What is the Ultimate Lifestyle?

Since the mission of this newsletter is to help you define,

carve out, and live your own Ultimate  Lifestyle , I figured I

should devote some space to laying a proper foundation for

doing that.

Before you can hit a target, you need to know where it is!

So, to begin, let’s answer the question:

What is The Ultimate  Lifestyle ?

First of all, it’s different for different people. There are

no rules or formulas. For some people, it means a lot of

money, lots of “stuff,” a fast-paced and “jet-set” sort of

 lifestyle . For others, it means a very simple, slow-paced

life that focuses on service to others. And for others, it’s

every possible scenario in between these two “extremes.”

There’s no right or wrong  lifestyle , or good or bad

 lifestyle .

There’s just what works for you — and it will likely change

over time. I know it has for me.

No matter how you end up defining Ultimate  Lifestyle  for

yourself, now and in the future, there are 8 components that

must be considered:

1) Income Streams

To live your Ultimate  Lifestyle , you must have income

streams flowing that allow you to pay your bills and finance

all the “extras” you prefer. To me, the ultimate target to

shoot for in this arena is to have income streams flowing

whether you “show up” for “work” or not, so you can choose

what you want to show up for (even if it continues to be

what you call “work” or a “job.”).

That’s what I’ve been able to achieve by applying my

Invisible Path/11th Element strategies combined with direct

marketing on and off the Internet.

Having income streams flowing whether you show up or now

seems like “pie in the sky” to many people, but it’s

actually very attainable in today’s world. You’ll learn more

about how to do it in future issues.

2) Emotions and Beliefs

Many people fail to create their Ultimate  Lifestyle  because

they have emotional blocks, issues, or beliefs (what I call

“p.s’s.” or “master biography files”) that hold them back.

Other people have produced extraordinary results and could

live their Ultimate  Lifestyle , but their blocks, issues or

beliefs prevent them from doing it — or fully enjoying it.

Therefore, living The Ultimate  Lifestyle  must include having

access to resources and inner skills that allow you to

uncover and remove, heal, or release any blocks, issues or

beliefs that hold you back. You’ll learn more about how to

do that in future issues.

3) Fulfillment and Satisfaction

Whether you have a 9-5 job and career, you’re a full-time

mom, or whatever you do with your time, a big part of living

The Ultimate  Lifestyle  means getting as much fulfillment and

satisfaction from what you spend your time on as possible.

Many people don’t ask for this, don’t focus on this, and

therefore don’t get it. You must make it part of your

intention and focus!

4) Living Environment

How and where do you want to live? In the mountains? In the

big city? On the water? Multiple homes? Do you want to live

in a big home or a small home? Is privacy or seeing

beautiful scenery out your windows important to you? Do you

like modern furnishings, antiques, or an eclectic mix?

Living the Ultimate  Lifestyle  means asking these questions

and having a home base that nourishes you at a very deep

level. My family recently moved to Charlottesville, Virginia

in pursuit of the nourishing living environment we craved —

and we got it, even better than we expected!

5) Relationships

What good is having income streams, a healthy emotional

life, empowering belief systems, a great living environment,

and a sense of fulfillment and satisfaction from how you

spend you time if you’re alone (and don’t want to be) or

your relationships with significant others (parents,

siblings, kids, associates, etc.) are a mess? Believe me, I

know about this one from long personal experience (before

meeting my wife, Cecily).

Therefore, living The Ultimate  Lifestyle  must include having

access to resources and inner skills that allow you to

attract, build, and maintain healthy relationships.

6) Health

Again, what good is having income streams, a healthy

emotional life, empowering belief systems, a great living

environment, fulfillment and satisfaction, and great

relationships if you have health problems that drag your

quality of life into the gutter?

Dr. Robert Lindberg says, “We spend most of our life gaining

wealth and we then spend most of our wealth on gaining back

our health.”

Living The Ultimate  Lifestyle  means having access to

knowledge, resources, and skills that allow you to get

healthy, stay healthy, and quickly resolve difficulties if

and when they arise. I discussed some of the resources I use

for this in previous issues, and will continue to share them

in future issues,

7) Time

You can have income streams, a healthy emotional life,

empowering belief systems, a great living environment,

fulfillment and satisfaction, great relationships and health

and if you don’t have any time to do what you love, to

follow your non-work passions, or to truly enjoy anything,

what’s the point? I know many people who could absolutely be

living their Ultimate  Lifestyle , but they choose to work too

much, to the detriment of their quality of life. That’s too

bad — to have the choice and ability and not do it.

8) Wealth Building, Management, and Responsibility

The final component to living The Ultimate  Lifestyle  is

having systems in place that allow you to use your income

streams to create wealth (as you define it), manage it, grow

it, protect it, structure your financial and business

affairs for maximum efficiency and personal benefit, and

find ways of contributing and giving back (if that’s

important to you, which it is to me and my wife).

I’ll be writing a follow up article, called “The fuel that drives the Ultimate  Lifestyle ” shortly.

Optimizing a Healthy Lifestyle

The human body is a highly evolved biological machine. Lifestyle plays a big role in optimizing your general health. It’s in your best interest to adopt a healthy one. I know it’s not easy to develop one; but, doing so can definitely do wonders to your body for the long haul. But, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to do walking, swimming, running and biking, even in your twilight years?

Consider how you think, eat, train, recuperate, plan, focus and more. It goes without saying that these core essentials of lifestyle alone could stand a level-up in each of our lives as persons, parents, professionals who may also be into the military, sports, creative pursuits on top of “life” itself.

In life, knowing that energy is everything and everything depends on this vital energy is essential. The thing is, the energy we’re talking about most of us have taken for granted for far too long because you can’t see it or touch it.

Nonetheless, you experience this, your primary source of energy, every minute of every day, and while you know when it’s depleted you often won’t know how depleted until you hit the wall-an athletic term to describe depleted energy. It’s your battery power, your body is the battery, and it’s easy to misinterpret how much power you have unless you are informed and skilled. It’s because we’re living with an underlying personal energy deficit that compromises human function and therefore your lifestyle which reinforces the vicious cycle.

If you think that energy is merely the result of what you eat and drink or how you think (psychology) and that you go to sleep merely because it’s dark, everyone else is doing it and your tired (but don’t know why), chances are you are living in a chronic state of energy deficit because you don’t value sleep enough or understand the profound impact it’s having on your life or the lack thereof.

