Slow Down Before Life Goes Past You!

What happens when you combine speed, slippery road and a downhill slope? Skidding. No, I am not talking science or driving lessons here. What I am going to talk about is the realization that I needed to slow down in life and enjoy every moment with my loved ones.

On a rainy and dark evening, last week I was going to pick up my son from his class. Since I was running late, I was trying to go faster to make it on time. While taking the ramp to the highway, I started slowing down because of the downhill slope I suddenly felt my car driving itself. I was stunned and frozen for a fraction of a second, when my cousin sitting next to me said “Let go of the brakes, the car is skidding!” It still didn’t register in mind, and I was screaming while holding onto the steering wheel and helplessly looking at the car make a 180 degree turn to face oncoming traffic. I could see the car swerving towards the railing and I thought this is the end. My mind went racing to all the time and the people I am going to miss and all the logistics that had to be taken care of after a crash. Most importantly my concern was, “What about my son? Who will pick him up and who will take care of him if something happened to me?” In the meantime, the car slowly came to a halt, right next to the railing, without touching it. There were no other cars in sight and I sat looking out the window at what could’ve been the end for me and my brother.

The stillness in that moment made me realize that I had been speeding through my life and needed to slow down before life goes past me. I had been so focused on getting things done that I had lost sight of all the little joys I was missing. I was working too hard and fast to catch up with the fast paced world. I had missed out on talking to my family more often. I hadn’t been spending enough time with my son or family. I started looking at the big picture. My son needs me; the time I can give him is more precious than a toy I can buy him.

Maybe it was some unseen power that saved me from such a disaster or it was sheer luck (mine or my brother’s). Whatever the reason, I have come out of the situation stronger, wiser and slower.