is to eliminate your sleep problem completely. That is, you want to do what’s necessary to fall into sleep quickly and stay asleep for the optimum number of hours.

Unfortunately, if you rely on a pill to achieve this goal, the pill will let you down in a big way. The more likely result is that the medication will be a little less effective each time you take it. On top of that, you’re at risk for developing a long-term chemical dependency.

After all, the whole point of getting a good night’s sleep is to improve the way you feel during the day. This is another area where prescription sleep aids fail miserably. Most sleeping pills have a significant “hangover” effect. Even though you may feel like you have achieved a deeper sleep, many people find that it’s much more difficult to wake up fully. The after-effects of these medications tend to leave you in a fog where making decisions is difficult and thinking clearly is nearly impossible.

So where does that leave you? Don’t worry, there are plenty of alternatives to sleeping pills. Herbal remedies for sleep have been used safely and effectively for years. Some formulations have been with us since ancient times. There are also adjustments you can make to your diet, lifestyle and sleeping environment that will have a much more beneficial effect on your sleep than chemical solutions.

Don’t allow yourself to be hooked by the promises of television advertising. Imagine how wonderful it would be to go through your day with a clear mind and a quick step, all because you made the natural choice.

Don’t Waste Your Final Years On Being Old

As you read this I’m not sure how you define old so I won’t disappoint you by giving you my age (although many of you know it) but let’s assume “old” for many people is defined after they hit sixty?

I’m sure many of you are so young you can’t even imagine yourself that old and I’ll bet many of you older than sixty never imagined you would be this old. Therefore, you have no interest in this article – but beware – you will be there before you know it. Just ask most of the older folks you know and I’ll bet most of them will admit that the years have passed by so fast they couldn’t even keep track of them.

So, I’m not going to tray and convince you folks under sixty that you should wake up and smell the roses – you’ve heard it all before but I am going to focus on why most older folks need to spend less time being old and more time being young.

Old – Having lived or existed for a relatively long time; far advanced in years or life. Relatively advanced in age. (What’s a relatively long time? My addition).

FYI – The current average life span in America is – 77.6 years. S_____ I’m almost there. Oh well, back to my article.

Why do so many people let their age define their lifestyle, attitudes, behavior or even their goals and dreams? I could give you hundreds of examples of people throughout history who didn’t really start to hit their stride until they were over sixty and many into their seventies and even eighties?

I’m sure you know many people who are old or older. You may even one of them. Some of you may be getting to ready to retire this year or looking forward to retirement in the near future. Want a scary statistic? The current average life span of the average retiree at age 65 is 5-7 years. Yes, many people make it to ninety and some pass away at 66 but the average is only a few short years and why?

Because these folks lose their reason for living, being and even surviving. There is no more reason to get up every day – why bother – it will just be the same ole same ole. Sad.

I’m certainly not at all or in any way belittling retirement, however it just isn’t in my vocabulary or DNA so here I sit typing away (at 20 words per minute).

You’ve probably heard the line – how old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were? My mentor Mark Twain was once asked by a reporter, Mr. Twain how old are you and his response (so just Mark Twainish) was “My age is none of my business.”

The day I read that – that became one of my many life mantras. Age is a number and old age is a big number.

What I really want to ask you is – how are you defining your life as the years creep up on you? Slowing down? Speeding up? Starting new stuff? Letting go of dreams, goals and desires? Not sure what to do next? So many questions and so little time.

Here’s the right question – what are you going to do with the years you have left before it’s too late… think about it!

How Father Time Can Make You A Fashion Icon

Time really does fly by and often it brings about certain psychological peculiarities in the fashion realm. Years ago I remember my elder’s talking and showing me their iconic fashion pieces such as their leather jacket, suit, coat, sunglasses, wallet, etc. mentioning them as a matter of fact or sometimes with boastful pride that they’ve had these items far longer than I was as alive at the time. And because they were from a different era, they only had one signature piece that they wore regularly. These pieces were fashionable and functional, and still remained so decades after they bought them. Whether it was a question that the clothes matched the middle age person or whether it was the clothes themselves as a stand-alone were the main attraction it’s a matter of opinion based on emotion.

Fashion houses today produce hot & trendy stuff which are quickly forgotten in the next season, stuff which include replicas of those traditional Americana pieces. Despite their vintage designer label how many people will actually keep these items as long as their grandparents – the Real McCoys of yesterday? Ironically these Americana replica items are now made overseas because of cost controls (a.k.a. cheap labor), not in the USA where the originals were made.