The food you take in can either heal or harm. You make that choice every day by what you put on your mouth. Most of the food consumed by humans has been carbohydrates. In fact, plant foods are comprised mostly of carbohydrates: vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, nuts, seeds, herbs, and spices. These foods contain slowly released sources of sugar that prevent surges of blood sugar and insulin.

Too much insulin causes heart disease, diabetes, cancer, depression, and even dementia. Carbohydrates contain almost all the vitamins and minerals our bodies need to operate normally and optimally. They also contain fiber, which helps normalize our digestive function and slows the absorption of sugar and fats into the body, keeping us balanced. The bonuses in plant foods are phytonutrients, a colorful healing compounds made by plants to protect themselves, but that also protect us against aging, obesity, brain damage, and more.

Success breeds success. This is true if you optimize your lifestyle by tending your meals to reflect a troubled time of day when you’re pressed for time and squeezed for energy, and you come up with a solution, all of your mealtimes will transform.

Lifestyle optimization is not a matter of “discipline,” but of choice.

Benefits Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Here are 8 benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

This Article is written to reach the public with a simple and clear method to point out and to reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle while reducing the risks of chronic diseases such as diabetes.

With the increased understanding of our bodies that we have gained from science over the past few decades, the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are becoming more apparent, along with the reasons why we should detoxify the body at least once a year to remove harmful bacteria, and even worms, from our digestive system. For people of all ages, weights, and abilities the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are endless. But for now let’s look at eight simple benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

1. Your Health:

Good Health is not something that you buy from a drug store or a department store, but can be achieved by practicing collective patterns of health-related behavior, based on choices made from available options. Following this logic, if you wish to realize the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, you have to repeat some healthy pattern as a part of your daily or weekly activities, some patterns like eating right and exercising. Other benefits includes: Reduced health care costs, reduced illness and injuries, reduced doctors visit, Keeps you employed and improved employee/employer relations.

2. Weight:

Managing your weight is the key to attaining all of the health benefits of a Healthy Lifestyle. A weight reduction of just 10 percent will significantly reduce risk of heart disease and other obesity-related illnesses. Obesity/overweight is the second leading contributing factor to many childhood diseases such as orthopedic disorders, sleep apnea, type II diabetes mellitus, asthma, high blood pressure and cholesterol, skin disorders, emotional and psychosocial problems (Spigel, 2002), and many more. Weight-bearing exercise such as walking and strength training helps slow the onset of and/or prevent osteoporosis and some research shows that participating in such activities can actually build bone density and begin to reverse the disease. Other benefits are: Weight reduction, reduced tension and stress, improved well-being, Enhanced self-image and self-esteem and improved physical function.

3. Exercise:

Although drugs alone can often bring cholesterol down to normal levels, diet and exercise provide benefits that drugs don’t. They’ll lower blood pressure, reduce weight, and lower the risk of developing diabetes. A sedentary lifestyle is a dangerous risk factor for disease. Exercise and a healthy diet helps the body use insulin more efficiently and can help control, alleviate and prevent many diseases. Exercise, cessation of tobacco consumption, eating a high-fiber, low-fat diet, controlling body weight, and learning to cope with stress, reduce the risk of heart disease.

4. Medical:

We all want a trim and have healthy body for a variety of aesthetic, social and medical reasons. Healthy living is truly the best medicine. In a study conducted by Tufts University at the New England Medical Center, among patients with cardiovascular disease, an exercise program was shown to significantly reduce LDL cholesterol and other risk factors beyond what’s provided by drug therapy. Even modest weight loss can help reduce medical and pharmacy costs, help avoid bariatric surgery, and co-morbidities such as asthma, hypertension, and diabetes.

5. Wellness:

Wellness is about being comfortable in your space: your body, your attitude, and your environment. A healthy lifestyle can greatly increase a person’s longevity. And even though catching something contagious like a cold or flu is sometimes unavoidable, having the wisdom that feeling healthy is a better way to live should have you asking yourself why you are not taking action to live each day as beneficially as possible. The issue with a lot of people nowadays is that they are so busy working and/or taking care of everyone around them, that they neglect their own health and wellness. Make sure your heart is healthy and your bones are strong and Keep it that way to see the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

6. Care:

The best way to ensure good health is by taking care of yourself. The Care stakes are high but the potential rewards are great-preventing premature death, unnecessary illness, and disability, controlling health care cost, and maintaining a high quality of life into old age. With a healthy lifestyle, you are who you are and you don’t have to be self-conscious about those things that you otherwise would be if you didn’t care about your lifestyle

7. Control:

With a healthy lifestyle, you have more control of your life as you work with your body against those aspects of living which may work to hold you back if you would let them. With a healthy lifestyle, you have control over your sleep patterns so that you feel generally well rested throughout the day. With a healthy lifestyle, everything works together to help other aspects of your lifestyle make sense and benefit you. Science has proven that healthy weight loss, healthy eating and fitness routines make dramatic improvements in health, and help control common chronic illnesses like high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, stress, and general lack of stamina.

8. Strength:

Another benefit of a healthy lifestyle is a steady flow of stamina and strength; you can perform activities and exercises that will enhance your flexibility. With a healthy lifestyle, you have a balanced and varied diet that provides your body its needed nutrients and energy as well. You have strength to train to help build the muscle that supports the bones and joints; therefore decreasing the risk of falls and fractures. Cardiovascular exercise, also known as aerobic exercise, strengthens the heart muscle, therefore increases the heart’s efficiency. As we age, our bones biologically begin to lose mass and strength. Weight-bearing exercise such as walking and strength training helps slow the onset of and/or prevent osteoporosis and some research shows that participating in such activities can actually build bone density and begin to reverse the disease.

The good news is you don’t have to train like an Olympic athlete to enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. The secret and logic are repeating a chosen healthy pattern as a part of your daily or weekly activities. We hope that this will get you to a healthy lifestyle if you are not there already. A healthy lifestyle is a way of life.

Fertility: Enjoying a Healthy Diet

Many people don’t associate fertility and healthy diet with each other, but they go hand-in-hand. Your reproductive system is affected by what you eat. Everything you eat eventually enters your blood stream and travels throughout your body. If you put processed foods or unhealthy foods into your body, it affects your digestive system, nervous system, immune system and reproductive system. For increased fertility and reproductive health, you’ll need to make a few lifestyle changes that involve eating a healthy diet.

Incorporate the following foods in your diet that are good for your reproductive system.

