Setting Goals – A Holistic Approach

Living in a “material” goal and success orientated society has confused the goal setting issue.

Typical goals like a new car, a house, a bigger house, a boat, or goals such as becoming a famous pop star, achieving a certain position or the total empty goal of being famous, are usually made for all the wrong reasons.

What all these goals have in common, they sound positive and are in line with the thinking big idea, but they all fail to focus on the most important issue, your lifestyle.

A true goal is holistic, meaning you set a lifestyle goal.

If your goals are not connected to a lifestyle, or the lifestyle you wish to live, than you are just aiming for a material type of a goal.

You want that special car, now you have it, now what…?

Same with the house or the boat, you got that big boat, now what? What do you want to do with it and for how long? How long will your satisfaction last?

What does that all mean?

In relation to the boat it means, your real goal is not the boat, the goal is the lifestyle the boat gives you. The lifestyle could be sailing around the world, photographing the most famous harbours, writing a book about your 7 year sailing journey.

That is the real goal, and now you would put a strategy into action to achieve that goal, that lifestyle. I like to use 2 goal setting techniques, one is known as, “what comes before that” and the other one as “Chunking down”, as in, how do you eat an elephant trunk, chunk by chunk.

Coming back to the sailing lifestyle, chunk it down to manageable chunks and do it in reverse, which will make you think harder. What comes before, before you take off with your beautiful boat into the sunset?

Yes, you need enough money to afford living on the boat, buying food, harbour cost, petrol, and insurance and to cover all other cost associated with living 7 years on a boat.

That’s where goal setting becomes interesting and creative… seeing that you need money, you start thinking of how to make some money while on the boat. You may take passengers on the boat, for certain trips, you may teach sailing or navigation and charge for that, you may take pictures and write stories, you may find an publisher who pays an allowance to write the book of the trip..etc..

And here we go again, what comes before that… yes, the boat, and now we see, that the boat was not the goal, it was just another step to get to your goal.

And before that, a big step, how to finance the boat? If you like to buy it outright you will need to take action to save up that money.

Now we are talking, you are very motivated now; you want that lifestyle, even if you have to work hard for that.

Basically you can achieve anything, if you are willing to work hard for it.

Now, what comes before that, that depends on your qualification or job you are holding or not holding.

Can you do something, to earn more money, a second job maybe, or doing something different for a certain time? Or become totally creative and find some sponsors who buy the boat for you, because they believe in your goal and in you, and you can pay them back later.

To sum up, don’t just take any old goal, think about it, what do you really want from life, what a lifestyle would you like to live, combine that with what you truly love doing, and even better still, link it up for a good cause, which stops it from being just a selfish endeavour.

Writing a book about sailing can be a good cause. It can be something that makes other people happy. If you have made one person happy, you have done well. Now we have got everything together, a lifestyle goal, the steps towards that goal, the knowledge that you will fulfil your purpose by doing what you love most and meant to do.

Now you can go for it…. create your goal and make it your lifestyle…