Additionally our elders were able to maintain these items much longer not just because the quality was superior but their hard-working blue collar lifestyle kept them from becoming obese. Nowadays people must discard or donate their clothing every so often because of a sedentary lifestyle. Gramps could still fit comfortably into his leather jacket when he bought it when he was a whipper-snapper.

Now that I’m older I realized that there are several items which I bought in the 20th century, made in the USA, that are durable, functional and continue to be stylish including rugged goose-down jackets when they were first introduced and leather jackets made of thick horsehide that is so heavy that it almost feels bullet-proof.

When we realize and admit that you’re becoming your father or mother it’s certainly true in the fashion sense for a particular generation. So what does this all mean? It means that Father Time has passed the torch to you and now you represent that era when great clothes made the man and woman, a walking promotion that iconic symbols of what luxury is all about: class, functionality, durability and, of course, stylishness.

Spanish Schools

Going to a Spanish school will help you learn the language quickly and it will help you learn it effectively. However, we don’t always have the time or the means to get to an institution, and even less if we have a tight schedule. There are international Spanish courses where you can go to study. In my opinion these programs are the best since you’re in direct contact with the language and you can use it everyday.

Schools are sometimes also expensive, which doesn’t help when you are on a budget. These combined reasons, including time, money and place, make it sometimes hard to attend such classes. When I first started learning the language, I looked around but in the end I settled on a home study course instead of school.

Taking classes is a very good choice if you can fit it in with your lifestyle. A very important fact when you are trying to learn a language is your motivation. If you don’t want to learn the language, then you won’t apply effort and your learning won’t be very effective. With the added stress of having to attend Spanish school, you might lose interest in learning Spanish and find it boring.

Learning it isn’t very hard, and you can accomplish it simply by doing sessions at home with the proper Spanish course. When I first wanted to learn Spanish, I started out with a course called Rocket Spanish. I had done my research and everyone suggested that one since it was, to their knowledge, the best one. Today I can speak fluent Spanish and I didn’t even attend Spanish school.

If you want to learn the language, then you can simply do like I did. I was able to learn quite well from Rocket Spanish, and if I was able to do so you will be too. Rocket Spanish is a series of audio files and audio games which help you learn Spanish. When I was using the course, all the Spanish people I would talk with would tell me how good I was in pronouncing and in accenting my Spanish. This is the result of Rocket Spanish.

I’d truly love it if you would hear about my experience learning Spanish with Rocket Spanish. I’ll tell you what worked for me and why, and I’ll also analyze Rocket Spanish with you.

Trump’s Fascination With Wrestling – I Think We Are Witnessing Why Trump Was In Wrestlemania

I Saw Him Coming Like A Freight Train

Every since I got a glimpse in the early 90’s or Trump, I saw someone who I was completely at odds with when it came to his choice of lifestyle. I saw him on an interview on entertainment tonight, and I thought he was a materialistic idiot. That was a stark contrast to the way I was raised. I always knew deep down, that I was not an ultra-materialistic person. I judged my manhood on how great of an athlete I was, and how I fared in competition at sporting activities, rather on how much money I had. I always thought that working to the point of hardly having free time in life, was completely stupid. I noticed that Trump seemed bitter and hateful considering what he had in life. The next time I was forced to here about Trump (besides all of the subliminal news by the tabloids), I heard he was going to appear at Wrestlemania and wrestle Vince Mcmahon. I then started seeing him as not only a very materialistic and ego driven person (who I thought may have been insecure), but now someone who wanted to be known as a tough guy. He had been constantly in the tabloids up to that point. I couldn’t get him out of my ears if I was to turn on the TV.

That being said, I started thinking that this man is going to be in the news for the rest of his life, but why? Did America think that this was a definition of what all men should strive for? Why would they be pushing him on the public so much (what was the fascination?). I saw myself as a “180” of what he stood for. I stood for being the absolute very best athlete (something that money couldn’t buy). That’s the standard of which I still live by. He stood for wealth at all cost, even if it meant stepping on peoples’ toes. On the other hand, I stood for things that money couldn’t buy. I would have rather been the best basketball or overall athlete in the world, rather than the richest. To me, there can only be one overall best athlete in the world. For the ultra-materialistic, like Trump, although his lifestyle dictates what money can buy, and that he is the most powerful, given his money, there will always be someone with more money than he.

What Makes A Man?