  • Green leafy vegetables are high in folic acid. Include Brussel sprouts and asparagus as part of your daily intake. Folic acid reduces the risk of ovulation issues.
  • Fruit are high in vitamins and have numerous nutritional benefits. Oranges and strawberries contain vitamin C which strengthens the immune system and improve sperm quality. Bananas contain vitamin B6 which regulates the hormones for egg and sperm development. Apples are high fibre and low in calories.
  • Cereals that are high in fibre are also good for your reproductive system. It helps to control sugar levels and protect heart health.
  • Almonds contain vitamin E which is an antioxidant and helps to protect the DNA in the sperm and eggs.
  • Chicken is an important source of protein that is great for egg production.
  • Dark chocolate contains amino acid which can double the sperm volume.
  • Garlic improves the blood flow to the man’s sexual organs and it protects the sperm from damage.
  • Tomatoes boost the sperm count by up to 70% and can increase their swimming speed.
  • Sunflower seeds and oysters each contain zinc. Zinc is crucial for conception and is an important mineral for male and female fertility.
  • Carrots also increase your chances of conception because it is filled with carotenoids.

It is important to note that you’ll need to make a lot of changes to your diet if you are one who usually eats junk food or take-away meals. Smoking, alcohol and medication can all have a negative impact on your fertility. So you will need to cut down on these too. Good nutrition which is largely based on natural foods is essential for a healthy body and a productive reproductive system. A fertility doctor will advise you that a fertility treatment can be a challenging phase and it is always best to have a healthy lifestyle. Always consult a doctor when making lifestyle changes to your health.

How to Lose Fat – Easy and Stress-Free!

How to lose fat, without killing yourself in a tough diet… There are so many stories, so many tales. How do they do it? And who really knows the best way to do it, without it being too hard on you? We all have our jobs, a busy   lifestyle  and family to attend to.

There is no time for a complicated diet added to your busy schedule. I understand it’s hard to take the first step and get started if you don’t know what to do. When you see someone who has done it, then you know this person must know the answer.

Being a fitness model, a figure competitor and a personal trainer, I know how to do it and now I am telling you all to learn! Just follow the free schedules and titles below as a guidance to your new  lifestyle , to the new you. Are you ready to see the fat melting off, easy and stress-free? Let’s go!


As Little As 3 Times A Week

You can train as little as three times a week, just 45 minutes per session. After training I want you to do 30 minutes of cardio to burn off the fat even faster. You can also do 45 minutes of cardio if you’re up for it, I leave that up to you. Choose any machine you like.

There is no need to spend hours and hours, days and days in the gym. That is what the commercials tell you on TV, to sell you their ‘new innovative’ product. It’s really not that hard, actually you will find yourself enjoying doing the exercises. Time flies by as you’re occupied and before you know, you’re done. You just need to get up and go. You’ll feel great when you’re done!

Training Sample:

To spend only three days a week in the gym, and have significant results, here is a great sample schedule to do it. Follow this exact schedule if you like, or feel free to adjust it to your preference if you wish to train other body parts on different days.

o Monday: Legs and shoulders, calves

o Tuesday: Training off

o Wednesday: Back and biceps, abs

o Thursday: Training off

o Friday: Chest and triceps, abs

o Saturday: Training off

o Sunday: Training off

Try to do 3 or 4 exercises per major muscle group (legs, back, chest, shoulders), and 2 or 3 exercises per minor muscle group (biceps, triceps). You can do 1 or 2 exercises for abs and calves. Go for 3 sets of about 12-15 reps per set.

On training days, try to train not later than before the 4th meal, so that you have enough energy to train well during the day.


Every Weekend Is Free!

Instead of talking about what you can not eat, let’s talk about what you can eat. There are actually a lot of food items that you can eat! I want you to have six ‘meals’ a day. Don’t worry, you won’t have to spend your time in the kitchen cooking all day, some of the ‘meals’ will be a quick shake or snack. You will be eating every 3 hours. This is to speed up your metabolism so that your body will burn all the calories faster. This is what we want to lose that body fat.

I made a great tasting diet schedule for you, which will help you get those results! For each meal, I put carbs, proteins and/or fat sources in the diet schedule below. Feel free to switch them up with any of the other food sources (in the same category!). Just pick what you feel like having from the table, or follow my sample diet schedule. It’s easy as that!

Preferably I want your vegetables to be steamed and I want you to use Pam fat-free cooking spray instead of olive oil or especially butter to cook your food. You can find calorie-free salad dressing in all flavours for a great tasting salad and delicious calorie free marinades for chicken, beef or fish. You can also use fat-free mayonnaise, ketchup, sweeteners, herbs and spices to enhance the taste of your food. Told you this diet would be good.

The amount per food item is based on a 120-140 pound female who wishes to lose body fat and add some muscle at the same time to become more toned. Add a little more amount per food item if your weight is higher and/or if you are very active during the day.

I like to train after the 3rd meal, so I added some good fats in the meal before my training. If you want to train earlier, try to move your good fats (in this example the almonds) to the meal before your training. They will give you extra energy to train and will make you feel full, especially with a full glass of water to spread out the fibers in your tummy, which the almonds contain.

You don’t want the good fats in the meal after your training. Fat slows down the uptake and digestion of nutrients in your body. This way the necessary carbs and protein nutrients will be taken up by the body faster after your training.

If you prefer to train earlier or later than in my example, after meal 3, simply move the pre-workout and post-workout food supplements and post-workout meal #4 to after your own training time. After your post-workout meal, have the meal after that 1,5 hour later.

Pre-Made Diet Schedule:

Meal 1 / Breakfast:

o ½ cup oatmeal (with cinnamon and sweeteners)

o 6 egg whites with 1 yolk

o Half grapefruit

Meal 2 / Mid-morning:

o ½ packet ‘Lean Body Breakfast’ meal replacement shake by Labrada Nutrition’

Meal 3 / Lunch (pre-workout):

o ½ cup (cooked) brown rice with 4 oz. chicken breast, broccoli and cauliflower

o Small mixed salad with one full hand of almonds

o ‘Super Charge’ pre-workout formula by Labrada Nutrition

Meal 4 / Mid-afternoon (post-workout):

o ½ scoop ‘Lean Body Mass 60’ shake by Labrada Nutrition (perfect for anytime+post-workout!)

o ‘Recharge’ by Labrada Nutrition

o Granny Smith apple

Meal 5 / Dinner (1½ hour after your post-workout meal):

o 1 cup sweet potato

o 4 oz. tuna, cod (or other white fish)

o Asparagus and carrots

o Small mixed salad

Meal 6 / Pre-bedtime:

o ½ scoop ‘Pro V 60 Plus’ shake by Labrada Nutrition (great for anytime+bedtime!)

