Lose Weight and Gain Health Benefits

To lose weight is the goal of many Americans today. When one considers the statistics of obesity and its impact on society, it puts the importance of weight loss in perspective. What are some of the startling statistics regarding this overweight obese society? What are some of prominent weight loss programs and why do they fail? What is a surprising secret losing weight? What are some significant lifestyle changes that can dramatically affect your efforts to lose weight? What is a starting point to losing weight?

Let me share a few of these vital statistics. Sixty-four percent of people in the United States are overweight. That is two-thirds of our current population. In addition to that, one-third of children are overweight. Obesity has become a major dilemma in our society today and is responsible for 325,000 deaths per year. Americans are in search of the “perfect” drug or diet to fix this current health dilemma.

There are a wide variety of weight loss programs and drugs to help individuals lose weight. Some of these include Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Dr. Atkins, and more. In addition to these big name diet plans there are high protein diets, low carbohydrate diets, low calorie diets, and even the infamous cabbage soup diet.

Most all of these diets will be effective to some degree, but maintaining the weight loss proves difficult. These diets are difficult to continue for an extended time. Many of these diets are expensive and often fail because they are so restrictive and do not fit in with one’s lifestyle. Losing weight must be accompanied by an effective change in your lifestyle to continue on your journey to a better way of life.

The most overlooked secret to successful weight loss is to know your “WHY.” What is the gut-wrenching reason that you want to lose weight? Is it to be able to enjoy your grandchildren in future years? Is it so you can enjoy a lifetime of enjoyment with your own children? Is it to spend an extended lifetime with your spouse or is it just to create a healthier life while ridding yourself of many of the current health problems or the health problems that are lurking in the near future due to the excess weight.

Finding the “perfect” diet program is not the solution in itself. One must be committed to a change in their current lifestyle because effective weight loss is a journey it is not a short trip. One of the first secrets is to begin drinking water instead of the sugary colas or even diet drinks. Water is essential to life and a healthy body. Drinking water not only replenishes your system but also promotes weight loss. Water is a fluid that directly passes through your colon, so drinking water can flush away toxins and unwanted fats. Drink at least eight glasses a day for best results.

Although you can lose weight without exercise, exercise definitely promotes weight loss. At first you may even gain weight due to the building of muscle. However, eventually, you will begin to burn more fat due to the increase in your muscle mass. The exercise can be as gentle as walking or even sitting and lifting light weights. Any exercise should be adapted to one’s specific needs.

A good starting point to transform your lifestyle to a healthier life would be to eliminate the “junk food” that many Americans are accustomed to. We eat on the go and the food that we eat is not healthy. Fast food today is chalked full of hidden calories and fat. Some of these foods include burgers, pizza, fries, potato chips, candy, and many more. All of these foods are very poor in their nutritional value. It makes no sense to continue eating them if one is interested in transforming their lifestyle.

In conclusion, the statistics speak for themselves and they reflect a drastic need for change in our society. Weight loss programs abound across America but successful weight loss usually requires a change in lifestyle. The most overlooked secret to a successful weight loss is establishing your “WHY” and refer to it often. Begin a change in your lifestyle by making small changes on a daily basis. Begin exercising or moving in some way and increase as your abilities allow and don’t forget to drink water. Eliminate the “junk food” from your diet and get started today.