I was born in Brandon, Fl. My parents were middle class, and I loved dressing surfer style. I like to think I set my own trend. Looking at my pictures as a kid, I was ahead of my time with the way I dressed. I thought of myself as a surfer/metal-head. Brandon ended up becoming synonymous with Death Metal, named for the band who called themselves “Death.” I hung around some of the same circles that some of the original “death” bands hung around. I always saw myself as having influence on friends, even though I didn’t want the spotlight — at all as a kid!

I am against Trump’s moral code, and one thing I can tell you is that I don’t like it. I think we need to oust Trump. I actually tried to call him out at a rally in Ocala, Fl. I got his attention, being that I was 6 rows back. After making initial eye contact with me, I noticed he didn’t look my way after that, until almost after he was done speaking (he didn’t even turn his head my way, throughout the rest of his speech!). At the end of his speech when he was getting his round of applause, he pointed and smile at me and winked. I just happened to be standing next to some good-looking girls though. There were very few younger girls there; most were older rednecks, and it was after all, Ocala, Fl, and the rally was held in a livestock stable. I wanted to confront him on climate change. Only time will tell what happens with Trump, but we need more of a representative on what men should strive to become — definitely not him!

Home Decor – Family With Dogs

We were finally ready for a dog in our home. We researched different breeds to match our lifestyle. We both wanted a big dog with a gentle disposition, and, as we looked through the pictures of the different breeds, one caught our attention. Bernese Mountain Dogs are beautiful, big and sweet-natured. This was what our new “baby” was to be! After meeting with the breeder, and a bit of a wait, we brought home our little fella, Dante.

We were very happy to have a vinyl kitchen floor during potty training. Although he was quick to learn, he was after all a puppy. Vinyl floors are durable and very easy to keep clean. This was also a blessing because Dante had no idea how to wipe his feet during the rainy summer days.

We also learned that baby gates were not just for human babies. Because the rest of the house had mostly carpeting, we felt a gate was just what was needed. This saved on a lot of extra carpet cleaning, which is not my favorite chore.

For the first several months I wondered why everyone talked so much about this breed shedding so much. I hadn’t noticed much at all. Well, as our cute little fluff ball grew, and he gained about ten pounds a month, I began to notice a little change in that situation. Little by little there began to be little fluffy tumbleweeds in the corners of his domain. Soon the little fluffy fur balls were requiring daily broom attention. Eventually it became obvious that a vacuum was the only way to keep those floating clouds of fur from outrunning my broom. First I tried a little cleaning upright vacuum. Just charge it up and go! Only I found that I could empty the canister several times before I was done and the charge was gone before the fur was.

Well, if that little upright was not working out for me, I decided to move on to my old faithful canister vacuum that had disposable bags and an electric cord. It was great! There was no recharging mid-job, the bag could hold all the fur that puppy of ours could shed. I still had to make use of it daily, but it worked like a charm. Dante didn’t mind the noise, and didn’t chew the cord. He didn’t even seem to wonder where his fur was going. I didn’t mind his shedding since I had figured out an effective remedy for the flying fur. Somewhere in the back of my mind I may have thought “What was it they said about going through a vacuum every year or two?”

All About Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine is an alternative to contemporary medicine. The treatment method corrects imbalances in the body and works in different ways that include:

  • Addressing the environment and the external factors of the patient.
  • Helping the patients relate to the internal emotions in a healthier way.
  • Improving the lifestyle of the patients. This includes promoting better diet and exercise.

The traditional Chinese medicine affects different areas of the body but it focuses on only a few of these areas. The areas include: large intestine, gallbladder, small intestine, lung, liver, spleen, kidneys, and heart.

Benefits of traditional Chinese medicine

The treatment option comes with many advantages that include:

Reduced inflammation: The herbs and mushrooms used in the treatment have antioxidant, antiapoptotic, autophagic, and anti-inflammatory effects on the body. When you take the herbs, you have reduced levels of oxidative stress and inflammation thus you protect the body cells, tissues, and organs from developing diseases.

Reduction of chronic pain and headache: The use of acupuncture and acupressure plays a vital role in managing pain brought about by arthritis and other medical conditions. Experts have also found that treatment methods such as eating a healthy diet and tai chi aid in reducing chronic tension headaches.

Hormonal balance: Research studies show that the herbs used in the treatment contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidants that improve the functions within the endocrine and central nervous system. This aids in improving the healing abilities of the body and balances the hormones such as insulin, estrogen, cortisol, and testosterone.

Improvement of the health of the liver: Since traditional Chinese medicine advocates that you take a healthy diet, the diet aids in improving the health of the liver. Some of the best foods that you should take to improve the health of your liver include: sweet potatoes, healthy fats, spices rich in ginger and garlic, and herbs. You should avoid fried foods, sugary drinks, and snacks, refined oils, alcohol, and processed carbohydrates.