Pick your carbs, proteins and fat sources here if you like to switch from the sample diet:

Good Carbs

o ½ cup (cooked) brown rice

o 3 rice cakes

o ½cup oatmeal

o 2 slices whole wheat toast

o 1 cup sweet potato


o Lean Body Gold protein bars by Labrada Nutrition

o 4 oz. salmon (also contains good fat)

o 6 egg whites, 1 yolk (yolk contains fat)

o 4 oz. any fish

o Lean Body Breakfast MRP by Labrada Nutrition

o 3 oz. chicken breast

o ½ cup fat free cottage cheese

o 3 oz. turkey breast

o ‘Pro V 60 Plus’ protein shake by Labrada Nutrition

o 4 oz. lean beef (top round)

Good Fat

o Any fatty fish

o ¼ advocado

o ½ tbsp. olive oil

o 1 hand almonds/walnuts

o ½ hand peanuts/cashews

Free Weekends:

To give you a nice treat, besides the treat of your body having great results pretty soon, the weekend is free! You can eat what you want. Try not to go overboard though, it’s better not to. That way it doesn’t take too many days for your body to get back on the fat-burning track again after the weekend.

I suggest in the weekends you stick to the first half of the diet and eat what you feel like the rest of the day, or that you atleast try to keep having enough protein during the day. But I let the weekends up to you. You can drink during the weekends too if you want to.


Full Of Necessary Vitamins & Minerals To Help You Lose Fat All Day Long!

Experimenting with supplements and fat loss myself, I found that the following supplements really helped me in losing fat, and gaining muscle for that toned fit body at the same time. Besides that, I feel energetic during the day. I want you to feel the same, so here it is:

o One 1000 mg vitamin C in the morning and one after training

o A good multi vitamin.

o One 400 mg vitamin E after training

o 5 gram Glutaluean L-Glutamine by Labrada Nutrition after training and 5 gram before bedtime (for great recovery)

o 5 gram BCAA before training and 5 gram after training (for energy and great recovery)

o ‘Super Charge’ for pre-workout and ‘Re Charge’ for post-workout by Labrada Nutrition

o 2 servings of fish oil a day (to help you lose fat)

o ‘Pro V 60’ and/or ‘Lean Body Mass 60’ protein powder by Labrada Nutrition

o 2 to 3 servings of HMB a day, depending on the brand (to help you lose fat and gain muscle)

o 2 servings CLA a day (to help you lose fat)

These are the best supplements to give you all the energy and give you all the help you need to lose body fat and gain muscle for a beautifully toned body. They aren’t expensive either and they will provide you with what you need for a long time. Why do I only use and suggest Labrada Nutrition products? Because being an athlete I have tried products from different brands. Some brands even add ingredients that are not listed! With those brands, I didn’t know what exactly I was taking. Labrada Nutrition is an honest company that truly cares about helping people, and never adds any ingredient that is not on the list. It also proved to work very well, as i’ve used it and noticed how much they added to my results as soon as I started taking them! Labrada Nutrition supplements also are well known for always giving you extra product in weight than what is stated on the bottle that you get. A truly great working line of products made by a champion who truly cares about peoples success! It’s the only company I trust, have noticed the results from and that I recommend to all of my readers.

S.O.S. – I Need Help!

What to do when the cravings come up strong sometimes? Well, actually there are all kinds of treats to satisfy your craving without really doing something you’re not supposed to so.

When you want to keep eating ‘clean’ during the week and have the weekends free to eat what you feel like and you have a big craving somewhere during the week, don’t worry. There is a way to jump over this hurdle.

Try any of these tips to cut your cravings:

o Have a celery stick dipped in calorie free dressing

o Have a hand full of almonds/walnuts or ½ hand of peanuts/cashews with 1 glass of water

o Have some cucumber or a small mixed salad

o Have a green apple

o Have some water, green tea, espresso or coffee (with fat free creamer and/or sweetener)

o Watch tv or a movie

o Go outside and take a walk

o Go shopping. See how smaller sizes fit and look great on you!

o Meet up for social activities with friends; tell them about your new  lifestyle . They will support you!

Also try this little trick; If you’re craving for example chocolate, look at the back side of the packet and see how many calories per serving (if you’re going to have that suggested serving), you’re about to take in. 300 Calories equals 45 minutes of cardio. Do you really want to make it harder on you and slow down your progress? Imagine yourself in nice low-cut jeans with a pretty top, showing your abs. It’s just a couple more days; let’s just wait until the weekend.

Enjoy Food, Enjoy Life

Ever see commercials on TV or in magazines of fit people living a happy  lifestyle , eating breakfast in the peaceful garden, casually riding a bike or taking a relaxing walk on the beach? They are being portrayed as happy people who appreciate life.

It’s true for most fit people, and it could be true for everyone. You appreciate food, your bodies and life so much more now that you focus more on appreciating yourselves. This is karma; you give and you take. The energy you put into appreciating and caring for yourself all comes back to you, in a good way.

Appreciating whole foods for your body instead of stressor foods (unhealthy food), enjoying life and having fun attributes to maintaining a fit and healthy  lifestyle . It even attributes to a happy  lifestyle .

To every action there is a reaction. You’ve made a couple changes in your life to have a great fit and toned body. You are now burning fat, although sometimes it takes a while for you to notice it.

One, you may not see it at first until the results are greater, even though your friends and family will be complimenting you and telling you they see you’ve lost weight, and two, sometimes the fat has to become looser first, until it starts coming off.

This may happen in the first few weeks. But soon, before you know it, you will see the fat flying off in a rapid speed. You will be so happy with the results, you won’t want to have it any other way. You will choose to keep this way of eating as a  lifestyle , a healthy  lifestyle  that guarantees you having a fit and healthy body for the rest of your life. And you’ll do it with pleasure too!

I can’t wait for you to have a fit and healthy  lifestyle  as well! Be sure to make before and after pictures for us all to see when you start this guide to lose your body fat and have a great toned body. Feel free to email them to me. I will be looking forward to seeing those awesome results on you!

Enjoy your results!

Yours in health,

Mercedes Khani

Acne Treatments To Get Clear Skin

Every single case of acne is not the same, and every form of therapy will have a different impact on the skin. A simple over the counter cream may work for one person and prove useless to another. If over the counter creams and facial washes are simply not doing the trick, these tried and true methods will help skin look and feel cleaner than ever before.

