Folk Home Remedies For Ailments

Most people are in the habit of taking painkillers for all types of ailments and pain. But more and more people are moving away from the conventional medicines looking for alternative remedies. Folk home remedies are gaining support because they work well for many people. Some of the folk remedies have been in use since ancient times and include food items, plants, spices, and certain herbs.

Modern cures through medicine have helped many people to relieve their suffering but many people think that folk home remedies should not be dismissed form use. Some have found that combining some of the old treatments with today’s drugs to be beneficial in relieving ailments. You should consider getting expert advice from a qualified herbalist if you are pregnant or dealing with a serious type of condition.

There are many that claim benefits from the use of Apple Cider Vinegar and it is a very popular source as a heartburn and gout remedy. Some people even take it to help with weight loss because it works to break down body fat. It is also been used as a treatment for tiredness, sore throats, gout, and acne.

Turmeric is a wonderful spice that is used in Indian cooking that is used mainly for coloring. Some people have found that it helps lower body fat and some use it as a cure for indigestion, gout, diarrhea, coughs, and bruises. For diarrheas add a teaspoon of turmeric to a small glass of warm water for relief. It also comes in capsule form and there is a Turmeric Tea source.

Garlic is a popular folk home remedy that can be eaten as fresh chopped garlic or drank as a Garlic Tea. Garlic capsules are a great selling product in all health stores. As a preventive remedy it is used by many people for colds and treating bronchitis and stomach cramps. It is also taken to lower levels of cholesterol.

In the Deep South Black Strap Molasses is used as a home folk remedies. Since it contains minerals it is good as a general tonic. It is taken by a lot of people for ailments such as constipation and arthritis. Because it has high content of iron it is also used to treat anemia. Some folk lore talks about it preventing hair from graying and turning gray hair back to its original color. The recommended dosage is a tablespoon in the morning.