Tips to consider when engaging in traditional Chinese medicine

For you to have a great experience with the treatment method, you need to consider a number of tips. Before you settle on a given practitioner, always take your time to research him/her and ensure that he/she is reputable. Experts recommend that you visit a number of facilities and take a look at the displayed certifications. If there are no certifications, you should stay away from the practitioner.

While the herbs are natural, you should take them under maximum supervision. You shouldn’t take them if suffering from a medical condition or when pregnant. You should avoid medications from an unknown company as they might be containing dangerous additives, lead, cadmium, mercury, and traces of other heavy metals.

To get the most from the treatment method, you should incorporate different lifestyle and preventative habits such as exercising, eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep, and taking beneficial supplements.


This is what you need to know about traditional Chinese medicine. You should remember that the medications are recommended as complementary treatment methods; therefore, you should try them together with the complementary medications. To avoid complications always follow the doctor’s advice.

Fashionable Traditional Australian Clothes Provides a Stylish Look to Impress You

Australian national culture on this respect has no formal national costume. It is solely based on the native peoples fashion in response to the climatic variations. Not only that, identity and lifestyle is one of the most provocating features. This trend has emerged land expanded like a bonfire which has included the modern style and design of the fashion industry incorporating the design of dresses from the established designers who tend to incorporate notable fashion statement.

An Australian style and fashion has solely incorporated the main three local dresses- Bushwear, swimwear and the typical Australian indigenous designs. The local communities prefer wearing these comfortable dresses. These style are mainly formed by a larrikin outlook, the dynamic qualities of mateship and the typical dictates of an outdoor lifestyle. Sometimes, the typical dresses are characterized by the migrants past experiences and the prototypical procedure of culture borrowing, an important part of the history of the ancient Australia. The presentation of the Australian dresses on the international stage is highly dependent on the localised style and representation. The authenticity of the Australian cultural heritage and the identity of each race residing in the continent is highly significant and appreciated across the globe.

While talking about the typical aboriginal Australian dresses, it must be specified that the aboriginal people used the typical textures and designs to explain and make their stories visible to everyone. It is a very nice way of delivering the stories. The dresses have reflected the influenced culture of the native rugged country of Australia. This traditional style and pattern is highly used by the people across the globe. The recent trend of using the ancient aboriginal patterns and textures have prompted the cultural segment of Australian fashion, visible to all. The cutting shaping and design of the cloth using vibrant colours highly promoted the latest trend. In most of the designs the Australian landscapes, flora and fauna, stories all are expressed in patterns using recognisable dressing style.

The portals play a vital role in offering the masses the most desired clothes, they wish to wear. The aboriginal style has impressed the populace with the consideration that it has impressed million with its most striking patterns and style. Be it daily wear, sports, corporate, fashion wear of all the ages including the youngsters and babies of both the gender. The Australian traditional clothing company sell striking aboriginal dresses to wear, both for men and women. At the core of the aboriginal style lies an interesting chic, which is neither royal nor classy but it holds some patterns of traditional aboriginal art that makes it sophisticated. The fashion statement brought by wearing the designers cloth makes it impressive; hence, the demand for these abstract fashion has encouraged and inspired many individuals to buy such trendy cloths. Traditional fashion holds diverse level of uniqueness that brings in more fashionista to wear such clothes.

Weight Loss – Making Physical Activity Work for You

Exercise is commonly considered a source of benefits and an irreplaceable component of a healthy lifestyle. It is not without reason. But physical activity still can work against you in unexpected ways. Let us take a look at the reasons why…

1. Exercise burns calories, but… The No. 1 reason many gyms are in business is they offer the resources for exercise with the purpose of helping people lose weight. Even though exercise should be seen primarily as a way to improve the quality of life and maintain well-being, it is usually done for its caloric effects. If training no longer burned calories, we would see even more sedentary people in our society.

So in this sense, it is effective as an initiative to get more people active. But the problem is it also fires up the appetite. And it is this drive that is to blame for the reason many people are overweight, to begin with.

2. Exercise stimulates your hunger. Going for a half-hour jog is a great way to burn calories and melt some of your stubborn fat. But it also makes you incredibly hungry since it causes a tremendous insulin spike. If you are not careful, there is a good chance you may consume enough calories during the following meal, canceling out your weight loss efforts that day.