Deep pore cleansing

A deep pore cleansing facial can help to cut the bacteria and dirt that builds up underneath the surface of the skin. As the pores are opened, all of this dirt is exposed, and as the face if properly cleansed, it is all rinsed away, resulting in a face that feels fresh and looks amazing. It may need a few of these therapy appointments on a regular basis to see a difference, but this alternative to over the counter treatments is a favorite for acne sufferers everywhere.

Acne laser therapy

This is a great idea for people that have a face that is covered in scars. Instead of being embarrassed to walk down the street, people will begin to see results in as little as a few appointments. These results are known to last longer than other products, which only work as long as people keep using them. There are few side effects, if any, and this method has proven effective on every single skin color, no matter how dark someone’s complexion is.

Birth control

This form of acne therapy involves taking birth control pills, which has proven effective against cases that are caused by a hormonal imbalance. Birth control pills help to balance out the hormones, effectively decreasing the number of pimples that pop up overnight and lessening the amount of blemishes. On the downside, when people stop taking the pill, they often find that the pimples start coming back and before long, they have a horrible case of acne again.

Cut back on dairy

Recent studies have confirmed that milk is no longer being bashed for no reason. These studies found that participants that cut back on dairy had fewer acne breakouts than those who did not. This is believed to be caused by the hormones that are found in milk, and there is simply not a milk product that is hormone free. Even organic milks were found to have hormones in recent studies, and skim milk was the worst. Eliminating dairy from the diet, or at least cutting back, can help reduce the number of bits that ruin a good day. This works even better when combined with other forms of therapy.

Other diet and lifestyle changes

Other diet and lifestyle changes can help a lot when it comes to eliminating pimples. Greasy foods are known for contributing to break outs, just like activities that involve touching the face. The hands are covered in bacteria and germs, so simply stopping oneself from touching the forehead can go a long way to preventing pimples from popping up before a big date. Other diet and lifestyle changes that can be beneficial include:

  • Eat more fruits
  • Eat more fresh foods
  • Less grease
  • Less junk food
  • Cut back on mild and dairy
  • Less sugar
  • No more fast food

No one single method is proven to work on every pimple. Everyone should keep in mind that the average life span of a single zit is around five or six weeks, so it is a wise idea to give new forms of therapy this same amount of time to decide if it is the right plan. Often, a combination of several different things is required. Many sufferers are able to find relief with diet and lifestyle changes, facial peels or treatments, and then a laser option to take care of scars that are already there.

A trial and error process is the only way for individuals to find out what works for them, but it is well worth it in the long run.

Factors Affecting Consumer Behavior

Consumer behavior refers to the selection, purchase and consumption of goods and services for the satisfaction of their wants. There are different processes involved in the consumer behavior. Initially the consumer tries to find what commodities he would like to consume, then he selects only those commodities that promise greater utility. After selecting the commodities, the consumer makes an estimate of the available money which he can spend. Lastly, the consumer analyzes the prevailing prices of commodities and takes the decision about the commodities he should consume. Meanwhile, there are various other factors influencing the purchases of consumer such as social, cultural, personal and psychological. The explanation of these factors is given below.

1. Cultural Factors

Consumer behavior is deeply influenced by cultural factors such as: buyer culture, subculture, and social class.

• Culture

Basically, culture is the part of every society and is the important cause of person wants and behavior. The influence of culture on buying behavior varies from country to country therefore marketers have to be very careful in analyzing the culture of different groups, regions or even countries.

• Subculture

Each culture contains different subcultures such as religions, nationalities, geographic regions, racial groups etc. Marketers can use these groups by segmenting the market into various small portions. For example marketers can design products according to the needs of a particular geographic group.

• Social Class

Every society possesses some form of social class which is important to the marketers because the buying behavior of people in a given social class is similar. In this way marketing activities could be tailored according to different social classes. Here we should note that social class is not only determined by income but there are various other factors as well such as: wealth, education, occupation etc.

2. Social Factors

Social factors also impact the buying behavior of consumers. The important social factors are: reference groups, family, role and status.

• Reference Groups

Reference groups have potential in forming a person attitude or behavior. The impact of reference groups varies across products and brands. For example if the product is visible such as dress, shoes, car etc then the influence of reference groups will be high. Reference groups also include opinion leader (a person who influences other because of his special skill, knowledge or other characteristics).

• Family

Buyer behavior is strongly influenced by the member of a family. Therefore marketers are trying to find the roles and influence of the husband, wife and children. If the buying decision of a particular product is influenced by wife then the marketers will try to target the women in their advertisement. Here we should note that buying roles change with change in consumer lifestyles.

• Roles and Status

Each person possesses different roles and status in the society depending upon the groups, clubs, family, organization etc. to which he belongs. For example a woman is working in an organization as finance manager. Now she is playing two roles, one of finance manager and other of mother. Therefore her buying decisions will be influenced by her role and status.

3. Personal Factors

Personal factors can also affect the consumer behavior. Some of the important personal factors that influence the buying behavior are: lifestyle, economic situation, occupation, age, personality and self concept.

• Age

Age and life-cycle have potential impact on the consumer buying behavior. It is obvious that the consumers change the purchase of goods and services with the passage of time. Family life-cycle consists of different stages such young singles, married couples, unmarried couples etc which help marketers to develop appropriate products for each stage.

• Occupation

The occupation of a person has significant impact on his buying behavior. For example a marketing manager of an organization will try to purchase business suits, whereas a low level worker in the same organization will purchase rugged work clothes.

• Economic Situation

Consumer economic situation has great influence on his buying behavior. If the income and savings of a customer is high then he will purchase more expensive products. On the other hand, a person with low income and savings will purchase inexpensive products.

• Lifestyle

Lifestyle of customers is another import factor affecting the consumer buying behavior. Lifestyle refers to the way a person lives in a society and is expressed by the things in his/her surroundings. It is determined by customer interests, opinions, activities etc and shapes his whole pattern of acting and interacting in the world.

• Personality

Personality changes from person to person, time to time and place to place. Therefore it can greatly influence the buying behavior of customers. Actually, Personality is not what one wears; rather it is the totality of behavior of a man in different circumstances. It has different characteristics such as: dominance, aggressiveness, self-confidence etc which can be useful to determine the consumer behavior for particular product or service.

4. Psychological Factors

There are four important psychological factors affecting the consumer buying behavior. These are: perception, motivation, learning, beliefs and attitudes.

