Reasons Why People Are Overweight Or At Least Have a Few Extra Pounds

The number of overweight people has greatly increased. Obese and overweight issues or cases of people have at least a few extra pounds can result from different things. Contrary to what many people think, overeating is not the only reason that can lead to being overweight even though it plays a huge role in the same. If you are overweight, you will need to start looking for weight loss options to keep off health complications that can arise from the same. But you must understand the reasons that could have led to the situation.

Lack of an energy balance: It is one of the reasons why most people suffer under weight gain. An energy balance will usually strike equal in energy in and energy out in terms of calories. In this case, if you maintain an equal balance in energy in and energy out, you will maintain the same weight, but if energy in is more than energy out, then you are likely to gain weight. To lose weight, you will have to change more energy out than energy.

Inactive lifestyle: It is another major factor why there are many overweight people today. People spend too much time seated doing work from a computer or watching TV, doing schoolwork or simply enjoying other leisure activities that do not include physical activity. People now prefer driving over walking even when covering small distances. When you are inactive, you risk gaining weight and you raise the risks of high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and diabetes among other health complications. An active lifestyle can aid weight loss easily.

Family history and genes: There are people who gain weight as a result of genetic issues. Genes can largely influence a person’s weight. Obesity and overweight issues commonly run in families. Even though it is impossible to avoid this kind of weight gain, you can still adopt a healthier lifestyle to reduce the effects.

Health conditions: They can also lead to obesity and overweight cases. They include conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, Cushing’s syndrome and Hypothyroidism. The weight can easily be managed as soon as the conditions have been treated well and on time for that matter.

Other factors that lead to packing extra pounds for many people include emotional issues such as anger, stress and boredom which can lead to overeating. Smoking, different kinds of medications, age, pregnancy and lack of sleep can all lead to being overweight. It is important to know how to deal with such issues to reduce the chances of being gaining too much weight. The good thing about most of the factors listed above is that something can be done to make them better.

By adopting a healthy lifestyle in terms of your diet and exercising, you will be fighting the chances of gaining weight. If you are already overweight, you will find easy weight loss tips that you can use to start shedding the pounds to a healthy weight.