Do you know anyone in your life that complains about a lack of progress, despite working out consistently? Sometimes, physical activity can even act as a hindrance. It is crucial never to forget having a balanced and sensible diet is just as essential as exercising.

3. Make physical activity work for you, instead of against you. It is not difficult to allow exercise to enrich your life. You just have to take some practical (and mental) precautions. You must have the discipline to control your portion sizes and not increase them just because you have exercised. Be mentally ready, because you are going to feel hungrier on the days you exercise – especially if cardio is your go-to.

If you are looking to lose weight or lower your blood sugar levels, prudence is a virtue. You cannot be too careful and never lose sight of your goal.

4. Your nutrition matters. Lastly, it bears repeating how and what you eat does matter. No amount of exercise will change that.

It is only when your nutrition is taken care of your health prospers. Exercise and a physically active lifestyle are merely the finishing touches.

Communication Skills – Observation and Listening Skills

Being able to observe and gather information is probably the most important basic skill you can learn if you want to improve your social skills…

This is because it’s the base of all communication skills.

What you say is obviously important but if you don’t know what’s going on right in front of you then you have absolutely no chance of being able to influence it.

In today’s society we have a tendency to become so dependent on technology like computers, mobile phones and sat navs that we forget to use our own basic observation and listening skills…

I remember reading about someone who actually drove their car into a canal because they followed the instructions on their satellite navigation system!

This is obviously a fairly dramatic and isolated instance but I think it’s safe to conclude that most people do not make the best use of their own natural observation & listening skills.

In Western culture we do not value observation and information gathering skills as much as they do in Eastern cultures. In Japan they have a word used to describe this ability called ‘amae’. Which refers to the skill of being able to know intuitively what a friend, business colleague or family member is thinking and feeling just by the way they look and sound.

The renowned Japanese psychiatrist Takeo Doi tells a story of a time he visited some friends in America. When he first walked in his hosts looked at him and asked him if he would like sometime to eat. Due to the fact that, in Japan, you do not ask someone if they would like something to eat, Takeo Doi became embarrassed and, even though he was indeed hungry, declined the offer.

In Japan, you would not need to answer this kind of question because your host would know intuitively if you were hungry by the way you look and sound.

It is clear that, in western society, we have much to learn from our eastern counterparts when it comes to the skill of obtaining information from the outside world. We can all get lazy from time to time and take things for granted. When we interact with people we can have a tendency to make generalisations or assumptions about who they are and what they do.

A couple of years ago I was fortunate enough to witness a keynote speech entitled Masai Masterclass by a speaker called Chris Howe. Chris is the CEO of a company called Changemaker and specializes in teaching large corporations the 5 key qualities of a Maasai warrior.

During his keynote Chris tells a fascinating story about a time when he travelled from Nairobi to a place called Tassia. On his journey he worked closely with the Maasai community in the Laikipia region in order to discover more about their culture and way of life. One day, while he was interacting with one of the Maasai warriors, he felt compelled to ask him what the procedure was when it came to killing a buffalo. The answer he received was not straight forward.

The Maasai warrior looked at him curiously and then started the following conversation:

Maasai Warrior: “You want to Kill Buffalo? Okay…At what time of day?”

Chris: “Ehm…Well, during the day, about 12 O Clock?”

Maasai Warrior: “Okay….In what weather conditions?”

Chris: “Well, let’s go for dry weather!”

Maasai Warrior: “Okay….and at what time of year?”

Chris: “Ehm….Summer time?

After about half a dozen questions of this nature they eventually arrived at a procedure for catching and killing a buffalo in those particular conditions. The Maasai warrior was quick to point out, though, that as soon as those conditions changed the strategy would also change.

All too often we have a tendency to search for that one technique that will work all the time, every time with every person. The reality of the situation, however, is that such a technique does not exist. Obviously having techniques and simple rules and procedures are incredibly helpful but the one thing that will dramatically increase your ability to communicate and talk to people effectively is to recognise that every individual is completely unique and it’s vital to first spend some time finding out what’s true for that person in that moment.

In fact, one of the most powerful things you can do to improve your communication skills is to open up your eyes and ears and become skilled in being able to notice what is going on right in front of you, right in the very moment and then tailor make your communication to suit that particular person in that particular moment.

So if you find yourself always trying to plan ahead of time all the things you are going to say to someone then great! it’s nice you want to be prepared, that’ll definitely help the flow of the interaction…Just remember that most of what you need to really connect with them at a deep level is right in front of you and the more you begin to open up your eyes and ears the more you will notice it…