• Motivation

The level of motivation also affects the buying behavior of customers. Every person has different needs such as physiological needs, biological needs, social needs etc. The nature of the needs is that, some of them are most pressing while others are least pressing. Therefore a need becomes a motive when it is more pressing to direct the person to seek satisfaction.

• Perception

Selecting, organizing and interpreting information in a way to produce a meaningful experience of the world is called perception. There are three different perceptual processes which are selective attention, selective distortion and selective retention. In case of selective attention, marketers try to attract the customer attention. Whereas, in case of selective distortion, customers try to interpret the information in a way that will support what the customers already believe. Similarly, in case of selective retention, marketers try to retain information that supports their beliefs.

• Beliefs and Attitudes

Customer possesses specific belief and attitude towards various products. Since such beliefs and attitudes make up brand image and affect consumer buying behavior therefore marketers are interested in them. Marketers can change the beliefs and attitudes of customers by launching special campaigns in this regard.

Retiring Abroad Your Lifestyle Choice And The Pitfalls

Retiring Overseas

There is no doubt that living overseas away from the busy lifestyles of the Northern European countries is a good thing. It is beneficial for your health. It allows you to live a more relaxed lifestyle and it provides locally produced food and organic wine that may allow you to live longer. Add to this a beneficial climate change and you have a remedy for an extended and healthier life.

However it is not all sunshine and flowers.

One of the common misconceptions of retiring abroad is that the lifestyle is cheaper. Well it can be, it appears to be when you move your UK income to a Mediterranean haven and cut your shopping bills in half and find your local taxes are very much cheaper. Fuel for the car is 30% less and virtually any local service is charged in equivalent euros instead of pounds, an immediate 35% saving.

So you say why can’t I save money then by living like that.

Well you can but many don’t!

Once you settle in and find your feet in the local community it can all start to happen. Whilst in the UK for example good eating was quite expensive for those on a limited budget, now it’s cheap!

A menu of the day favoured by retiring folk will cost no more than 10 Euros all in, anywhere in the Mediterranean.

A coffee or two is a very pleasant way of meeting new friends in the local Bar.

A drink at lunchtime? Well maybe not when you were working back home but here? It’s easy. You are out shopping and you meet the folks you met yesterday for the first time, shall we have a quick one? It’s hard to refuse when a beer costs a Euro and a good bottle of wine is 5 Euros in a Bar!

So what happens is this. You go out to eat more often than you would at home and you spend the same per week on it as you did when in England.

You consume more alcohol than usual but it’s cheap but the budget remains the same. The shopping is cheaper, but because it is, then there is more elasticity for the things you enjoy, smoked salmon, foie gras, tonic and gin, giant prawns, great single estate red wines and cheese to dream about.

The inevitable soon happens, the waistband expands and the blood pressure goes up. Wait a minute I thought I was here for a cheaper and healthier life?

Well it’s called living the life. As usual there is a balance to be struck here and to the reader it’s fairly obvious what that has to be. To the retired person already there and stuck in the new routine which of course is highly enjoyable, it can be hard to change.

So take my advice because I have been there, in fact I am still there and thoroughly enjoying it. When I return to the UK on one of those too frequent visits, I am constantly reminded of why I enjoy this Mediterranean lifestyle so much. A beer out with my son in London leaves little change out of 10 pounds. A dinner out for two is always more than fifty pounds. I travel up the A14 leaving a suitable and safe gap from the car in front when as always a local native cuts me up from the inside lane with an illegal manoeuvre. You can see him or her chaffing at the bit in their rush to get home as soon as possible. Life in the fast lane where there is no time to pause for breath. When I turn off for my destination after another 8 miles of similar driving antics I arrive at my destination and park my car in the car park just behind the same young man who was the first to cut me up. He has just parked himself!

Everyone is in a hurry and everyone wants everything delivered today. Too many people on the roads, too many people rushing about in too much of a hurry. Do they really ever get where they really want to be? They say they suffer from stress but they really do not know what stress is really about.

The Manyana lifestyle whether in the Caribbean or the Med has its detractors but once you become used to it there is more time to live and more time to do. The more important deal in life is having a conversation with someone without looking at your watch. Enjoying an inexpensive lunch without the need to rush off somewhere.

Driving home in a leisurely way at your own speed on roads which are never full. Not rushing home to watch your favourite soap. In fact hardly watching TV at all.

The lorry driver on the Northern European road who insists on pulling out on a dual carriageway to overtake a colleague who is travelling at one mile an hour less and takes an age to do so, is not doing so in a relaxed manner. He is stressed out and believes he will cut his journey time by this continuous action. Not so, it has been proven that two lorries leaving one destination at the same time, for an average journey of 4-5 hours, will only arrive minutes apart when one driver drives in a relaxed manner compared to the frenetic style of overtaking and rushing to move on displayed by his colleague. What is that all about? If we all drove in a more relaxed way there would be less accidents and less heart attacks.

OK enough of the comparisons, they are all there for all to see but exactly how do you transpose to this new way of life successfully?

First of all set a weekly budget. Not for lunching out but just for living without paying your bills. Simply your shopping and supermarket bill and enjoying your new found lifestyle. You set the budget and you stick to it and then you find the best ways to spend that money according to your new priorities. Your bills will take care of themselves as they are much cheaper than the ones you left behind! Also set a budget for the fuel you wish to buy and go to the fuel stop every Monday and put that amount in and that is that.

Next find a way to exercise. This might be swimming or taking the dog for a walk or whatever you wish but at least try and do this every day and if you miss the odd day due to bad weather or receiving visitors so be it.

Try not to succumb to the afternoon nap scenario on a regular basis. Occasionally once a week if life catches you up there is nothing wrong with an afternoon snooze but if you deliberately seek it out on a regular basis you will find you will be soon sleeping your life away.

Change your diet and change when you eat. Eat well at lunchtime, this might be your main meal of the day and in the evening you can eat fish or nuts or fruit and cheese and of course tomatoes and salads. Try and eat salads that you actually enjoy there are so many additions such as fish, cheese and fruit all locally produced. Buy your veg at the local markets and stand and observe the locals when in the butcher’s shop. you will be amazed how you can vary and change your diet for the benefit of greater overall health. Eat your sweet stuff in the middle of the day and not in the evening. Start taking yogurt for Breakfast on a regular basis with fruit or even an occasional cooked breakfast. Drink lots of unrefridgerated still water slowly. First thing in the morning at least 2 pints and another pint before bedtime! All of a sudden you don’t suffer from that heartburn problem you always had.

Here there is time for everything and if not today then tomorrow is fine, nothing will change in the meantime, the World continues at its own pace, your blood pressure is healthy, you are eating well drinking moderately and exercising. You feel relaxed and you take excellent decisions and suddenly, you have time for everything and you can do all this on a lesser budget. The problem is you are going to live longer. Will the money run out?

Well there has to be something to worry about!

Yacht Charter in Italy – Enjoy World-Famous Lifestyle on Your Boat Rental

Italy´s beauty is legendary and one town is more attractive than the other. The country has an immensely rich culture and history, gorgeous cuisine and the all-famous lifestyle and chique. For the yacht charter guest it offers vast and varied sailing grounds as well as pretty ports. This combined with all the impressive sights, stunning nature and the Italian `dolce vita` makes for the perfect sailing holiday.

Why is yacht rental in Italy so popular?

Italy and its islands in the Tyrrhenian Sea are located right in the centre of the Mediterranean. A boat rental in Italy is a great opportunity to explore the amazing Italian culture and the multitude of beautiful towns. With 51, there are more UNESCO world heritage sites in Italy than in any other country in the world. And on top of that you get to enjoy fantastic food and great shopping.

The coastline, especially the Italian Riviera in the West, offers many beaches and bays perfectly suited for anchoring. Italy´s islands are mainly located off the west coast of the mainland and they all possess their own individual character. A favourable climate and almost no tides provide for good sailing conditions and there are many interesting possibilities for different sailing itineraries. Italy has a large tradition of boat building and sailing, so sailors benefit from a high frequency of ports. The infrastructure in the northern charter regions and southwards until Rome is very good.

The main airports are Venice, Genoa, Pisa, Rome, Naples, Olbia, Alghero, Cagliari, Reggio Calabria, Palermo, Trapani and Catania.

Here is some general information about yacht charter in Italy:

Location: Central Mediterranean Sea

Total length of coastline: 7,600 km

Capital: Rome

Main charter bases: Genoa, La Spezia, Piombino, Follonica, Castiglione della Pescaia, Salerno, Sorrento, Tropea, Reggio Calabria. Sardinia: Cagliari, Carloforte, Olbia, Alghero. Sicily: Trapani, Palermo, Portarosa.

Population: ca. 60,675,000

Climate: Mild, Mediterranean

Country code: +39

Charter season: May to October

What are the best charter areas in Italy?

The main charter regions for sailing in Italy are concentrated on the west coast of the mainland, i.e. Liguria, Tuscany, Elba, Bay of Naples, Capri, Sardinia, and Sicily. The Adriatic Coast on the east side is not quite as attractive for boating. Possible charter bases there are Polignano a Mare near Bari, the area around the national park of Gargano and the Venetian Lagoon where you can cruise directly past the world famous Old Town and its stunning buildings.

In the capital of Liguria, Genoa, you encounter the Porto Antico containing the largest aquarium in Europe and many other sights. From there it is only a short walk into the Old Town. After about 14 NM you reach the stunning harbour town Portofino in its protected bay. From here it is about 30 NM to La Spezia and on the way you will pass by one of the quaintest tourist destinations of Italy, a cluster of five picturesque and colourful coastal towns set in a national park called Cinque Terre. La Spezia forms part of the national park and is the second largest city of Liguria. It is conveniently located in a deep gulf surrounded by high hills.

A little further to the South lies the Tuscan Archipelago containing the islands of Gorgona, Capraia, Pianosa, Montechristo, Giglio, Gianutri and the largest and best known – Elba. There are very good charter bases on the Tuscan mainland to go and explore these islands, or maybe even Corsica. They are Viareggio, Piombino, Follonica and Castiglione della Pescaia / Punta Ala. In Elba the main town and port is Portoferraio on the north coast, which is well worth a visit. The island also offers lovely big bays and great anchorages. On the very southern Tuscan tip is Puerto San Stefano – a seaside town on a peninsula with a yacht harbour and a massive fortress.

Sardinia offers a great mix of exclusive cruising grounds and ports like the Costa Smeralda and Porto Cervo as well as unspoilt sailing territories like the famous Maddalena archipelago. There are very good ports like Cagliari, Cannigione, La Maddalena, Olbia, Palau and Portisco. Savour the stunning and varied landscape like the pink beach of Spiaggia Rosa and the fjord-like Gulf of Cannigione.

The Bay of Naples and its islands, the Amalfi Coast and the archipelago of the Pontine Islands offer further brilliant options for yacht charter itineraries. The Amalfi Coast is situated between the charter bases Sorrento and Salerno. It is a 50 km stretch of coastline with very picturesque towns sitting on steep rocky cliffs. The towns of Amalfi and Positano are just two examples.

From the mainland you can head to the islands in the Gulf of Naples. Exclusive Capri is where the international jet set meets. The main town and port with its high-end boutiques and first-class restaurants is situated on the north side. It is very busy and expensive, though. You find good anchorage on the south side in Marina Piccola. There are no sandy beaches on Capri, its coastline is rather craggy and picturesque. The water is deep, so there are not too many safe anchorages.

Then there is quaint, colourful Procida with many beautiful bays and beaches and the natural reserve of Vivara Island, which is attached to Procida via a bridge.

You can cruise to popular, busy Ischia, which is the largest island in the Gulf of Naples. It is an extinct volcano with rich landscape, hot thermal springs, great bays and secluded beaches. The three main ports are Ischia port, Casamicciola and Forio. The South of the island is greener and wilder with beautiful coastline and the north is more populated.

Finally head over to the Pontine Islands. From Ischia to uninhabited and unspoilt Santo Stefano it is about 22 NM. There you are only allowed to anchor in the North of the island. Visit the neighbour island Ventotene and then cross the next 22 NM to the north-western Pontine Islands, Gavi, Palmarola, Zannone and charming Ponza with its many caves and grottos. There you will find nicely protected anchorages and an interesting rugged coastline.

Hugely popular for yacht charter holidays is Sicily, off course. Choose from main charter bases like Marsala or Portorosa in the North, from where you can also explore the Aeolian Islands Lipari, Stromboli, Vulcano, Alicudi, Filicudi, Panarea and Salina. Other possible ports for your Italian bareboat charter are Messina, Taormina, Catania and Syracuse on the east coast. Reggio Calabria on the mainland is also a very good starting point for sailboat charter in Sicily.

Which weather systems are important for your bareboat charter in Italy?

In Italian waters there aren´t any significant tides. The prevailing winds in summer are northwesterlies. Afternoon sea breezes are generally moderating the heat. Long, dry and hot summers make for the perfect sailing weather.

A brief summary of the sailing weather in Italy with the example of Naples:

Months with highest average temperature: July/August, 25°

Months with lowest average temperature: January/February, 9°

Prevailing wind speeds: 3 – 5 Bft.

Month with highest average precipitation: November, 140 mm

Months with lowest average precipitation: June/July/August, 30 mm each

Months with highest average sunshine: July/August, 10 hours per day

Month with lowest average sunshine: December, 3 hours per day

Months with the highest average sea temperature: July/August, 26°

Months with the lowest average sea temperature: February/March, 14°

How much does yacht charter in Italy cost and what types of charter are there?

The average price for yacht charter in Italy is around 3,100 € per week but you could rent a 10 m sailboat, for example, from about 1,600 €. The price is depending on size, model and equipment of the charter boat. In Italy it is quite customary to rent a RIB (rigid inflatable boat) for an excursion on the water. For weekly or longer sailing holidays you can opt for bareboat or skippered charter and choose from sailing or motor boat rental respectively catamaran hire. Then there is luxury yacht charter, usually with a full crew that is tending to your individual needs. Flotilla holidays are a popular way of sailing the Italian waters. And day charter may be a way just to try out if you enjoy life on board.

What other highlights are there in Italy apart from sailing yacht charter?

Don´t miss out on visiting Rome and its amazing antique sites like the Forum, the Colosseum and the Pantheon. Other incredibly impressive tourist destinations in the Eternal City are the Vatican and Saint Peter´s Church. Sit on the Spanish Steps, admire the Trevi Fountain and soak up the huzzle and buzzle around beautiful Piazza Navona and in the pedestrian zone with its endless shops, boutiques, cafés and restaurants. This city offers so much that you will simply have to come back again and again.

Tuscany is just the perfect place for sightseeing. Florence is second to none in the world when it comes to Renaissance art and architecture. There is the statue of David, the great Uffizi museum, the Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo and much, much more. Pisa and the leaning tower are another fantastic attraction. Equally beautiful and worth visiting are Siena, San Gimignano and Lucca.

If you have a day before or after your sailing boat charter, head a little further inland to Bologna with its beautiful old town that is nice to behold from the top of the church tower. It has the oldest academic institution in the wold, dating back to 1088 AD.

Explore Cinque Terre, five stunning villages perched on the steep hills by the seaside surrounded by wonderful nature. Manarola for example is a very pretty, colourful town.

In-between charter trips, check out Pompeii near Naples. It was destroyed by the Vesuvius in 79 AD and now constitutes a `city frozen in time`.

Visit the town of Amalfi and its cathedral, old dockyards and paper mill, amongst others.

Drop anchor in Capri and visit the Blue Grotto – the big cave is filled with spectacular blue light from below.

Go up to the Castello d`Ischia, an Aragonese castle built in 1438 and originally dating back to 475 BC.

While cruising with the charter yacht around the Aeolian Islands or eastern Sicily, admire the active volcanoes of Stromboli and Mount Etna.

Finally, take a break from sailing to enjoy the breathtaking landscape in one of Sardinia`s natural parks like the Parco Nazionale del Golfo di Orosei e del Gennargentu.

Maxim Magazine – Number One Selling Men’s Lifestyle Magazine

History of Maxim

Maxim magazine started its circulation barely two decades ago in 1995. An international monthly men’s magazine, MAXIM has its origins in the United Kingdom. Today considered the first and last word in men’s magazines, MAXIM is exalted in its ranks owing to the distinct, bare-all approach it takes while showcasing the biggest names in fashion, cinemas, music, sports and more. The MAXIM editions are available in Argentina, Canada, India, Indonesia, Israel, Belgium, Romania, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Brazil, Greece, Italy, Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, Ukraine, and Portugal.

Felix Dennis was the brain behind the MAXIM in 1995; as he went on to introduce the publication to audiences in the US. By1997, the popularity of the magazine was soaring, as Dennis cleverly inserted appealing tags such as: sex, sports, beer, gadgets, clothes and fitness.

MAXIM magazine was then sold to Quadrangle Capital Partners LP in 2007 and is currently in the hands of a publishing giant called Alpha Media Group Inc., controlled by creditor Cerberus Capital Management LP.

The MAXIM Purpose

MAXIM has poised itself as the home of everything sexy, amusing, racy and fantabulous. It really is all you’ll ever need including super-sexy cover shoots of world-famous gorgeous models or celebrities together with their behind-the-scene videos. You’ll never turn down the hottest ladies on the planet!

MAXIM is the bridge between cutting edge and adventurous; racy and rollicking; smoldering and stupendous. It also lets you in on the other things you need to be aware of including news that matters, sports, TV, movies, music, video games, food, alcohol, crazy stunts, celebrities, gadgets, gear, sex, cars and so much more. You can always count on MAXIM for that teasing amount of danger and stupidity. From the finest drinks on the planet to the buzz in the entertainment industry MAXIM has it all mapped out.

Fun is serious business at MAXIM

They take their fun seriously at MAXIM, with the homepage bearing testimony to the craziness that makes the publication.

MAXIM boasts of an amazing archive of all of the best celebrity interviews with Hollywood A-listers, sporting superstars, legendary comedians, sexy starlets, and the strange yet wonderful people that give you advice on everything useful and surprisingly weird. A subscription to MAXIM gives you access to what most men want – humor, wit, sports, entertainment, gadgets, rides, and beautiful women.

Impact of MAXIM

The rising popularity of MAXIM saw several similarly themed titles springing up. Many men’s publications in the U.S. attempted to create their editorials to keep up with the growing trend.

MAXIM on digital

In 2005, MAXIM was launched across cellular carriers in twenty European and Asian countries. This was the start of the digital publishing era; MAXIM realized that, in UK, there was a future for the brand in the digital market. So, as the print magazine was losing its sheen, publishers launched the digitized version and gained a huge consumer base; extending this to every part of the world.

The shift in trend from print to digital is evident in the current market scenario. Many of the publishers are making the transition cautiously enabling them to benefit from increased revenue streams. A digital magazines offers storage of thousands of magazines in the cloud; instant access and easy reading on your mobile devices whenever and wherever you want.

You can gain access to your digital magazines on practically any mobile device of your choice: iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows 8 devices, other tablets, or on the web. Switch to the digital version of your favorite Maxim magazine and be an active part of the green revolution!H